Steve Smith looks prophetic after Panthers’ surge

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Steve Smith believed in the Carolina Panthers back in September when seemingly no one else did.

The Panthers lost their season opener at home 12-7 to the Seattle Seahawks in a game they held a lead in the fourth quarter. It appeared as just another instance of the Panthers being unable to seal the deal and win a game they likely should have won.

But Smith was confident about his team’s chances this season.

“I stand on this: I think we’re going to see them again deep in January,” Smith said, via David Newton of “If we continue to play like we’re playing, eliminate some of the penalties, eliminate some of the mistakes … for us to have played that team that is considered by all accounts the best team in the NFL … if that’s the best team, we came down to the [final minutes] and it was a well-fought game.”

Of course, the only way Seattle and Carolina would play again would be in the playoffs.The Seahawks have lived up to the billing as the best team in the league through 13 weeks. As Smith believed, so have the Panthers.

“Yeah. This old dude may know some things, huh?” Smith said, via Newton.

“I’ve been on some sorry teams, and I didn’t believe we were a sorry team,” he said. “So just because we lost, I wasn’t going to listen to people tell us how bad we were and this is the same old Panthers.”

Carolina has won eight straight games and is tied with the New Orleans Saints for the lead in the NFC South. Carolina and New Orleans will play twice over the next three weeks in games that will likely determine the division winner and second-seed for the NFC playoffs.

If Smith’s prediction completely plays out, Seattle and Carolina may mind themselves playing again in the NFC Championship – a rematch of the 2005 title game – with a berth to the Super Bowl on the line.

21 responses to “Steve Smith looks prophetic after Panthers’ surge

  1. Great team, very tough with a lot of pride.
    G’luck, wouldn’t mind another tough game Seahawks/Panthers.

  2. The Panthers are overrated. Steve Smith believed in his team that’s hardly prophetic.You make them sound like they’re Superbowl contenders…

  3. Steve is correct we had the Hawks beat and gave them the game in the last few min of that game. But the team must take the rest of the schedule one game at a time with the Saints the most important game now.

  4. The Panthers are playing some really good football right now. That said, Steve Smith talks so much he’s bound to be right about something sometimes.

  5. .

    Steve Smith was the only voice I heard predicting the type of success the Panthers have enjoyed this season.


  6. HARD for any objective fan to say and the panthers!”should have ” won the game. It’s completely stupid to point out a late turnover in the redzone by the panthers, and leave out that Seattle had 2…count them 2 redzone turnovers.. I’ll give Car a Td that possession, just give me FG’s for my team and the seahawks still win…

    Russell Wilson had 300+ yards passing and running… Yes it was hard fought but by all accounts the same argument could be made that the panthers were lucky to be within 3 scores on the final drive!

    I’m two years Cam Newton hasn’t don’t anything against Seattle, anyone forgetting that Cam Newton’s two worst games as a pro came against an out you division Seahawks team is forgetting he looked like crap.. I think he passed for about 135 yards each game and scrambled for a couple first downs but was also pressured and sacked a lot.

    The panthers are legit no doubt but tired if this would have could have should have business bc your simply manipulating the information that was their but you chose to ignore it. I also think the panthers have peaked Offensively, with that defense they always have a shot, but can was playing exceptional and has raised off just a bit and it will be hard for him to get back their if he has to play decent defenses.

    Take out all the mistakes in the Seattle /Panthers game And Seattle wins a hard to do 10 am game by atheist 2 scores..

  7. Love the assumption that the Panthers are going to win against the Saints Sunday…overwhelmingly the Saints are favored and picked to win (hell even Vegas has them winning).

    Saints are undefeated at home this season. Anybody remember the beat down Dallas took after Saints lost to the Jets?

    Saints haven’t lost two games in a row yet this season and they are pissed.

    Gonna be Panther gumbo in the Big Easy on Sunday Night Football! Get ready…Panthers will be exposed big time, even Cam won’t be able to help them.


  8. Back in Week 1, Seahawk fans were posting here mad respect to the Panthers front seven: they’re for real.

    Seahawks defense kept Brees from passing for 200 yards for the first time in…well, forever.

    Panthers defense now has a blueprint for throttling the Saints. I expect them to do well, maybe even to win in their dome.

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