Ahmad Bradshaw plans to play in 2014


Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw has no intention of calling it a career.

Bradshaw’s season came to a premature end because of neck surgery and he’s had other issues with his neck and feet in recent years, but he told Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star that he plans on coming back to the field in 2014. In fact, Bradshaw says that he feels like he’d be well enough to return this season if the Colts hadn’t put him on season-ending injured reserve.

“I feel like I might be able to play if I could,” Bradshaw said. “I feel great coming out of surgery. I just feel like I needed it. [The doctors] said they took that bulging disc off my spinal cord and my blood pressure and everything just dropped. There was a lot of stress and everything built up in my body from that. That being the biggest nerve in your body, it was pretty serious. But I feel good now.”

That Bradshaw wants to play comes as little surprise. The question will be how much teams are willing to offer in terms of compensation and playing time to a player who has spent a lot of time in the trainer’s room over the last few years.