Kubiak: Schaub could remain starter for rest of season

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The Houston Texans elected to replace Case Keenum with veteran Matt Schuab late in the third quarter of Thursday night’s loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars due to Keenum’s continued ineffectiveness under center.

Schaub helped rally the Texans and give them a pair of chances late in the game before ultimately coming up short due to a failed fourth down conversion and interception.

However, Schaub played well in his limited time in the game. He completed 17 of 29 passes for 198 yards with a touchdown and an interception in just over a quarter of work. Keenum’s numbers were very similar but took three quarters to amass. Keenum was 16 of 29 for 158 yards with a touchdown and interception.

According to Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle, head coach Gary Kubiak said there is a chance Schaub remains the starter for the remainder of the season.

Kubiak didn’t go as far as saying Schaub will start in 10 days against the Indianapolis Colts, but he did speak highly of the way he finished the game against Jacksonville.

A switch back to Schaub would be an interesting shift for the Texans. Schaub likely won’t be the team’s starter next season. The team has wanted to get an extended look at Keenum but his inconsistent play seems to have reached a breaking point. With the Texans now the favorites to land the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. It seems odd to put Schaub back into the lineup when he’s already a known commodity.

With a losing streak that has now reached 11 games, chances are there will be a very different look to the Texans in many areas of the organization next season.

27 responses to “Kubiak: Schaub could remain starter for rest of season

  1. I still believe Keenum is our answer. Give him a full training camp and preseason with the team (as a starter) and if he doesn’t prove himself after that then we need to look elsewhere. Our O line isn’t used to a mobile QB so that’s been a major problem also. Why does Kubiak think Case can’t run the hurry up offense in the first place??!!

  2. Bob McNair needs to fire him now. This team is 2-11 and needs to plan for the future, and that includes finding out for sure if Keenum is a guy they want to build around or if they need to draft a QB. Starting Schaub ruins that plan. Kubiak is coaching like all he cares about is saving his job, and he shouldn’t be coaching this team next year regardless of what happens in the final three games. Drop him now, start Keenum, and start planning to rebuild this whole franchise.

  3. Ha! Ha ha! This is a joke! OK so Kubiak continues to use this West coast offense that expired about 15 years ago and lost his confidence “in Case”. Now he goes to Schaub again…..so who will he go to next when Schaub is getting beat by the next team? Will he go back to Case? How will Case want to play for a coach that can’t make up his mind? Pick one Kubiak, and loose with style! This season is over but it looks like Kubiak is reaching into an empty magic hat with not lucky rabbit to save him. It’s a bad magic show and he needs to go try to fool another audience in a city that is hungry for a circus like the one we saw against the Jags on Thursday Night Football.

  4. 17/29, 198, 1 TD, 1 Int…. vs.
    16/29, 158, 1 TD, 1 Int.

    Barely any difference. Why not give the young guy a chance to, you know, improve and gain some experience? Schaub has had an entire NFL career to improve, yet his stat line is indistinguishable from a rookie. It is clear Schaub has hit his plateau, might as well give the rookie a chance to see what he can do.

  5. Why don’t they give TJ Yates a look? That would make more sense than going back to Schaub. Then again, I doubt the coaching staff really cares at this point since they’ll be looking for new jobs shortly no matter who they go with.

  6. If Texans get the first pick…I hope they go QB and not Clowney or Barr. Falcons need that defensive pick.

  7. When you’re at home next year, watching football instead of coaching it, you won’t have to spend too much time on why it happened, coach.

    You attached yourself to a boat anchor, what did you expect to happen?


  8. This rag tag pathetic excuse for a pro football team is going to remain the worse team in the NFL for a while…btw JJ Watt looks like he’s a mongoloid.

  9. The Texans should clean house. They obviously don’t have the right people in charge. I mean, didn’t they just give Schaub a big contract last offseason?

  10. It’s not odd when you consider there is nothing to play for this year other than the first pick. If anything, perhaps Schaub shows something to another QB needy team where he can be traded, albeit as a back up.

  11. Schaub looked capable when he was with the Falcons, and for a few years after that, but if the Texan Houstons are smart, they’ll look to the future next year.

  12. The problem isn’t QB. The problem is they don’t know who they are on offense without Arian Foster. The inconsistent QB play seems to be more like inconsistent play-calling and game-planning. Keenum and Schaub are both ok QBs – neither are ever going to be a Rogers, Manning, Brady kind of guy but they can win some games. Not if the coaching doesn’t get better, though.

  13. Why? You’re not going anywhere. wouldn’t it make sense to see what Keenum has and if he’s the guy moving forward that way you could trade out of the #1 spot and get a few picks to help out??

  14. I think it’s hard to blame Keenum when Kubiack is so ineffective as a coach right now. The team obviously gave up on him, and I’m pretty sure Watt is the one coaching the defense right now and even he is getting tired of it. But who cares, we all know change is “going” to come. So if they want to “save” Schaub’s career go ahead, him and Alex Smith would make a good one-two punch.

  15. This is what bad teams do. I watch it first hand every Sunday. It’s even worse when ur qb plays to tie.

  16. This is what bad teams do. I watch it first hand every Sunday. It’s even worse when ur qb plays to tie.

  17. Might as well see if Keenum can improve. Might happen.

    But it’s always funny how desperate fans latch onto one good game or two and decide the backup is bound for stardom. Then a couple games later it becomes clear he’s just another guy.

  18. Houston, Wake-up,,, Give this man a chance…..”Bring in VINCE YOUNG”… Vince is mobile– with talent and playoff experience…. He is hungry, motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. Vince Young know how to WIN….
    Next year he will be ready to lead this team to the Super-Bowl…..

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