MJD says he’ll “definitely” be ready to go in Week 15

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The Jaguars have become a juggernaut, winning four of five games after an 0-8 start that exclusively featured double-digit losses.

As they try to stretch their streak to five wins in six games, the Jags apparently will have their star running back in the lineup.  Maurice Jones-Drew, appearing on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, said that he’ll play next weekend notwithstanding a hamstring injury suffered on Thursday night against the Texans.

“Definitely,” Jones-Drew said.  “Definitely.  That’s always been the plan.  Right now, I mean, I just want to make sure everything is on track.  And then we’ll see how it goes next week but I expect to be out there playing with my teammates.”

In other words, Friday’s MRI went well.

“It’s what we, I think, what we figured out was just a strained hamstring,” Jones-Drew said.  “I’ve played with those before so it’s not that big of a deal.  You just have to get the necessary treatments and things done so you can get back and get on the field for Sunday.”

For Jones-Drew, the added importance of playing comes from an expiring contract.  Even if he were under contract for 2014, the Jags are starting to do something special under coach Gus Bradley.  To turn things around so dramatically at a time when the season was essentially over reflects well on Bradley, the players, and the organization.

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  1. Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the most talented running backs of his era. An argument could reasonably made that he is THE best.

    But that’s for history to decide, not me.

    All I can say is that I got to watch Maurice run when every team in the NFL knew he was going to get the ball, sometimes putting NINE in the box to stop him, and they couldn’t get it done.

    If I had ALL the running backs of his era to chose from, it’s him. It’s that simple, and no question.

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