Report: Martin meets with Ted Wells again


Before the Dolphins face the Steelers on Sunday in Pittsburgh, Miami owner Stephen Ross should personally thank Steelers coach Mike Tomlin for knocking the Jonathan Martin situation to the media’s back burner.

But the Martin-Incognito kettle still simmers, with another boil eventually coming.  According to James Walker of, Martin is meeting NFL investigator Ted Wells again on Thursday.  It’s Martin’s second session with Wells, and it comes two weeks after Wells spent extensive time in South Florida, meeting with numerous members of the Dolphins organization.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Wells will return to Miami next week for a round of follow-up sessions, which will include another meeting with Richie Incognito.

It’s not unusual for investigators to conduct multiple meetings with the same witnesses in situations like this.  Given complex facts and conflicting versions of events, the investigator often needs to study the information generated to date in order to formulate questions that will resolve any lingering loose ends.

A report is expected within a week to 10 days.

In 11 days, the Dolphins face another key decision with Incognito.  His paid suspension will end, and the Dolphins will have to decide whether to bring him back for the final two games of the regular season.

19 responses to “Report: Martin meets with Ted Wells again

  1. This is fascinating again now that the NFL has shelved the Tomlin issue and sent the file to the same warehouse that stores that magical death box. I mean the Ark of the Covenant.

  2. I cant wait till the playoffs start so this gets brushed underneath the rug…

    This story is about as important as the uneaten cheeseburger Big Ben dropped on the street infront of a homeless man. Big Ben stomped on it and kicked it into the street when the man went to pick it up.

  3. “In 11 days, the Dolphins face another key decision with Incognito. His paid suspension will end, and the Dolphins will have to decide whether to bring him back for the final two games of the regular season.”

    Are you sure about that? I haven’t seen a single report that it was merely extended two weeks. Every report said he’d get paid for two weeks and that the suspension would otherwise be extended.

    Don’t see any reason to conclude that it was only extended it to 6 weeks. Seems much more logical that any agreement would be until the investigation ended and/or the season ended.

  4. I think Martin now knows he has to get any lawsuit $ he can get at thispoint because he’s not going to be allowed in another teams locker room for as long as he lives.

  5. Martin was found out to be a limited talent at offensive tackle. He is now being found out to be even less talented as a con man.

  6. Martin should be reinstated to the Dolphins team but not as a player. To be in charge of the players dirty laundry with special emphasis on hand washing players jock straps.

  7. This is the meeting where Ted Wells slides a suitcase full of money to Jonathan Martin in exchange for not suing the NFL in the future.

  8. The whickey wackey ways of the NFL. Gödel is hiding under his bed on this one. People wanted Tomlin life yet none of the coaches or officials of Miami have been put in the hot seat.

  9. The only person who will end up on ‘Lost” island is “Biggest Loser” richie incognito.

    “You’re fired”

  10. Richie was a pro bowler just last year. My guess is that he will play on some team needing o-line help as the playoff push and teams needs at o-line become more evident. Don’t see that happening for Martin.

  11. Well instead of GM Jeff Ireland asking if prospective players Mother is a prostitute. Perhaps he should ask if the prospects Mother is a Lawyer.

  12. Everyone is saying that no team will let Martin into their locker room. I’m sure his Stanford education is something he can lean on. Personally, I don’t think teams are going to pass him up if he chooses to play football again.

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