Elbow injury limits Carson Palmer in practice

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Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was stripped of the ball on a sack by Trent Cole on the third play of last Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, but he went on to play the remainder of the game without any reports of injury.

As it turns out, Palmer injured his right elbow on that play and the injury has been bad enough to keep him limited in practice on both Wednesday and Thursday. Palmer said, via the Cardinals’ website, that he “threw a little bit, not much” during Thursday’s session and that he hopes to do more on Friday.

There’s no talk that Palmer will have to miss Sunday’s visit from the Rams as a result of the injury, but Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports the quarterback said he did feel the effects of the injury during the Eagles game. He finished the day 24-of-41 for 302 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions.

Assuming Palmer does play, it looks like they’ll have a good chance of having both wide receiver Michael Floyd and running back Andre Ellington in the lineup along with him. Both players joined him as limited participants Thursday after sitting out on Wednesday.

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  1. What is sad and funny…. Carson Palmer had better November statistics (ZERO LOSSES) than ben roethlisberger who won the Offensive Player of the Month in November.

    Palmer = 3 wins – 0 losses

    108.8 QB rating

    68% Completions

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    benny roeth = 3 wins – 1 loss

    98.7 QB rating

    61% completions

  2. Yeah , you guys can go ahead and poke fun at Palmer from the relative safety of your computer , but the guy still threw for 300 yards with a bad arm . . . give the fellow a break . . . and I’m not even a Cardinals fan.

  3. That explains the int he underthrew to Floyd then because Floyd had his man beat by 3 yards for an easy td… Shame Sowell couldn’t just get in Coles way so Palmer didn’t get hurt… That int and the horrible calls in the end just may have killed the Cards playoff chances this year…

  4. Remember that Carson severely injured the ligament in that elbow four-five years ago. He went to a number of doctors, including Dr James Andrews, until he got a ‘no surgery’ recommendation. Many wanted him to have the Tommy John surgery.

    It was reported in the media at the time that the ligament was torn about half way and it was worried that it might take years to fully heal and in football, the stresses of throwing would result in deterioration of his accuracy as the ligament stretched as the seasons progressed.

  5. I remember that voyager6. He missed most of the season. that’s when Ryan Fitzpatrick got his chance to start in Cincy. (Ryan was pretty good). Carson made way to much money to be supplanted thou. Anyway Palmer didn’t want the surgery even thou the team docs thought it best.Still shake my head over that pansy and all the money he walked away with. Surfer boy couldn’t make it in the Midwest.

  6. Seems the Cardinals don’t lose games the refs or an injury caused the loss. Not those players and for sure never out coached.

  7. Over 300 yards and 3 TDs with an injured elbow. That explains the two deep shots to wide open WRs that fell short and were picked. Between those two plays and the ref issues everyone’s been talking about in that game, Eagles got an early Christmas present. Rashad Mendenhall and their RB corps minus Ellington even had a better game than the Eagles #1 rushing attack.

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