Ed Reed: I’m still a good player, can play two more years


Ed Reed was cut by the Texans after half a season of ineffective play, and he hasn’t exactly drawn rave reviews in his first couple of games with the Jets. But Reed says anyone who thinks he has nothing left is wrong.

Reed said today that the judgments of fans and the media don’t interest him, and he knows from watching himself and watching other NFL safeties that he can still play at a high level.

“I have created a standard for myself. That standard hasn’t been created by no fan [or] person in the media,” Reed said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I think I’m still effective. I watch tape too. I’m not only watching myself. I watch safeties across the league. I don’t think that I have played much different this year than I have in the past if you go back & look at tape.”

Reed also said he wants to play for two more years after this season, and only retire after 2015. If that’s the case, Reed had better hope Rex Ryan’s job is safe with the Jets. Because Ryan may be the only coach left who still wants Reed to be a part of his defense.

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  1. Ed, if you still have some ‘Fuel left in the tank’ then go right ahead…but I would sign a deal with ESPN or something like your boy Ray Ray did.

  2. It’s sad to say , but I think he’s in denial a little bit. He’s been great, though and will be a hall of famer , probably in his first year of eligibility.

  3. It’s tough when you see legends being the last to know their skills have eroded far past the point of no return, yet in their mind’s eye – they make up for it with experience and wisdom.

    We saw this with Ali, and any number of sports legends in nearly every sport. Yet their unshakeable belief in themselves is assuredly a key component to their extraordinary success – before succumbing to father time/mother nature.

  4. “Ed Reed: I’m still a good player, can play two more years”…….for the JETS as long as Rex is the coach.

  5. Reed may still be an adequate player and he might be able to play two more years, but he can’t be the game changer he was for most of his career. He’s better than many safeties out there.

    It seemed that the problem he had in Houston was he couldn’t accept his role. Ask Jerry Rice what it was like at the end in Oakland and Seattle as a possession receiver. If they want to keep playing they have to accept their role based on their current skill base.

  6. Is he the player he used to be?? No not at all. That being said, he is still good enough to make a 53 man roster. If he loves the game and can make 5 mil a year still playing the game he loves then why not continue to play? I know I would!

  7. Ed, loved you in the black and purple but wasn’t it enough that you got torched by the same QB you called out a couple of years ago for not being good enough to lead the Ravens? If you can’t pick off ole Jump ball Joe than you got nothing left.

    Stop now and think what a difference being a SUPERBOWL MVP MEANS!! Can’t wait for the repeat ride this year Go RAVENS!

  8. He’s either broke and has to play or delusional…….or maybe both. he’s obviously not the player he was and if he had anything left in the tank he’d probably still be a Raven. Ozzie Newsome is maybe the best evaluator of talent in the league. He knew 2 years ago Reed was finished. Only 1 team showed any interest and the Texans took him knowing he needed surgery.
    While he wants to play two more years, without Rex, it just won’t happen.

  9. thepftpoet says:
    Let’s all take a moment of our day, stop and laugh at the Packers organization.


    Laugh at what? The fact they have more titles? The fact they have the best QB in the league? The fact they have been a dominate force of the NFL?

    It makes me proud that I can say these things about my team. What can you say about yours?

  10. Let’s not jump to conclusions folks. Perhaps his words and meanings were taken out of context by the demon media. It is obvious he means he can play FANTASY football for two more years.

  11. Hey Ed,

    Father Time called and said you were late….not sure what that means, but he catches up with us all. No shame in that, happens to us all. You will be a first ballot HOF’er, go ahead and get the clock ticking until you get your yellow jacket.

  12. It always amuses me that posters think that over the hill players are deluded about their playing ability. Ever think maybe they know they can’t play but still want to get PAID. What else is he gonna do that pays him millions of $$$? Just like some players who want to play one more year for “a chance at a ring”. I am sure money never plays into that equation. We all know how good athletes are at managing their money so surely they don’t need the $. Yeah, right…

  13. If they are willing to pay him to play, what right do all you neverwas jerks to complain about it? The man was the best at his position for a number of years, All Pro, pro bowler, super bowl winner and the heart of his team. Now people whose sole qualification is ownership of a computer feel they can rag on him? None of you numbnuts was ever offered 8 cents to play. He is making $5m this year. Do not go gently into that good night, Ed. Rail against the fading of the light.

  14. love you to death ed…but sorry, no. retire a raven after the season and there’s no harm done to your career

  15. My question is, did you talk to Reed and see why he thinks he can still compete? It’s boring seeing the “news” that isn’t anything other than an opinion. Where is the follow up? Reed is so sick with talent, that I would question why his numbers are down. I would tend to believe he is being used in a system that doesn’t fit him (which would also fit half, if not more, of the NFL). Either bring in players for your system, or change the system to fit your players. It’s not that complicated……really.

  16. This dude is a warrior. If he thinks he can go and teams will pay for his services then clearly he’s got something left.

    Kinda pathetic how some of you treat future hall of famers in the twilight of their career.

    I’m neither a Ravens, Texans, or Jets fan but I know a legendary player when I see one.

  17. which means if you read the tea leaves, this is Mr Reeds last year…
    1 can’t cover the deep ball 2 is late getting over to help his corners in pass coverage 3 is a liability when a runner runs in his direction 4 should hung em up a champion after last years Super Bowl, and ridden off into the NFL sunset with Ray Lewis. There’s a reason the Ravens didn’t keep him. Older NFL players these days are sometimes the last to know, they are done. Mr Reed you should have saved your money, because it’s time to go….

  18. Ed, times have changed. Being better than any Steeler safety no longer means you can play in the League.

  19. Ed, you are one of the best safeties I’ve ever seen. You made quite an impression on the field – back in the old days when guys were allowed to hit – you easily occupy a position on the Ronnie Lott Rattle Yer Teeth All-Star Team.

    Certainly you are one of the best ball hawks of all time, but… now it’s time to hang it up. You’ve lost that burst of speed that served you so well for so long. Ed we love ya but heed us please: let it go, allow ESPN or Fox or someone cut you a paycheck. They will be happy to do so, people tend to like you. Good luck.

  20. Here’s to you Ed, from a Steelers fan.

    As long as you can prove what you believe, you will have no problems staying in the league for 2 more years.

  21. You’re all morons, Reed is still a dominate force. Hes had two weeks with the Jets defense, let’s see how he looks in two more. Texans are obviously junk, Jags scored 17pts in the 1st half….guess that’s on Ed too.

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