Reggie Wayne says Trent Richardson felt forced into offense too quickly

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So what’s wrong with running back Trent Richardson?  Richardson essentially has said of the Colts, “It’s not me, it’s you.”

Via the good folks at, receiver Reggie Wayne shared with Jake Query and Derek Schultz of WNDE radio comments Richardson made to the veteran wideout and de facto leader of the team after Richardson was benched this past weekend for Donald Brown.

“He came to me, he wasn’t pouting or anything,” Wayne said.  “This was the next day after he found out he was demoted and he said, ‘Now I can sit back and actually watch the way it’s supposed to be done.’  He kind of feels that he was maybe forced into it early without actually learning it.”

It’s a common dynamic for offensive players acquired by a new team during the regular season.  After spending weeks if not months studying and practicing and playing in a different system with different coaches and different players, it becomes difficult if not impossible to essentially change a tire on a moving car.

Really, when has an offensive player traded from one team to another during football season had an immediate and sustained impact?  Missing pieces don’t get added on the fly; they get added in the offseason.

This means that Richardson could, with the benefit of a full offseason and training camp and preseason, learn the offense and the players and the coaches and become a significant contributor.  Or maybe instead the Colts will decide to pay Donald Brown (who’s due to become a free agent in March) and keep him as the starter.

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  1. The Steeler Nation’s dominance in this league is unmatched (6). This is unfair to you and we understand this. That is why we are making the neccessary changes to make it work for everyone. After we win our seventh Lombardi this year we will start our own league. You get to keep your pansy league while we start a real football league for the game as it was made.


  2. Maybe I’m under thinking it, but when you get the ball handed to you, run forward and try to get yards.

    Seems he’s always slamming right into a pile of DL’s when he could be cutting back. He was literally tackled by a lineman laying on his back a couple weeks ago. The guy is built like a tank, but plays like a tricycle. 2 years with 2 teams averaging at or under 3.0 ypc… sorry bud, but it’s on you.

  3. Wait, I thought he had all the blocking and blitz pickup stuff down? If you have that down, what’s the diff between running the ball in Indy vs Cleveland?

  4. This is what I was thinking when he was benched, hopefully everything works out for the kid. He actually looked decent in the few carries he had last Sunday.

  5. Not like he was exactly tearing it up for the Browns tho either.

    I can almost buy your analogy when it comes to blitz pick up or blocking but on basic running, there’s only so many places he can go. Outside the tackle, betwix the tackle/guard or guard/center for each side. Throw in a sweep/toss to each side – that’s really not that many places to go to simply run (it’s 8) and it doesn’t change from team to team.

    Plus on “simply run” he’s 2.8 yards a carry. That’s not scheme.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t this guy have 12 touchdowns last year? He obviously has the skills, just needs some time. Mark my words, by this time next year, he will be in discussion for the best RB in the league.

  7. Even if this is true (and, frankly, I doubt that it is), it still means that the Colts gave up a first round pick for two years of production before Richardson is a free agent. Unless he puts up AP level numbers in 2014 and 2015, the Browns still fleeced the Colts.

  8. That’s probably true for every position but running back. In that position, you have it or you don’t.

  9. Has everyone already forgotten about vic Ballard I think nxt year vic back treat time to understand what we’re trying to do plus when u have reggie Wayne and de wane Allen back it spreads the field

  10. The funniest part of all this is that Pep Hamilton’s offense uses roughly the same terminology as Pat Shurmur’s. So for almost all of Richardson’s two seasons in the league, he’s played in a West Coast offense, yet he still doesn’t grasp the playbook.

  11. If youre not in pass protection and you are strictly running the ball and following your blockers how hard is it to gain more then 2 ypg? The guy is a colossal bust for some strange reason. I cant figure it out but he was in the Brownies offense and couldnt break out there either.

  12. If TR had some burst or vision his YPC would be better than a low GPA. Every back has something to get through the line other than bulk. I wish him better performances this year and next, but I don’t think so. Sorry, Trent. Prove me wrong.

  13. I know Doug Martin is injured, but it still looking like he’s going to have the better career then Richardson. ( poor browns chose him a round earlier then Martin lol )

  14. Just shows how All-World the Alabama OL was the last few years. Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, although Eddie Lacy as looked good this year.

  15. Funny how Willis McGahee has more rushing ytds this year than Richardson in 2 less games and he was forced into the Browns offense!

  16. No dog in the fight but isn’t RB the easiest position to fill? Hence not too many going early in drafts anymore. Even then you get good Rb’s on the mid rounds. I just think if you’re good enough to go that high, the scheme doesn’t matter. AP would be AP on any team. Now I know he’s an exception, but he went lower than Trent I think. Trent 3, AP 7?

  17. Alabama running backs during the Nick Saban era aren’t very good. Coddled 5 star recruits who can’t hide the excessive hype bestowed upon them during recruiting and the draft, their true talent level hidden by a team of 5 star recruits.

  18. Running the ball is tough, but like said before, there’s only so many places you can run and depending on the play you know where that is supposed to be. I think the Colts got played good on this one, and in the process made the Browns look like freaking geniuses which we all know is as unlikely as a repeat of the “immaculate reception”.

  19. He’s a running back…..once you know which direction you’re running there isn’t a whole lot left to learn.

    Maybe pass blocking, but every other RB in the league is learning that on the fly as well.

  20. The Trade for Trent Richardson was totally unnecessary. The Colts freaked out and made a poor trade. Donald Brown could have stepped in and they could have signed someone as a back up. Such a waste of a 1st round pick.

    Browns look like geniuses. Colts may be taking steps in the wrong direction. They still need alot of work to contend with the best teams in the AFC.

  21. For all intensive purposes, the Browns gave up their entire draft to move up to draft T-Rich. They will get 1 pick….anywhere from the 25th to 32nd pick in return.
    And everybody here is saying how the Browns got over on the Colts?

  22. Really, when has an offensive player traded from one team to another during football season had an immediate and sustained impact?

    Erick Dickerson to the Colts worked out ok…

    Herschel Walker was also really good for the Vikes after his trade.

    So it does happen.

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