Jaguars earn first home win of season in handing Texans 11th straight loss

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Geno Hayes intercepted Matt Schaub with just over two minutes left to play and the Jacksonville Jaguars held on to earn their first home victory of the year, a 27-20 win over the Houston Texans on Thursday night.

Don’t look now but the Jaguars have won four of their last five games and are playing much better football under head coach Gus Bradley. The Texans on the other hand lost their 11th straight game.

Schaub replaced Case Keenum as the Texans’ quarterback in the late stages of the third quarter after Jacksonville had taken a 24-10 lead. Schaub quickly led the Texans on a touchdown drive with a 5-yard pass to Garrett Graham to pull within a score. A Randy Bullock field goal pulled Houston within four early in the fourth quarter but Houston couldn’t complete the rally.

The Texans failed to convert a fourth-and-2 deep in Jacksonville territory to stall a promising drive. Houston got the ball back with just over two minutes to play but Schaub threw directly to Hayes for the interception. Josh Scobee added 39-yard field goal to extend the lead to seven as the Jaguars earned the win.

Houston couldn’t get out of their own way. The Texans had 14 penalties for 177 yards on the night. Andre Johnson was stellar with 13 catches for 154 yards, but it wasn’t enough to make up for all the penalties and mistakes.

Jones-Drew suffered a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter and did not return. Jones-Drew eclipsed the 100-yard mark for the first time in over a year with 103 yards on 14 carries. He hadn’t rushed for 100 yards in a game since carrying for 177 yards against the Indianapolis Colts in Sept. 2012.

61 responses to “Jaguars earn first home win of season in handing Texans 11th straight loss

  1. How’s that humble pie taste Houston? I didn’t think any team could beat out Jacksonville for that #1 pick, but Houston has done a great job of that. Good job Texans may you have a decade of setbacks.

  2. awful QB play on both teams. Henne’s a great backup, but i dont think he should be a full time starter unless a starting QB over him is hurt. Jacksonville NEEDS a QB ASAP. i think (if they are able to get him now after winning alot) they should draft Johnny Manziel. i believe it will be too late to get Bridgewater, Hundley (if he declares) and Carr. As for Houston, the top pick (which they likely get) is now an easy choice. Bridgewater in Houston should do wonders, especially if Kubiak keeps his job.

  3. Texans have absolutely no pride. To talented of a team to lose this many games. This team of quiters should be kicked out of the NFL with this garbage we have to watch. And if their losing for a draft pick then that’s just sad.

  4. At least someone from Jacksonville won something tonight. They should let Rion Paige sing the National Anthem some day.

  5. And MDS picked the Texans to win????

    If you squander leads with Alfonzo Dennard, Aaron Dobson, Stevan Ridley, Michael Hoomanawanui, Marcus Cannon not on the field you’re not going to beat Jacksonville.

    Also, why believe in Case Keenum??? He’s Jeremy Lin of football: a small sample size sensation who got figured out quickly.

    Just fire Kubiak before the season ends. Don’t bring any staff members back after the season.

    Bob McNair is better off hiring Kevin Sumlin away from Texas A&M.

    McNair did one stupid thing like keeping Kubiak past 2010 after Kubiak overextended the stay of def. coordinator Frank Bush.

    Also, Rick Smith you failed this season!!!

    You only did well in 2012 because your injured 2011 players like Schaub, Johnson, and Daniels were available for 16 games; Arian Foster, and JJ Watt.

    You let too many young guys go, couldn’t replenish the 3rd and 4th string positions well, and signed a bunch of old guys: Ed Reed, Greg Jones, and Deji Karim.

    Just because your 3rd and 4th stringers helped you as 1st stringers in 2011 and 2012 it doesn’t mean you let them go. You in over your head and you deserve the greatest share of the blame for the 2013 failure.

  6. Kubiak is so gone. He has now resorted to the old ‘if I’m going down, I’m going down with my guy’ tactic. The sad thing is that Scrub is tethered to him and will probably be a package deal with any OC or QC position he will get next year. The Keenum kid had the Texans in position to beat one of the top teams in the conference last week, but all of a sudden is not good enough to finish against the Jaguars?

    It’s gonna be a tough couple of years going forward in Houston, so I hope the fans are ready for the changes. The entire offense was built around Kubiak’s philosophy (which he was too stubborn to adjust or change as opponents got wise to it) and whomever is the next coach will have to coach around the schematic challenges. Plus the team will have to figure out how to avoid the inevitable onset of cap hell that is looming with the JJ Watt extension on the horizon.

    Just live with the fact that the window is closed, play the kids and see where they can fit in next year. My last point…Wade Phillips is not a winner. A team cannot win with him participating in any capacity.

  7. When you are a bad team and the Texans are, it seems like calls are stacked against you.. there was a clean pass break-up by Joseph, which was called P.I. Its like a a cascade of whats next… And its kinda unfair on Schaub to come in and turn things around mid through the third. I think he gives the Texans some semblance of competitivness, but he does himself no favors by throwing picks at inorportune times.

  8. Jaguars must have been spying right Antonio?

    Texans are now 4-14 since the Patriots annihilated them last December when they wore their letterman jackets to Foxboro at 11-1.

  9. Excellent win for the Jags! Exciting to the very end, the stadium was standing most of the fourth quarter, and really the whole game. Great running, trick plays that actually work, and a passing game too. Jags have won 4 of the last 5 games and are actually fun to go watch. Even the half time was cool with an in-stadium firework display and laser light show. Stands packed to 0:00 and it was a blast. Go Jags!

  10. As a Seahawks fan, I’m glad that Jacksonville and Coach Gus Bradley are doing so well. Bradley is a class act. I hope you go on to years and years of outstanding success.

  11. Bizarre win…If the league thought Caldwell/Polian were tanking it for a high draft pick like they did in Indy, the refs are damn sure making sure we win a few lol. Go Jags!

  12. Think on this for a second: The Patriots, Bengals, and Ravens are all looking to tie the Jaguars for the longest current win streak in the AFC when they kickoff on Sunday. Go Jags!

  13. What in the heck happened to the Texans? After week 12 last year they were 11-1 and the favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

    Since then they are 3-13 and the favorite to get the #1 overall pick.

    I can’t remember ever seeing the wheels come off a team this fast.

  14. So Case keenum hasn’t won a game yet…What’s with all the hype? Looks like the Texans are a lot farther from the Super bowl than common knowledge suggested.

  15. Good lord the league is full of cheaters. First the Patriots now the Jags, how on earth did they score enough points on the unstoppable Wade Phillips secret defense to win the game. Lord GODel time to spend all the leagues resources investigating “philipsironcladdefensegate”.

  16. Wow! How the mighty have fallen. The Texans are a worse team than the Jaguars. I wonder what the Vegas odds would have been before the season started that the Texans would end up with the worst record in the league?

  17. Looks like Houston’s getting that #1 pick. They got to go after a QB IMO. Shaub and Keenum throw INTs like they are competing to see who can throw more. Yes they need help everywhere which is most teams that get the # 1 pick but it all starts with the QB. Fire Kubiak, go after Manzeil with the first pick.

  18. .

    Leave it to the Buccaneers to create another quarterback controversy. They could pick a top flight QB prospect with the second pick. However Glennon has far exceeded expectations for a rookie 3rd rounder and he could become the long term answer.


  19. Well done to the Jags, who appear to be improving since their visit to London!

    But Chad Henne bought QB crying to a new low, by wanting a penalty for…not being hit.

    In the first quarter he scrambled for a first down and then slid down. The Texans’ defender saw that he was down and did a flying leap over the top of Henne, nowhere near making any contact. Henne gets up and immediately starts pointing for a flag. Shame on you Chad – there’s enough bad officiating without you trying to draw a flag for no reason.

  20. I really thought the Texans were going to pull this one out. Case Keenum looks like utter trash. If Schaub played the whole game the Texans would have won by 17.

  21. As a Vikings fan, I’ve been thinking of converting over to being a Texans fan just because it’s less embarrassing.

    Anyone know where I could get a good deal on a Schaub jersey?

  22. You gotta appreciate the work coach Bradley and his staff are doing with this young team. Clearly all the players have bought in and love playing for him, and all of a sudden the results are starting to show. It may be hurting their draft position but good players can still be had whatever position they end up in. Assuming continued development of their young guys and a strong draft next year, this team could (key word being “could”) surprise some people.

  23. After watching only one quarter of this game I honestly cant tell if the Texans are trying to tank or if they’re really this bad. If they are this bad, I still just dont know how this swing could have happened so quickly.

  24. Not to mention Austin Paztor completely dominated JJ Watt. Jags have more pieces in place than people think and aren’t that far from competing with the big boys. Caldwell is building this thing right.

  25. doctorrustbelt says:

    Arian Foster – INJURED
    Owen Daniels = INJURED
    Brian Cushing = INJURED
    Danieal Manning = INJURED

    Texans didn’t just implode… they had injuries, too

    Lol the Pats who you loathe and are constantly trolling against have worse injuries than that and sit happily atop the AFCE @ 9-3.

    Its called depth. Competent GMs make sure their team has it.

  26. This was actually a bad game for the Jags and a good game for the Texans. You see, the Jags are now fooled into thinking they just might be a good team. That means no wholesale changes in the off season. Which also means they are destined for maybe 6-10 each year.

    The Texans on the other hand are realizing that many changes need to be made, starting with their QB. They are lucky, just like the Colts were. If you are going to stink, you might as well go all in on that, and then things will turn around for you quicker in the future.

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