Tramon Williams fined $26,250 for contact with official


The NFL has fined Packers cornerback Tramon Williams $26,250 for contact with an official during Green Bay’s Thanksgiving loss at Detroit.

The amount is the same as Vikings cornerback Chris Cook was fined for contact with an official this week, so that’s apparently the going rate in the NFL for putting your hands on a ref. Cook was ejected from the Vikings’ game against the Bears; Williams was given a 15-yard penalty but surprisingly not ejected.

Williams said after the game that he didn’t realize what he was doing: According to Williams, he was upset that a Lions player bumped him while celebrating a touchdown, and he thought he was shoving a Lion away, not realizing that back judge Dino Paganelli had come between them.

“The referee must have come and just walked right in front of me and grazed me,” Williams said. “I don’t know if he was trying to hold me or what. He just grazed me and I kind of knocked his arm off me. I was already frustrated. It was just an emotion thing.”

Williams said today that he will appeal, adding, “Hopefully they give me some money back.” But it’s hard to see why they would. Putting your hands on an official is one thing the NFL doesn’t tolerate.

31 responses to “Tramon Williams fined $26,250 for contact with official

  1. Scum. Absolutely scum. And Packers have the AUDACITY to accuse Golden Tate for cheating on the MNF game? TRAMOND WAS INTENTIONALLY BREAKING THE RULES! Probably PED’s. Suspended him. Without pay.

  2. Dirty player. Dirty team. At least it wasn’t Suh. You’d all be screaming for his head. Has Matthews body slammed anyone out of bounds lately?

  3. Don’t tolerate, unless it is the super bowl and they are trying to get Ray Lewis to finish his career on top.

  4. At least the fines were the same for both Cook and Williams. I thought that he should have been ejected as well. McDorky didn’t do anything about it. No discipline and no accountability. Please show me where Williams is a dirty player. You have to at least hit someone to be dirty and as far as I have seen he has not tackled anyone yet this year. He spends an awful lot of time reading the name of the receiver he is supposed to be covering. I am a huge Packer fan and I think the only way the Pack is going to go any where is get rid of the 3 stooges. One guess who they are.

  5. Wow, this is what it means to be a packer huh. Disrespecting the game by putting your hands on an official. Why am I not surprised it was a packer.

  6. He may not have realized he was shoving an official … the way Mike Tomlin says he didn’t realize he was standing on the football field. But it sure didn’t look good at the time … for either of them.

  7. GenXJay says:
    Dec 5, 2013 7:57 PM
    Same fine but Cook got thrown out. Make one really question the crooked road to all the “13 championships” in cheese bay history.

    Maybe…..if the “one” was an idiot.

  8. 3:15 of the 4th quarter Tramon Williams kicked Riley Reiffs knee in an attempt to injure him. No fine. No media attention. The Packers are the dirtbags.

  9. And in the meantime there are never consequences anywhere this magnitude when officials make mistakes and blow calls for ones during the last moments of a game that could be a game changer.
    Fail Mary, Reds/Giants. Any others? Remind us.

  10. grumpyoleman says: Dec 5, 2013 7:22 PM

    Packers are dirty heard he stomped on the refs head too

    ^ 12 v 21
    ——————————————————-Stomped on a ref’s head?! You’re pulling complete lies out of your @ss and it already has 12 thumbs up. You Packer haters crack me up.

  11. grabgrabgrab says: Dec 5, 2013 7:19 PM

    APPEAL. This was weak and incidental… At best.


    He admitted he did it, just that he thought it was an opposing player. Like that was much better.

  12. I saw the entire play over and over
    He was just pushed by the opponent
    He then swiped at him as the ref walked between them…and has to pay a fine for that
    That’s not right

    How many Vikings were arrested last month
    just saying….
    Kiss the rings

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