Jerry Jones again says Ratliff should still be with the Cowboys

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As the Cowboys plan to face defensive lineman Jay (now Jeremiah) Ratliff on Monday night, owner Jerry Jones continues to lament that Ratliff will be wearing blue instead of silver.

“Ratliff ought to be right out here with the Cowboys right now,” Jones said during his Friday appearance on 105.3 The Fan Dallas/Fort Worth.  “That has a lot of reasons why but that’s where he should be.  I am surprised he’s playing football up there relative to his doctors and relative to his opinion of where his health was when he left here.”

On Tuesday, Jones shared similar sentiments on the same station.

The Cowboys previously have hinted strongly that litigation will be pursued against Ratliff, but no action has been taken yet.

Ratliff made his first and only appearance with the Bears on Sunday at Minnesota.

19 responses to “Jerry Jones again says Ratliff should still be with the Cowboys

  1. Well that should inspire players to want to come play for a team that hasn’t had a playoff game is 20 years.

    Oh well at least they have won some Superbowl’s, but that Jerry Jones is something else altogether. I know if I were a player I wouldn’t want him as the owner of my team. He and that Colts owner are way to involved.

  2. mylionsroaring: you must be thinking of the Lions pathetic history. Not only have they never been to a Superbowl, but they haven’t won a playoff game since 1991.

    The Cowboys won their last playoff game in 2009, and have 3 Superbowls since your last playoff win.

    You guys do have the record for most losses in a season, so there’s a feather for your cap.

  3. GM Jones is baiting Ratliff. Once he plays a down for Chicago he will have him served with papers. Jones wants his bonus money back.

  4. @mylionsroarimg

    Explain to me how Dallas hasn’t had a playoff game in 20 years. It was only three years ago they beat Philly in Dallas. Learn football history clown

  5. I love how people rip the owners (even though I agree sometimes) about their involvement with the team.

    Team owner isn’t a created position that’s hired, like GM, VP, etc. The team owner OWNS the team. It’s his team.

    Do the people on this chat make day to day decisions about their homes? Cars? He just happens to own more than us. Does that mean he’s good at those decisions? No, of course not. But it is his team.

  6. mylionsroaring says:

    Well that should inspire players to want to come play for a team that hasn’t had a playoff game is 20 years.

    Your team has never won a Superbowl. Your team has never appeared in one.

  7. All you guys busting on Jerry about this and Ratliff stole money from him. Not pocket change money mind you, 18 million dollars since he last took a snap from Dallas. 18 months of him saying he was hurt and needed rehab.

    He comes off PuP and Dallas asks him for a physical and the man says he is still hurt, his agent shows papers showing it will be another 12 months before the pain he is in is even to the point where he doesn’t wince when he walks.

    So the Cowboys… after 18 months and after signing the man to a huge contract prior to those 18 months, after taking a chance on him in the 7th round and making him the player he is today, decided that they couldn’t pay the man for 2.5 years for doing nothing and cut him.

    1 week later he signs with the Bears, after going through a physical that says nothing is wrong with him and probably hasn’t been for a year. And you want to say Jerry has this wrong? That he got what he deserved? What about the fan base that supported this thief? We loved him. We wanted nothing, but the best for him. And he shat on all of us. Not just Jerry, his team mates, his fans, his coaches, the entire organization was taken for a ride, but a charlatan, a crook, a thief, and a piece of human scum rolled up in a big flesh bag that now has changed his name to Jeremiah.

  8. lonskils are you kidding me. It does not matter if he said he was hurt it was up to jerry jones to make sure this man was not telling a lie if he was hurt at that time. Like going send specialist and doctors to this players house and make him come in and take a physical. Who cares what the agent said, he was paying the man so he was his property. So when jerry the GM did not do that and Jerry the Owner cut the man he can’t do a thing about it cause he fired him. He was no longer legally under contract. So that said you can’t fire somebody and want them back if they found another job LOL!! Jerry jones is a joke he and the Dallas cowboys LOL!! I love laughing at these idiots they are such a horrible team man they suck!! And he gives Romo $108 Million dollars for the same amount of wins as Tim Tebow in playoffs LOL!!! ROFL!! And Tim Tebow can’t find a team to play on LOL!!! Rofl !!! Haa!!! haaaaa haaaaaaa!!! Boy the cowboys suck LOL!!!!

  9. I’m pretty sure a court of law at the end of all this is gonna see it a very different way than you think. They lied to people they held contracts with to get out of the contracts. That is breach, no matter which way you try and shove it. Must be a Bears fan, because no one else would buy this load of crap.

  10. And no, he gave Romo a big contract, because Romo deserved one. You aren’t one of those people that believe that this isn’t a team game are you?

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