Alfonzo Dennard pleads no contest to refusing chemical test, DUI charge dismissed

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Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was back in court on Friday and he again avoided a sentence that would interfere with his ability to continue playing with the Patriots this season.

Lori Pilger of the Lincoln Journal Star reports that Dennard had DUI charges against him dismissed when he pleaded no contest to refusing a chemical test. Dennard was fined $500, had his drivers license revoked for 60 days and was sentenced to three years probation for the refusal to take the test.

That probation will run concurrent to the probation that Dennard is already serving as part of his sentence for assaulting a police officer in 2012. He was in court Thursday for sentencing on the probation violation related to the initial DUI arrest and received 30 additional days in jail. He’ll serve the time in March after the end of the football season.

Dennard has missed practice the last two days to take care of legal matters. He should be back in time for Sunday’s home game against the Browns, although the Patriots haven’t made any official determination about his status yet.

21 responses to “Alfonzo Dennard pleads no contest to refusing chemical test, DUI charge dismissed

  1. Good. Would never condone assaulting a PO, even a plainclothed detail cop, but this smelled of retribution by that same police force.

  2. Any defense lawyers know if this is normal? Seems like if you’re already on probation that a DUI would get you locked up, no?

  3. Definitely no preferential treatment going on here. At all. I like how he was on probation when getting the DUI, but he’s now allowed to concurrently server a second probation, which in theory and practice would’ve landed any of us in jail immediately and for quite a while.

  4. I’m glad he gets to play, the Pats need him, but how come when I was asleep in my car with the keys in the ignition after a night out and refused the breathalyzer I automatically lost my license for a year, plus more fines than you could imagine? “Getting off” meant I wouldn’t have to do jail time and instead got to take a class for… 120 hours. I also got 1 year probation. This was the first time.

  5. Does any one with legal experience care to comment on whether or not it’s normal for DUI charges to be dropped like this? The police claimed Dennard was swerving all over the road and refused a breathalyzer. Is this there way of admitting that they really had nothing on Dennard the whole time and were just harassing him for punching that stupid cop?

  6. Spying, murders, DUI’s….this reminds me of that football tv show that ESPN used to air before the NFL made them shut it down.

  7. The judge relizes this guy played for a real team and decided to cut him a break. If he played for a team were players were always getting arrested like the Bengels he would have gotten seriouse time.

  8. I love football and look forward to the season every year. But between this and Florida State Attorney yukking it up with grins and sneers while delivering his “decision” on the Winston case I feel pretty sick. In no way should a football player have his sentence postponed until after the season. Never should we see such bogus court decisions that the rest of us working stiffs would never see.

  9. If the NFL is trying to crack down on “off the field” issues, then how on earth is this guy allowed to play??? ———————————————————————————————————–
    He may still be suspended now that the court proceedings are done. The original DUI occurred while he was in college, not the NFL. So, the suspension will most likely be for the assault even tho it did look like they were out to get him.

    His fault for not towing the line when back in Nebrasksa.

  10. Looks like the Renaissance Hotel & Spa at Patriot Place will have a new guest for the next 60 days.

  11. I’m a former prosecutor. This proceeding was routine. Without a breath test, the prosecutor would have to rely solely on officer observations of intoxication, which can be subjective; it’s easier to get the conviction for refusal and take the plea. But the license suspension depends on the State you are in. In Oklahoma, apparently you can lose your license for only 60 days. Where I practice (East Coast), it’s a minimum 6 months on a refusal. And the fact that he was on probation really has no impact. DWI penalties are generally set by statute, without much discretion for the judge, and the fact that a defendant is on probation for an unrelated incident really shouldn’t affect the DWI sentencing.

  12. Haters gonna hate, but like everything else Pats hired a smart lawyer, probably made a small donation to the local Fraternal Order of Police and will get him a lisence in another state…Not that I condone it but rich people do this everyday, because they’s our system…

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