Josh Gordon plans to make more plays than Aqib Talib on Sunday

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The Browns don’t know who will start for them at quarterback on Sunday against the Patriots, but that’s not stopping wide receiver Josh Gordon from making some predictions about what he’ll do on the field.

Gordon is coming off a team-record 261 receiving yards and he needs 41 yards to set the franchise’s single-season record, something he seems pretty confident that he’ll be able to do despite likely coverage from cornerback Aqib Talib during the game.

“I’m pretty sure he’ll make some plays, but I’m definitely going to make more plays,” Gordon said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “NFL cornerback is a hard position to play, and he’s doing a great job right now for that defense. He’s a real physical, scrappy player. But I’m going to come out there and do the same, go out there and make plays myself and try to make sure that nobody can stop me.”

It’s a sizable step up in class from the Jaguars’ rookie-laden secondary to a matchup with Talib, but Gordon’s eliminated most of the questions about his ability to thrive in every circumstance this season. The biggest one left to answer is what he’d be able to do with a strong and stable quarterback leading the offense, but that will have to wait until at least 2014.

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  1. Bill Barnwell wrote about this on Monday, but Gordon might be one of the best receivers we’ve ever seen at only 22 years old. He’s averaging more yards per game than Calvin Johnson did last season and he’s doing it with Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell throwing him the football. As much as the Holmgren regime screwed up the 2012 draft, the Gordon selection in the Supplemental Draft appears to be one of the best moves anybody made that year.

  2. The headline makes the quote seem worse than it was. This kid Gordon is ballin’ no doubt, but Talib has gotten the best of every bigger WR he’s faced all season. Only Steve Smith was able to outplay him and that’s largly because Talib is a bigger corner that doesn’t match up as well against smaller quick guys like Smith.

    Julio Jones, V-Jack, AJ Green, Jimmy Graham, and Demaryius Thomas…all crickets vs Talib.

  3. The bottom line…Win/lose/draw,,,Talib makes no difference…BB/Pats will attack and harass the QB,,,he will give them “Gordon” he got 261 yards last week and LOST!!!! Does that tell you cleveland folks anything? BB will let you have Gordon ALLLLLLLLL day long,,,,not a concern in the least…

  4. Talib is slowed a step by his hip injury so I expect Gordon to have an excellent day.

    The Browns will almost certainly lose but Gordon will have great stats. I’ll happily take the win.

  5. Rather sensationalist headline from a fairly respectable quote. Should be a good matchup for the pair. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the Pats go Dennard/McCourty in a double on Gordon to keep him from getting over the top, and put Talib one on one with Greg Little or Jordan Cameron. That’s the way they handled Atlanta giving Talib Roddy White and bracketing the more dangerous Julio Jones.

  6. I picked Gordon in the 11th round of my fantasy draft and fully intend on him being my keeper for the next two years. He’s like Randy Moss. Huge, smooth and goes up to catch balls higher than anyone else on the field.

    Totally agree with the above comment about Talib’s success vs. these big #1s. Gordon, at Foxboro, won’t have a 200 yard night. Mark it down. Back to Earth game coming up for him.

  7. This Gordon vs Talib battle is not as important as people are making it out to be. If you think Belichick is going to let Gordon and Talib go
    1-on-1 like teams have the last 2 weeks then you are crazy. It’s pretty safe to say that Gordon would eat pretty much any corner 1-on-1 the way he is playing right now. And although Talib was probably playing better than any corner in the beginning of the season he hasn’t been the same since the injury.

    Long story short, Belichick will double, triple, quadruple Gordon and try to take him away considering he is literally our ENTIRE offense right now. I am interested to see if Gordon can still produce under these circumstances. No way the Browns win regardless.

    But please, somebody get this boy a QB!!!

  8. Flash Gordon is going to put up some ridiculous numbers against Talib. He knows it. Talib knows it, too. It’s the Pats’ fans that are in denial. Greg Little and Davone Bess are going to have a great day, as well.

    Chud’s going to empty his bag of tricks on New England. Should be a lot of fun to watch.

  9. I’m a Browns fan and if Joe Banner/Lombardi trades Gordon this regime will lose my respect and many other Cleveland fans as well.

    Imagine if The Browns had a actual QB this team wouldn’t be so painful to watch.

  10. Gordon has improved because he gets shut down in practice vs Joe Haden, when you practice against the best you only get better.
    The earth is covered by 75% water, Joe Haden covers the rest.

  11. kwjsb says:
    Dec 6, 2013 6:34 PM

    Gordon has improved because he gets shut down in practice vs Joe Haden, when you practice against the best you only get better.
    The earth is covered by 75% water, Joe Haden covers the rest.
    Or at least until, he forgets to take his Adderall pregame and gets burned on a double move to lose the game.

    Yeah I saw that same “earth covered by water rest by haden” on the same sign you did last game. Anyways yeah Haden is playing at a pro bowl level, just needs to make sure he doesn’t give up game winning TD’s from trying to jump routes in crucial situations.


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