Le’Veon Bell cleared for full practice

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Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell left Thanksgiving’s loss to the Ravens with a concussion after taking a nasty shot to the head from Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith, but his recovery is progressing well enough for him to have a good chance at playing against the Dolphins this weekend.

The team announced that Bell has been cleared for full practice as he progresses through the league’s concussion protocol. Bell still needs to pass another test before he’ll be cleared to play on Sunday so the team will monitor his condition after Thursday’s return to his regular workload, but it’s a good sign that he’s done as well as he has to this point in the progress.

Linebacker LaMarr Woodley also moved up to full participation in practice on Thursday. Woodley has missed the last three games with a calf injury and Jason Worilds has played well in his absence. Woodley said this week that he’d return to his usual left side of the defense with Worilds shifting back to the right side.

Tackle Kelvin Beachum, guard David DeCastro and defensive tackle Steve McLendon were all limited participants.

20 responses to “Le’Veon Bell cleared for full practice

  1. The move of a champion.

    The 0-4 run continues…..


    Steelers are the greatest mediocre franchise of all time…

    Here we go, steelers… Here we go

    Aaaaaand we march, oh do we march

  2. If he agrees with the team doctors that he is well enough to play, AND walks onto that field by his own volition, then he should have no standing to sue the NFL about concussions.

    THIS is where the NFL can start protecting itself against greedy players and their uber-greedy union.

  3. Bell impresses me more each game. He looks like he will be a very capable and versatile back, with his ability to catch passes. Hopefully he can play this weekend since this might be the worst condition the OL has been in in years with all the mounting injuries.

    Woodley better start earning his big paycheck. He has made little impact this year and might be trade bait. He was better when Harrison was a beast on the other side.

    Hoping for 9-7 and a lot of help from other teams.

  4. Good to hear. Despise the Steelers, but never want to see someone hurt. That was a vicious shot. Glad he is back to good health!

  5. Why would they put Woodley back at LOLB? Worilds has made more of an impact in the 3-4 games he’s filled in, than Woodley did in the first 8 games. Let Woodley come off the bench and spell Jones and Worilds.

    Also, in my opinion it was the Upshall hit to the top of Bells helmet that did the most damage, not Smiths.

  6. holeinone09 says:Dec 5, 2013 4:37 PM

    “Bell impresses me more each game…”

    I can’t agree more. He runs like a smaller back and he appear to have a very natural receiving ability.

    The Steelers made a solid choice here, IMO.

  7. I would still like a good explanation why there wasn’t a penalty and a fine for those 2 hits to bells head. The league has said many times it doesn’t matter if a defender has intent to hit a QB or receiver around the head or neck area with the helmet, the league has even gone so far as to say if the QB or receiver moves, then the defender must still adjust and avoid contact with the helmet around the neck or head. Of course those statements don’t jibe too well with what happened to Leveon Bell. Here is what the league said about that hit, “While the hit occurred outside the tackle box and with the top of Smith’s helmet, he didn’t “line up” Bell. So is the league saying smith and upshaw had no “intent” to spear bell? But wait intent doesn’t matter in these H2H hits. So there you go. The old double standard talk out of the side of your mouth about safety, but allow two defenders spear a runner from both sides, and claim there wasn’t intent. Bell was defenseless and was speared.

  8. He is a good back. He took a really hard hit. Glad to see he is getting better. Good luck on Sunday Steeler fans.

  9. koenig61 says: Dec 5, 2013 9:13 PM
    “I would still like a good explanation why there wasn’t a penalty and a fine for those 2 hits to bells head.”

    So how would you interpret the hit to Jason Campbell’s helmet? Someone there judged intent even though the rules clearly state no QB helmet hits…period. Its a subjective call in the hands of inadequately trained refs at full game speed.

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