DeAndre Levy fined $15,750 for penalty he called “a joke”


After the Lions’ Thanksgiving win over the Packers, Detroit linebacker DeAndre Levy said of a penalty he got for a hit on a defenseless receiver, “It’s a joke.”

Apparently the league office didn’t find anything funny about it.

Levy has been fined $15,750 for the hit, which he delivered on Packers tight end Ryan Taylor while Taylor was in a defenseless posture.

Although Levy tried to get his helmet to the side and lead with his shoulder as Taylor caught the ball, Levy did make contact with Taylor’s helmet. The bottom line in the NFL these days is if you make contact with a defenseless receiver’s helmet, you should expect a 15-yard penalty and a deduction in your paycheck.

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  1. No mention of Fabio getting docked the same amount for his blatant spear on Bell? Funny part is Fabio’s hit wasn’t even penalized despite being much dirtier!

  2. Were fines for run of the mill penalties put into the new CBA? I understand the NFL has to pay for the law firm doing the Dolphins investigation, but this is stupid.

  3. Ridiculous fine and penalty. Levy turned his head to the left to avoid helmet contact, and at best “brushed” By Taylor’s head area. Nice to know the NFL worries so much about receivers and “Certain high profile” QBs.

    Another instance where the league office is hipocrytical. In this instance the league says if you make any contact around the head or neck of a receiver, it’s a penalty and a fine. Even if the receiver moves just prior to contact.

    Of course those statements don’t jibe too well with what happened to Leveon Bell. Here is what the league said about that hit, “While the hit occurred outside the tackle box and with the TOP of Smith’s helmet, Smith didn’t “line up” Bell. So is the league saying smith and upshaw had no “intent” to spear bell? But oh wait intent doesn’t matter in these H2H hits. So there you go. The old double standard talk out of the side of your mouth about safety, but allow two defenders to spear a runner from both sides, and claim there wasn’t intent. Bell was just as defenseless as Taylor, yet it was ok for two defenders to hit Bell with the crown of their helmets concussing Bell and breaking his helmet.

  4. As a defensive player these fines and penalties make it hard to do your job a little . All week u prepare to seek and destroy and come game time you have to play differently has to be tough.

  5. anyone else sick and tired of the term “defenseless receiver”? give me a break. if you don’t want to go up for a pass and take a hit, don’t. if you don’t want to go over the middle and take a chance getting thumped by a LB, don’t. YOU PUT YOURSELF IN THAT POSITION. I’m really sick and tired of hearing about defenseless receivers.

  6. Hey folks.

    You’re an idiot if you think helmets prevent concussions.

    You’re a fool if you think head trauma doesn’t eventually lead to brain dysfunction.

    You’re a drain of intelligence if you love big hits. Try taking them yourself.

    Good day.

  7. as a packers fan i thought it was a good hard hit, of coarse you never want your players to receive the hit but want your defensive players to lay the wood. they keep this up and pretty soon it will be a flag football league.

  8. I wish that hard hits and these type of hits could be enforced properly without a fine coming. If it was a flagable play, so be it. If it or other plays like the hit on MNF by Sherman was unnecessary roughness, so be it. Flag it, penalize and move on.

    Repeated, intentional, vicious hits should be penalized from the front office/nfl. These sorts of hits; not so much.

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    wwwmattcom says:
    Dec 6, 2013 8:54 PM
    Hey folks.

    You’re an idiot if you think helmets prevent concussions.

    You’re a fool if you think head trauma doesn’t eventually lead to brain dysfunction.

    You’re a drain of intelligence if you love big hits. Try taking them yourself.

    Good day. ————————————————————————————————————————————————- umm then choose a different career, race cars don’t protect you in a crash, baseball helmets don’t protect you against a high and inside pitch, knickers don’t protect you against a golfball in the back of a dome. tight’s won’t protect you from jock itch for wrestlers…. i think you get my point, this is the nfl and yes they need to make it safer but fining guys instead of teaching proper technique?

  10. If Fabio had received a fine then no problem with this fine. But oops Levy does not do commercials like Fabio shoe gets a fine. Life in a league where ST. Green Bay can do no wrong. The problem is that we all get to watch the games now the league is not about football but entertainment & wholesome stories

  11. So….two lions have been fined for borderline hits from this game.

    Meanwhile, Tramon Williams actually smacked an official during the game. But Tramon said it was an “accident” (and more importantly he plays for the packers)….so no fine.

  12. That’s gonna be 15 yards and 15 grrr for rough housing!!! Don’t do it again young man.

    Next, players are going to get fined for running in the house.

  13. At this time last year, the Packers had gotten fined for similar hits several weeks in a row. In general, commenters were defending the league’s decision to fine them. Now that the Packers are on the other end of this hit and the defender gets fined for it, everybody is calling foul on the NFL’s part.

    You should at least be consistent with your opinions.

  14. Not a Lions fan, but this fine WAS a joke. Levy clearly tried to avoid the huge hit and there was no intent. Goodell’s lawyers are jokes.

  15. What the heck could be have done better other than not try ?? . Everyday I’m like football a little less. Levy is right the NFL is a joke! They don’t play football anymore. None of the stats for the last couple years should count. How could any current player look former players in the face and say what they are accomplishing in the game is the same as what they did. Straight trash!!

  16. Best place to throw the football these days is over the middle.

    If you try to rock the WR and prevent the catch, you earn a nice yellow flag.

    Remember when LBs prided themselves on making WRs think twice about going over the middle of the field?

  17. What is even sadder is that fact that Clay Matthews laid out Joique Bell on a very similar play and Bell did not even have the ball, it bounced off his helmet, at least Levy’s man had the ball

  18. Prediction: the next commissioner after Goodell will be forced into a major initiative to clarify the rule book and clean all this mess up. The officials are totally confused on rules and even after days of review the league can’t even decide what is worthy of fines.

  19. I understand why the league is taking such a hard stance towards hits to the head, but there has to be real concern about what this will do to the popularity of the sport. If I’m a top rated high school linebacker, I’m begging my coach to let me play tight end.

  20. Maybe they should start levying fines to the quarterbacks who keep putting the receivers in positions to be “defenseless”. I can’t imagine being a defender in NFL trying to predict where another player is going to move their head to while I’m already in mid air after hurling myself at a defender to tackle him. I can understand straight helmet to helmet with no intention of using the shoulder, but I’d say Levy’s hit was not this, he was going in with his shoulder and the receiver turned into helmet to helmet contact. Becoming a joke with these calls.

  21. They probably have a big collection for when the league gets sued again. Fire up the XFL with a cba that allows defense, may happen if this keeps up for the next decade.

  22. Before long defenders will have to allow receivers to catch a pass then make a “football move” before making any form of contact.

  23. Ok… Much more of this and we’ll need to start calling the NFL the NPL for “National Powderpuff League”….Contact is an essential part of the game otherwise just convert it to flag football and be done with it!

    I agree with the penalties for targeting, but sometimes there is no way to keep the helmet completely out of a hit as the head is connected to the “shoulders” by design…

  24. The pass led the receiver right into Levy. Levy didn’t have the chance to move, but actually turned so he could avoid helmet to helmet. The QB should have been fined for the terrible pass.

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