Adrian Peterson muses about playing in Texas


It’s starting.

As the prime years of running back Adrian Peterson’s begin to evaporate, the future Hall of Famer is thinking about the possibility of finishing his career in his home state of Texas.

We know that he’s thinking about it, because he’s talking about it.

“You know, I’d be a liar if I said it’s something that hasn’t crossed my mind before,” told ESPN Radio on Thursday.

In fairness, Peterson followed that by suggesting he’s committed to staying with the Vikings.

“I’ve also said to myself it would be so amazing to be one of those players who stays with one team his entire career, it would be good if I could do that,” Peterson said.

And then he followed it with more talk about playing in Texas.

“[B]eing from Texas, I’ve always wondered, wow, it would be cool to play in Dallas, to play back home.  Or to play in Houston,” Peterson said.

Peterson grew up outside of Dallas, rooting for the Cowboys.  He spends the offseason in Houston.

Though he’s under contract through 2017, Peterson eventually may decide he wants out of a team with an offense that, but for Brett Favre’s first season with the Vikings, hasn’t had much of a passing game.  Peterson has seen former teammate Percy Harvin want out of Minnesota and get his wish; why shouldn’t one of the most important players in team history get the same consideration?

A potential trade to Dallas would be fitting, given that the Cowboys once traded running back Herschel Walker to the Vikings for an obscene haul of draft picks and players.  Peterson would generate much less than Walker, even though Peterson was and remains the better player.

The other problem for a team like the Cowboys would be fitting Peterson’s contract under the team’s salary cap.  With a $100 million quarterback and a cap bulge for 2014 that already exceeds $30 million, it’s a move that can’t happen within the next year.

Come 2015, who knows?  Especially if the Vikings continue to swing and miss in their efforts to complement one of the best running backs in league history with a reasonably competent passing game.

85 responses to “Adrian Peterson muses about playing in Texas

  1. The Vikings would trade Peterson to the Cowboys for Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten but keep Ponder at QB.

  2. I seriously doubt he’s going anywhere. We just got a new stadium deal done here in MN and somebody’s gotta be the star so people buy up those new personal seat licenses haha

  3. This will never happen unless the league lets the Cowboys have a 40 man roster, and good luck playing with that.

    Bear in mind all these cap numbers are with Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant making the bare minimum. Both due new contracts very soon.

  4. This could be a great benefit to both teams. Dallas can trade 9 future draft pics, and Minnesota will send them Peterson, and a few veterans. Yeah. Let’s see how that works out.

  5. LMAO

    Hey poet, how does this make you feel? Your franchise stud is sick of losing and coaching changes. Besides the fact Vikings need a quarterback and a middle linebacker.
    Maybe he’s sick of all the Dui’s his teammates get.
    Oh well, only 14 more years till the Vikings will contend!
    Skol away

  6. In 2015 he’d be what 30? Kinda old for a running back to generating much in the trade market no matter how good he was when he was 25.

    Playing for Dallas will remain an unfulfilled dream for Peterson

  7. The first time I heard of an article lobbying for the Vikes to trade Peterson, I thought the dude was crazy. But now I think it actually makes sense. He’s 28. Running backs decline big time when they hit 30. And the Vikes owe him like $16 million in the 2016 season. That’s a lot for a RB that might not be good anymore by then. And the Vikes could still get a 1st rounder for him right now.

  8. Between saying he wants to play for another team, and all the interviews he gives about his personal stats, I wonder if there is a more selfish player in the NFL. Still never heard this guy say something about wanting to help his team win a SB.

  9. thepftpoet says: Dec 5, 2013 10:32 PM

    Best RB of all time, will go down in history as the greatest player of all time and will win multiple superbowls with the Vikings.


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Well, it’s a cold night out there – can’t say as I can blame you Viking fans for drinking a bit too much … and if you’re going to fantasize, you might as well fantasize big.

    Dream on my fine purple friend .. I’m just glad I won’t have your headache in the morning.

  10. Houston just gave their Quarterback 62 million dollar contract including 22 million of it payed already last year, somehow that is not a “swing and a miss”? Dallas just dished out 100 million and Minnesota has won as many playoff games as the Cowboys since Adrian Peterson arrived. Lets not forget Peterson fumbled twice in that NFC title game, he didn’t lose either but he lost Childress’s trust for the rest of the game. He had an amazing opportunity to help his team get to the super bowl, I would say that out of those three teams the Vikings are the only team that has been anywhere near a super bowl throughout Peterson’s career.

  11. GenXJay says:
    Dec 5, 2013 10:28 PM

    Swing and a miss…lol. Once it connects, the Vikings will be breaking collarbones

    …and they will still be lucky to go 8-8

  12. thepftpoet says:
    Dec 5, 2013 10:32 PM
    Best RB of all time, will go down in history as the greatest player of all time and will win multiple superbowls with the Vikings.

    Jealous? ———————————————————————————————————————————————— one of the best yes but the best? jim brown, barry sanders, emmit smith, walter payton, eric dickerson, i think some of those guy’s might have something to say about that.

  13. Dallas would have to give us Romo, Dez Bryant and 3 first round picks to get AD. He’s not leaving until his contract is up, and honestly I bet he retires as a Viking.

  14. He didn’t play in Texas when he defected to Oklahoma in College. So just stay away now. The CowBabies and Texans don’t need him now. Burned bridges?

  15. They’re gettin a new stadium, have pretty good receivers, decent defence. They should roll the dice and draft manziel, its a lot better than what they got now, and ap would stay.

  16. 31 teams have more loyal fans? That’s laughable. You have no idea how much Viking fans suffer. Such ignorance.

    You can’t chose where you’re born and who you’re fans of. It’s ingrained since birth. Unless of course you’re a Packer or Cowboy fan. Those sprout up all over the US for no other reason than a guilelessness in upbringing. I blame the parents.

  17. Hmm.. If the Texans hold the #1 pick in the draft while the Vikes sit 3-5? I’d say pull the trigger. Face it, this is a league that has changed it’s rules in order to not only protect the QB, but to make sure he succeeds. Teddy Bridgewater is a franchise QB – especially in a league that will bend over backwards to ensure offensive production.

    I love me some AP. But I’d be willing to put his rights on the table to move up for a franchise QB. It’s not the 80’s anymore.

  18. Larry Fitzgerald has said he’s always wanted to play for the Vikings but he’ll never play there. I compare his situation to Adrian’s. AP will not play for a Texas team until he’s close to retiring.

  19. schmokes says: Dec 5, 2013 10:46 PM

    Between saying he wants to play for another team, and all the interviews he gives about his personal stats, I wonder if there is a more selfish player in the NFL. Still never heard this guy say something about wanting to help his team win a SB.


    By giving his best effort every play, by achieving his goals, by piling up the stats as he does, isn’t he doing all he can do to help his team reach and perhaps win a Super Bowl?

    And he didn’t say he wanted to play for another team; he answered a question and said it would be cool to play for his home state teams. Just like a lot of other players, both past and present, have done and will continue to do. Larry Fitzgerald & Russell Wilson have made similar comments.

    Seems like a non-story since it’s natural to think of playing for the team you dreamed about as a kid.

  20. Why would he want to go to one failing franchise to another?
    They don’t even have a head coach, they have a company man.

    I really hope the Vikings do release him. It would be a shame for AP to play for a team his whole great career that never has a chance to win.

  21. I think it’s delicious that AP will never win a Super Bowl. It’s karma for being opposed to gay marriage and yet going off and having approximately ten million kids with five million different women, yet never marrying anyone.

  22. As I said many time before… We will trade:
    Ap, two 3rds, a 5th and a 10th

    In return:
    2 lbs, 1 rb, 1 de, 1 cb, three 1sts, two seconds, a 3rd and a 6th

    There is a precedence for this great trade.

  23. @ seatownballers….maybe we he Vikes could trade him to your cheating squad for a first rounder? Nah, then he’d just get hurt like Percy and Sidney after your squad pays him ridiculous money. I don’t think he’s sick of all the DUI’s, but he’d probably get pretty sick of all the the PED cheaters on your squad. It wouldn’t be a normal week if we didn’t hear reports of a Seattle DB getting suspended for roids.

  24. WOW,…..AP wanting out of Minnisoda.
    Cannot blame him.
    Thry need SAN and if they got one tomorrow he d be years from ready
    and Allen is gone at this year’s end
    And the team arrests for November are down to 3arrests

  25. Seems only right, its the Vikings own fault for not getting a Franchise quarterback for him in the last 7 years.

  26. Could be in the all time top 5 running backs of all time….Best ever? ??
    Best player ever NO
    pftpoet….lives on Fantasy island where all you do is bash the team with the most World Titles and you have ZerO
    YES Zero titles. that is pathetic
    No chance of winning a SUPER BOWL
    anytime soon,
    He d look good in Dallas or even better in Houston
    Bank on it…AP is gone in 2015…
    Zero doubt…..he s gone.

  27. pftpoet
    What year. (s) is AP going to win those Super Bowls for your Viks?
    Next year, the year after
    He is 28 now…..
    2015 ?
    He ll be 31 then. you said multiple, again. starting when?
    Patiently waiting for your reply,
    Show us all how Football smart you are
    I say he s gone once he s its in 2014
    he may win a Super Bowl….but not wearing purple indoors

  28. I don’t want to get rid of Adrian, he is what the Vikings stand for. And I love it, but hypothetically… If we traded him next year or after and it helped get us Winston from FSU and perhaps we somehow still kept Toby Gerhart ( I for one think he could still be a decent number 1, no Adrian but a solid back). Maybe we suck again next year and are able to get Winston anyway, if we still have Ponder at the helm. Who knows

  29. at the start of the year he said 2500 but ultimately he wants to win a super bowl…if you were a football player wouldn’t you dream of playing for the hometown it’s not about wanting out it was just a statement

  30. golforepar says:
    Dec 5, 2013 10:28 PM
    Only 31 teams have more loyal fans, why would Petersen want to leave?
    Oh I don’t know……to win a Super Bowl?


  31. He’s just wishing out loud for ANY team with chance at a SuperBowl to want him before his career gets extinguished. The problem is; if a football team was made up primarily of single-speed bicycles, and the receivers and certain other positions were three-speed bicycles, and the quarterback is the only ten-speed in the bunch, Peterson is the equivalent of the best and fastest unicycle in the garage. The best! But unfortunately not wanted very badly…..certainly not as one of your featured “vehicles.”

  32. They really should trade him. He’s not winning them anything on his own & they could get at least a 1st for him, maybe more. He’s got maybe 2-3 more years left in the tank & the Vikes are not that close to contending. Gets some rebuilding pieces. Exactly what I wanted the Titans to do with CJ before they signed him to that ludicrous contract. RBs, no matter how good, just aren’t worth huge $$.

  33. Swing and a miss is putting it mildly. Complete and utter incompetence on the scale of Obamacare is more like it.

    True, he is the best back in the NFL but Father Time looms on the horizon and there will be a day when he has either lost two steps or is a broken down shadow of who he used to be.

    So the Vikings face a Hobson’s choice on trading Peterson. About the only thing you can depend on is Spielman blowing it when it comes time.

  34. The Cowboys should trade Demarco, Ware, and Miles Austin for him.

    Ware due 2014-$12 mil, 2015-$13 mil, 2016-$13 mil, 2017-$13 mil (around $51 million still due)
    Miles due 2014-$5 mil, 2015-$6 mil, 2016-$11 mil (around $22 million still due)
    Demarco due 2014-$485k, 2015-$620k, 2016-$755k (around $2 million still due)

    AP due 2014-$11 mil, 2015-$12 mil, 2016-$14 mil, 2017-$15 mil ($52 million still due)

    Or at least trade Ware and Murray for him. The money is close enough.

  35. The Browns got a number one for Trent Richardson. What does AP command?

    AP should want the trade to get on a competitive team. Vikings should want a trade so they can rebuild and become a competitive team.

    Otherwise, AP and the Vikings are this generation’s Barry Sanders and the Lions.

  36. Hmmm, he might want to play in Texas but I’m not sure he’d want to play behind the Cowboys O-Line.

    Getting tackled behind the line of scrimmage every other run will not help him get the yards he wants…

  37. holmesra18 says: Dec 6, 2013 7:11 AM

    The Cowboys should trade Demarco, Ware, and Miles Austin for him.

    You really should learn how the salary cap works, it would make you look less … well … uniformed.

    If Dallas traded those three players their deferred bonus and all guaranteed salary would accelerate into the cap the year of the trade. So, if Dallas traded all of those players in 2014 for Peterson they would not only inherit Peterson’s salary in 2014 of $12 million (unless you think Peterson would drop his salary just to be able to play with Dallas?) on the 2014 cap, Murray (.16), Ware (8.5), and Austin (8) would add an additional 16.5 million in dead money (cap savings for salary vs cap hit for prorated bonus & guaranteed money).

    That means, should Dallas be stupid enough to do trade, that Dallas would have an additional 29 million on their cap for 2014 (they are already 30 mil over the projected 2014 cap so why not be 60 mil over? I’m sure the league would allow that) just for the privilege of watching one of the best RBs in league history decline.

  38. A year ago, I would have said this was not possible. Of course, a year ago, the Vikings were competitive all year long, and actually landed a playoff spot.

    Spielman will deny any interest in trading AP all day long. However, if Peterson is now raising the possibility of leaving, then there’s more going on here than meets the eye (or ear).

    As a Viking fan, I hate to say this, but don’t be surprised if AP is not in purple next year.

  39. Trade talk is just stupid. I won’t hear it. But, he could absolutely go to one of those teams after this contract. He WILL go to whatever team offers him the most money. It’s what players do. I don’t blame them. They need to grab cash before age 35. Now, none of this means he doesn’t love playing for the Vikings. He is the big man on campus. The whole state, and most of the nation, loves him. Hell, even Packer fans can’t say anything bad about him (save for the two idiots on this website).

  40. sportsfan18 says:
    Dec 5, 2013 11:07 PM
    In the last 15 yrs, here are the totals folks.

    Vikings – 6 playoff wins, 14 total playoff games

    Cowboys – 1 playoff win, 7 total playoff games

    Don’t want to go back another 60 months?

  41. DaveKShape says:
    Dec 5, 2013 10:26 PM
    “With Romo’s crippling contract, I doubt it will even happen in 2015.”

    but they HAD to pay him so he could be like Peyton Manning! Remember?

  42. If it’s winning he’s about, then he needs to go play with Brady or Manning or Brees All three still got ‘it’. It would be almost absurd how good those offenses could be. Question is, what does all day want? The Vikes suck, and will for awhile. Dallas and Houston would find a way to screw it all up but Dallas for certain would mortgage the while damn franchise to get him. Texans need a new coach, QB. I can’t imagine Bill ever paying close to what he market would bear but it be sick to see it!

  43. The cowboys were his childhood team, of course he’d think some of this stuff. He’ll be Viking his entire career. I’ll take the last couple years of underperformance for all the years of over performance that he’s given me as a fan. AP All Day!

  44. The cowboys were his childhood team, of course he’ll think this stuff. He’ll be a Viking his entire career. I’ll take the last couple years of underperformance in his career, for all of the years of over performance that he’s given me as a fan. AP All Day!

  45. That’s loyalty for ya. Trade the bum now while he’s worth something. I’ll tell ya, you would think he’d be grateful for the money he’s made as a Viking. Skol.

  46. Once again for the dummies in the back row who keep spouting the same thing at how AP deserves a ring and won’t get it with the Vikings. He had his chance in his ultimate prime with Brett Favre as the QB and he fumbled it away. He even admits it and says that’s why he stood on the field and watched the Saints celebrate so he knows the feeling of pain from that loss to motivate him next time. As far as never getting the chance again what a load of BS. Just look at the Packers this year with and without Rodgers and the Chiefs last year compared to this year. All the Vikings are missing is a competent QB, not happy feet pick six fumble in the end zone Ponder, to be on the winning track again. Finally he never mentioned at all he didn’t want to play in MN it was a hypothetical question of has he ever thought of playing in TX.

  47. He’s already passed his prime and the decline that we see in all RB’s has started. I remember him shooting his mouth off about how easy it is to rush for a 100 yards a game in the NFL and how he was going to get 2500 yards this season. guess what in 13 games this season he only has 4 games over 100 yds and his usual 3 lost fumbles.
    this guy is completely out of touch with reality and so are his fans that argued the same thing last year. RB’s are a dime a dozen. the smartest thing the Vikings can do is trade him for whatever they can right now since they wont be playing in the SB any time soon. and for the people that think they can get 2 -3 good players and some picks for this guy, keep on dreaming. no one will pay that kind of price for a RB ever again. Richardson was traded for a 1st round pick and guess who lost on that deal. he was a bust twice. I don’t see any more teams picking backs in the 1st round for years to come.

  48. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Dec 6, 2013 11:30 AM
    “All we need is a QB.”

    They make it sound so easy. Yet, for 50 + years, the result has been the same for the hapless and tasteless Vikings.



    Keep flapping your gums filthy…yap, yap, yap! Don’t look now here comes yet ANOTHER LOSS for your Packers!!! Exactly which team is Hapless?

  49. Although he would have loved to play for his home state, He was brought Minny to bring the Lombardy Trophy there. He is still there trying, so to me that is loyalty and also a strong sense of duty!

  50. @siaaa first of 12… Second off passed his prime? If 100 yards per game is passed someone’s prime.. I’d like to see them a couple years ago… You sound kind of hokey so before you shoot your mouth off atleast get some stats right.. Thanks pal

  51. mnv09 says: Dec 7, 2013 3:42 AM

    @siaaa first of 12… Second off passed his prime? If 100 yards per game is passed someone’s prime.. I’d like to see them a couple years ago… You sound kind of hokey so before you shoot your mouth off atleast get some stats right.. Thanks pal
    __________________________________anytime pal.
    his prime was last year. just look at his stats and compare. thru 16 games last year he only had 1 game below 75 yards. this year with 12 games he already has 5. that is called a decline.
    once he loses a step or two going forward he wont be able to break the big runs because the defense will catch him. perfect example is his 78 yrd TD run in the first game of the year. he finished with 93 on 18 carries. that means he got 15 yards on 17 carries. he will have less and less big runs and the avg will just start to decline.
    I saw this first hand with Tomlinson down here in SD. he just couldn’t break the big run anymore. 300-350 carries a year will kick your ass real fast. my point was and still is that no team will trade their best players and top picks for a RB passed his prime. the Vikings will perhaps not even sign him after next season.
    by the way, I always enjoy watching him and am a big fan of his. the running game is what true football is all about.

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