Gary Kubiak fired by Texans after 11th straight loss


It’s now official.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports has reported that the Texans have fired coach Gary Kubiak, who is expected at a press conference soon.

Kubiak has already told his assistants he has been fired.

The 52-year-old Kubiak built the Texans gradually into a contender, and won 22 games the previous two seasons.

But things bottomed out this year, and last night’s 11th-straight loss dropped him to 61-64 all-time as a head coach.

87 responses to “Gary Kubiak fired by Texans after 11th straight loss

  1. I hate to see a good man get fired, but it was time. I know Kubiak loves this team and this city, but change is needed after this season.

  2. Lol Wade Phillips as interim HC? Guess they want to make sure they win no more games this year and lock up that top pick

  3. Actually a very classy thing for the Texans to do. Instead of letting him twist in the wind for another month you allow him to rest with his health concerns while getting paid.

  4. Poor Free Agency choices from last to this. Since 2011 Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walters were let go, Foster is always hurt, Tate is Hurt etc. Signed Ed Reed etc. Good guy. Good coach. Bad luck

  5. What a complete let down the Texans were this year. I mean, I am no big fan or anything; but I really thought they had more in the tank than this mess.

    Oh well. If they are smart the will go after Bill Cowher. Give the man a blank check. That’s what I would do if I were the Vikings at the end of this season (after firing Frasier–which SHOULD happen).

  6. Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. Everything is in place to win the Superbowl next season. Maybe Kubiak can come back and be an assistant under Shanahan or something. #HTTR

  7. it is a cold day today in Houston, but goodbye and goodnight Kubiak….even though you are a native Houstonian, you have done so much damage here, please move back to Denver and go to DC with the Shanahans..

    message to Texans owner Bob McNair…please get us a fresh new exciting face as head coach…not a retread…not a has been…..

  8. What an embarrassment of a franchise…

    I’m so glad I’m a Vikings fan…

    That would suck to be in that organization

    Almost worse than the PEDhawks

    ..all their players take PEDS

  9. Welcome to the Nation’s Capital, Coach K.- you’re going to love it here with Mike & Kyle, and of course, Bobby

  10. Gary will be fine. Leaving Houston will be good for his career..and his health. Texans fans can be pretty brutal.

  11. No surprise there but they should’ve let him ride it out. Players usually play better under an interim coach, which means they could finish the season with 4 wins and miss out on the top pick.

  12. Bobby Petrino has expressed an interest in taking over the team… for at least 2/3rds of next season, before moving on to something else.

  13. Wasn’t he given a contract extension from the Texans in the last year or so?

    If that’s the case, then it’s very remindful of when the Ravens had fired Brian Billick after the 2007 season, only a year removed from a 4-year contract extension at the time of his firing.

  14. You knew this was coming so here’s my question:

    The guy has a mini-stroke, works hard to recover and gradually returns to the sideline. Meanwhile the front office has his full support during it which they should have. But rather than have him work hard and risk his health to come back for what….2 games in the booth and 2 on the field, only to fire him? Could have told him just to not bother to return, would have been the better thing to do if you ask me.

    Just a thought.

  15. It’s sad to see anyone get fired, unless they absolutely deserve it. But, that’s the NFL. Good luck, maybe he just needs a new change of scenery. There might be a Viking opening.

  16. Wade Phillips should have been canned after he took over for Kubiak in that MNF game. He was HORRIBLE. He was on the sideline shellshocked.

  17. What an ugly game last night… without any bright spots… other than receiver.

    Who’s my quarterback… no running game… and a D that struggled to stop… JACKSONVILLE???

    Told my wife he was done.

    The only other unfortunate thing would be if the hired Wade Phillips as the HC

  18. Some CBs get interceptions. Some CBs get game-changing interceptions.

    With the Texans leading the Seahawks and looking to move to 3-1 on the season, Richard Sherman got an interception that had fans buring the QBs jersey in the parking lot after the game, and spun the whole franchise into disarray.

    Richard Sherman is an evil man.

  19. Wow. Pretty epic collapse. Don’t follow this team and know about the Schaub issue but don’t think I’ve seen this quick a reversal given the talent especially on defense with this team.

  20. Hey Bob McNair, the most important thing you should have learned is: never ever hire a Texas A&M Aggie to lead your football team at any level. Ever.

  21. Kubiak’s strategy over the last few games has been let Keenum put the team in a 6 foot deep hole. Then let Sch-laub be the one to fill the hole with dirt.

  22. No retread coaches…that means no Wade Phillips..No Bill brian billick..No Mike Sherman..No Dom Capers(who was 1st Texans coach), no jim fassell, no jim haslet, no mike nolan, no don zimmer, none of those bums..

    a fresh and new coach to go with our new QB Bridgewater or trade down, draft Clowney or UCLA LB anthony barr and come back with a vengeance in 2014

  23. Wonder if they factored in his dropping F-bombs at Swearinger and the ref, shown prominently during the game last night. The NFL network crew showed him closeup, one in slow motion, so it was obvious to even the novice lip-reader.

    Although it would likely mean another change to their base defensive alignment, Lovie Smith would be a great choice.

  24. trollhammer20 says:
    Dec 6, 2013 12:32 PM
    Some CBs get interceptions. Some CBs get game-changing interceptions.

    With the Texans leading the Seahawks and looking to move to 3-1 on the season, Richard Sherman got an interception that had fans buring the QBs jersey in the parking lot after the game, and spun the whole franchise into disarray.

    Richard Sherman is an evil man.

    As much as I hate the seahawks and especially Sherman, I have to agree with you.

  25. Makes me wonder if the final straw was Kubiak suggesting (naming) Schaub the starter after last night’s game?

    McNair: Case is going to be the quarterback, and we’re going to give him a chance. He’s shown flashes of brilliance & also rookie mistakes.

  26. Can the owners of the Texans get on the phone with the Bucs owners and explain to them how to fire a head coach? Schiano and all his staff need to join Kubiak in the unemployment line.

  27. Joe Jamail, Bob McNair and Mack Brown are in a closed door conference call at this very moment.

  28. logicalvoicesays says: Dec 6, 2013 12:23 PM

    Thank God I’m a Redskins fan. Everything is in place to win the Superbowl next season….
    Yup – same stuff that’s in place this season.

  29. Here’s a list of names I just copied from The Chronicle…

    Jon Gruden
    Lovie Smith
    Wade Phillips
    Darrell Bevell
    Gus Malzahn
    Bill O’Brien
    Todd Bowles
    Pete Carmichael
    David Shaw
    Greg Roman

  30. Wow. I never thought that the Houston Texans would listen to me. I wrote about how he should be fired in a comments post last night and apparently they read it.

  31. Easy to blame Kubiak and Schaub for this season, but what about Rick Smith? Kubiak can only do so much with the players he is given. And Schaub can only do so much without a good offensive line. Everyone says football is a QB-driven league, however, the game is still won and lost in the trenches. I am not a Texan fan, but am tired of people placing the blame of a team’s lack of success on a QB’s performance. David Carr was sacked 249 times in his 5 seasons, where they went 24-56. From 2007-2012, they went 54-43 with Schaub getting sacked 139 times. This season, the Texans have given up 32 sacks in 13 games… 2-11 record. As a franchise, they have never finished above .500 when giving up 30+ sacks in a season.

  32. No one could be surprised. They have been terrible this season, and they thought they were going to the Super Bowl. Several good players but it has been a mess this year.
    What happened??

  33. He will be coaching somewhere next year. Maybe not as a head coach, but a cordinator. He has a good football mind. This year was just the perfect storm of destruction for the Texans.

  34. This firing was 3-4 years too late.

    Sticking with Frank Bush was his biggest mistake, not Matt Schaub.

    Bush never did anything as a defense coordinator.

  35. Has there ever been a more unexpected fall from grace than that of the Texans this year?

    With basically the same personnel, this team went from 12-4 (plus 1-1 in the playoffs) to this.

    Atlanta, Washington and Minnesota have all had off years after reaching the playoffs a year ago, but Houston’s fall was the least expected.

  36. Gary, it’s time to fire up the computer and see what Obamacare has to offer for health care insurance.

  37. Great decision here. Too many bad decisions of late by Kubiak. Benching Schaub. Then playing Keenum over Yates. Then benching Keenum for Schaub. WTF was he thinking. Terrible and dumb moves.
    On top of all this Keenum looks good the games Kubiak wasn’t there. Then he comes back and Case looks bad.
    Offense is too stale also. Maybe the Texans will actually run more then 1 running play all game long.
    Great move McNair!

  38. Great guy, hope the players can look in the mirror, but do they care, I wonder? They just take their money and run. Gary will be a great benefit to
    some organization hope the Broncos don’t let him
    get away again.

  39. to the person saying he will be at UT when Brown is gone, I doubt that! He is an Aggie!!!!!!!!

  40. The fire of Kubiak before season over means Rick Smith will keep his job. Mcnair will need him through this process, and it’s not right; his rear end should be out to. Let’s hope for a Coach that want’s to clean house, even if Mcnair fights for Smith.

  41. Hell he should been fired 3 years ago. I have no idea how he survived this:
    2006 6-10
    2007 8-8
    2008 8-8
    2009 9-7
    2010 6-10

    Anyone else would have been fired after 5 years of that!!!

  42. Kubiak almost literally gives his life for the team, and they can’t be bothered to wait til the offseason to fire him? Thats stone cold right there.

  43. He deserved it, too many good players on that team to have the record they have. With those players and a high enough draft pick to get any QB they want in a QB rich draft, it’ll be an attractive job for any HC prospect. Kubiak will land on his feet as an OC somewhere and maybe get another shot down the line.

  44. You know, I was sure he was getting fired after the season, but I’m really surprised they’d do him like this. He’s been the coach for what…7 years? He’s won two division titles and a playoff game. And he’s just had a health scare you’d wish on no one.

    And they fire him with three games left? That’s pretty cold. It also doesn’t seem to accomplish anything.

  45. steelersaregodsteam says: Dec 6, 2013 12:25 PM

    Meanwhile, Tomlin is still the standard teams are looking for.
    … and he might be available in a few weeks!

  46. Well, here is the opening for TB to can Schiano, Minn to bounce Frazier, Detroit to can Schwartz, and maybe even the Danny to hand the Shannys their papers.

    Personally, I hope Lovie Smith gets another HC job. Criminal that he did not last year. Also hope Todd Bowles is given a shot. I like Wade Phillips but he always gets saddled with poor talent teams…

    And would not mind some retreads: Cowher, Gruden, Billick, Whisenhunt. Better than some of the current frauds.

    And if Mack Brown leaves UT, I actually think he would be a good pro HC.

  47. #36 Swearinger should have been benched for his 2nd quarter brain farts…..#1 Taunting after Texans stopped Jags on 3rd down then for a brutal PI call on Texans interception 3 plays later.

  48. I think ownership and the front office should focus on moving away from the west coast offense going forward. Hiring another coach steeped in that philosophy is like playing the same record over and over again, which will yield that same old moves on the dance floor. There will be tough years in the interim, and a good coach can have this team competitive in the short term.

    However the personnel challenges in terms of the size of the o-line and the breaking down of the running backs will loom large. Andre Johnson also has a mammoth cap hit for next year, and Watt is probably going to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL in short order. This team needs depth and the salaries committed to a championship window will threaten to suffocate it for years to come unless drastic moves are made immediately.

    Play the kid, cut off Scrub, draft a QB (or QBs, ala Washington), reduce Cushing’s salary or cut him, move on from Jonathan Joseph, trade Foster and rebuild the o-line. Lastly, get rid of the festering, open wound that is Wade Phillip’s coaching acumen for good. Mike Singletary said it best ‘can’t win with him’.

  49. Snyder time to grab your check book, fire Kyle and hire Kubiak and then try and hire away the Browns defensive Cordinator, so Haslett can be let go.

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