McNair: Case Keenum will remain Texans’ starting quarterback

Getty Images

The Texans are sticking with Case Keenum as their starting quarterback, owner Robert C. McNair said Friday.

McNair made the announcement at the press conference in which the club confirmed it had fired coach Gary Kubiak.

Keenum was pulled in favor of Matt Schaub in the Texans’ 27-20 loss at Jacksonville on Thursday night. However, the club needs to further evaluate Keenum, McNair said.

“Case is going to be the quarterback, and we’re going to give him a chance to see how he can perform,” McNair said. “I think the jury is still out, and he’s got a lot of ability, and he’s shown some flashes of brilliance, and he’s shown some rookie mistakes.

“We’ve got to see if we can improve or eliminate those mistakes, minimize those mistakes, and continue some of the outstanding play that we’ve seen, and see whether we think he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. At this point, we really don’t know.”

If the 2014 NFL Draft were held today, the 2-11 Texans would hold the No. 1 pick, making closer study of Keenum a sensible move.