Chargers won’t be blacked out in San Diego

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The Chargers got an extension Thursday in order to try to sell enough tickets to Sunday’s game against the Giants to avert a blackout.

Such extensions are usually granted when there’s an arrangement in place to purchase the remaining tickets and that has proven to be the case this time as well. The Chargers have announced that a guarantee is in place to buy the necessary tickets and put the game on television in the San Diego area.

The release from the team notes that around 2,400 tickets are still up for sale in addition to “plenty” of premium seats should any Chargers fans with long memories decide to show up and give Eli Manning some help in jogging his memory about why he wanted no part in playing in San Diego.

Some of the tickets purchased to make up the shortfall will be distributed, with the help of local military organizations, to those who wouldn’t normally have a chance to attend a game.

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  1. thekiller678 says:
    Dec 6, 2013 3:36 PM
    Fair weather SD fans. Nothing new. Of course the teams has to buy the remaining tickets to avoid a blackout.


    what is it about san diego being a transplant city dont people understand… the city i full of transpalnts from back eats who are fans of other teams (giants,steelers,bears,patriots,etc..) yet the chargers consistently sell 65,000 to 67,000 tickets per game… sorry but this isnt a 40,000 attendance game.. u cant call the fanbase losusy when they consistently sell atleast 66,000 tix per game..thats well above the nfl average attendance in over half the nfl stadiums in the league.

  2. it also cracks me up of people from back east saying chargers fans are horrible.. look we are not talkign about 40,000 people at a nfl game here. it is right now 69,000 seats sold for sundays game which is well above the nfl average! drive around san diego and 1 of every 2 cqrs has a charegrs bolts sticker on it and people wearign chargers gear and sd gear year round.. the chargers PR dept has burned some bridges last few years and alot of the sd fans support the “team” 100 % but are tryign to make a point to the spanos family that they are not gonna give them their money till some things change. san diego is still the chargers largest fanbase.. if anything chargers fans should be applauded for standing up to the ownership and showing them losign and excuses like norv turner wont be accepted.they finally fired aj smith and norv ,now the spanos family who is askign for a billion dollar stadium need to make concessions in certain areas…

    still people there are 69,000 tickets sold for this game…that would be over capacity in half the nfl stadiums in the league!

  3. Well technically speaking we are fair weather fans, because our weather here is always quite fair.

    Can you say that? Didn’t think so go back to shoveling snow, I’ve got a golf game to catch in shorts and sandals.

    From the bottom of my heart to the rest of the midwest and east coast, these crotch chops are for you 🙂

  4. I’m going. It is cheaper for me to fly to S.D., stay in a hotel (dealchicken deal) and buy seats to the game than it was to buy tickets at MetLife for the Dallas game. Bonus….I won’t have to freeze my rear end off either. To the SD fans who say tickets are too much…I have a miniature violin to play for you.

  5. No doubt thanks to the Giants fans who live in San Diego who actually care about seeing their team. Charger fans are frontrunners who “have better things to do” on Sundays.

  6. Indeed I do have something better to do, like watch my kid win a soccer championship. As for fair-weather, it’ll be the fourth home game I’ve missed in 20 seasons.

    Yep, sounds fair weather to me!

  7. rohlo, so which one is it? first you say that SD is full of transplants which follow other teams back east. Then you say 1 out of every 2 cars in SD has chargers logos on it. That makes zero sense.

  8. definition of a chargers fan – i’ll only go to the game if it’s blacked out or in danger of being blacked out

  9. every chargers game you go to half the stadium is filled with fans from the other team. that should tell you something

  10. I drive from the Bay Area every Chargers home game. Lot’s of real fans. Chargers also didn’t cover 1000’s of seats and take the 75% capacity rule, if we did no games would be blacked out. Did anybody see the Jaguars game last night, probably 40% capacity but not blacked out!

  11. “oside760 says:
    Dec 6, 2013 4:56 PM
    every chargers game you go to half the stadium is filled with fans from the other team. that should tell you something”

    It tells you a couple of things. That there ARE a lot of transplants living in San Diego. That people WANT to travel to San Diego.

    Let me guess, a raiduh fan?

  12. This is happening all over the league, not just in San Diego. Many teams have tarped sections, or taken the 85% rule! or had their owners buy remaining tickets for 34 cents on the dollar. Take a look at some of the games on Sunday. There are a lot of fans showing up dressed as empty seats. No, I’m not saying this is happening everywhere, but it isn’t uncommon.

  13. Lot of us displaced East Coasters living in San Diego these days. Fair weather fans? Sure. No doubt. This is San Diego. San Diego. What about this don’t you get?

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