Texans closing in on first overall pick


The Houston Texans are three losses away from being on the clock in the 2014 NFL draft.

With Thursday night’s loss to the Jaguars, the Texans took a big step toward the worst record in the league and the first overall pick. At 2-11, Houston just needs to lose its final three games (at Indianapolis, home against Denver and at Tennessee) to clinch the first pick.

Behind Houston in the draft order are three teams currently sitting at 3-9: Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Washington, although Washington sent its first-round pick to St. Louis in the Robert Griffin III trade. Next is Minnesota at 3-8-1, and surprisingly Jacksonville is now out of the Top 5 in the draft order, having improved to 4-9 by beating Houston. Next are Oakland, Cleveland and Buffalo at 4-8.

Most of the early discussion surrounding the first overall pick has centered on either Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater or South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. It’s looking more and more likely that one of those two will end up in Houston.

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  1. Haha. Really??! Learn from Schaub for a year?! Lmao. We need to beef up our O line for a mobile QB in Keenum and fix our broken secondary is what we need. Let Keenum actually have a shot with the team (as a starter) in training camp and preseason instead of being tossed to the wolves by Kubiak in a desperate attempt to show everyone “told you I was right.” I bet you if that happened then you’d see a whole different team out there like you’ve never seen in Houston.

  2. When two or more teams have the same record, how do they decide who picks first? I always wondered that.

  3. We dont know how effective clowney would be as a 3-4 end or olb. Go for bridgewater,for anyone who hasnt watched him play please do so. He looks like a solid qb

  4. Wowsers.

    Talk about a fall from grace.

    In August, we expected this headline would be:

    “Texans closing in on first Super Bowl appearance.”

    If nothing, this game teaches humility.

  5. Bridgewater = overrated?
    What games have you watched? Ever see how stupid Coach Strong is on the offensive side. He chooses to run run run instead of blowing out an opponent with Teddy.

  6. Bridgewater = Geno Smith 2.0


    27 5


    ahhh, Geno was the 1st pick of the 2nd round, not the first overall pick……….try and make comparisons that at least have players taken in the same round.

  7. @rockthered1286 Have you watched either in their college years? I’m sorry…. I shouldn’t be asking this, it’s clear alot of people on PFT like to state opinions as facts and use the word overrated alot. Teddy doesn’t look anything like Geno, Teddy is much better at throwing the deep and medium passes accurately which is exactly what Geno struggles at.

  8. The Texans fall from being a Super Bowl contender is simply stunning. They haven’t been the same since the Patriots cleaned their clock just about a year ago – 42-14 in Foxborough.

  9. I would say passing 30 times in a row (not with Peyton, Drew, Rodgers, or Brady, but with MATT SCHAUB) with an empty backfield in a game you’re down 1 score is definitely ‘tanking’. The Texans could at least hide their intentions a little better.

  10. Clowney…With Clowney and Watt leading that defense for a long time, Focus on defense early and often. Over time it is proven that if you have a great defense, you don’t need a “Great” quarterback. 7 losses by less than a TD, I am sure if we add some Quality Talent early in the draft, We will win a lot of close games next year

  11. htowntexan13 says:
    Dec 6, 2013 7:35 AM
    1. Get rid off schaub and kubiak.
    2. Jay Cutler is a free agent 2014. Sign him.
    3. With the #1 get Clowney.
    I like this.

  12. I know this is anticlimactic but wouldn’t the Texans trade down? They don’t need Clowney, and like this guy ^ said, they can sign Cutler. Given what teams are willing to give up (read: Oakland for Carson Palmer, Washington for RG3, Indy for Trent), why not try to get more picks when your needs are lower in the draft anyway?

  13. Texans suck. The whole organization is an embarrassment to football. Supposed to be a Super Bowl contender and now we’re dissecting them. Ha! Foster trying to sell out for $10M because he knew his days were numbered. Andre Johnson basically saying he’s handcuffed to the team. And Case Keenum? C’mon, man! The kid lost to the Jags twice and we have one non-rookie in the D backfield.

    Blow them up and start from scratch and they’ll still suck. And they’ll always know that they lost twice in the same season to one of the worst teams maybe ever fielded in the NFL.

  14. Just watch. They will somehow, inexplicably beat Denver but lose by 80 combined points to the other 2 teams and get the second pick istead of the first.

  15. Schaub has a pro arm. The also ran teams without a legit #1 QB will be lining up to claim Schaub once the Texans dump him. Heck…a team may even trade for him given the tame contract he was signed to.

  16. ravenswhat,

    Yea, that makes sense. This Texan team has quite a few holes and has had them for a couple of years despite the media narrative that they were a Super Bowl contender, but the second tier QB that they tried to win with was the biggest problem. A franchise QB could hide some of those deficiencies easier.

    Schaub was nice to get them out of the dark ages, but they should have run at Manning, and they didn’t which led to this disaster. Now, if they’re dumb enough to pass on a franchise QB for a defensive end when they already have nice front seven pieces, they would deserve a few more horrible years. Hopefully, the next coach won’t punish this fan base anymore and will begin the process to take this franchise to the next level by taking Bridgewater, assuming they stay at the top pick. Then, they absolutely need to retool that secondary, again, and upgrade the offensive line quite a bit.

    But if McNair keeps Kubiak as he’s prone to do, I pray for Bridgewater that he ends up elsewhere. It would be sad to see more talent wasted under him.

  17. Damn, the Rams pulled the heist of the century in the NFL with that RGMe trade. As an Eagles fan gotta say I’m gitty Washington gave up so much for him lulz.

  18. There is no way a perennial playoff team should be able to dump one season to get the a higher draft pick. Teams like Houston and Indy that tank it or “Suck 4 Luck” need to be punished further. The draft order should be set up as a combination of the last several season records not just one. The current system is diminishing the integrity of the draft!

  19. Houston got like four defensive backs in last year’s draft. They sure as hell don’t need any more.

    Take a gamble on Bridgewater or Manziel, but just get a damn QB. I like Case Keenum and all, but I don’t think he’s the answer.

    Ditch Schaub, ditch Kubiak, ditch the current OC and rebuild. Draft a good linebacker so when somebody on a bounty program targets Cushing for the third year in a row (Last time it was the Jets, this time Jamaal Charles) it’s not such a loss. Beef up the secondary, and they’re good to go.

  20. Bridgewater = Geno Smith 2.0


    You must be nuts if you think Bridgewater is Smith 2.0. I’m a Jets fan and not even a Lousiville fan and I know Bridgewater is a very good QB. He hasn’t had the best year but the kid is a beast, reading defenses, nice arm, can run if need be, etc.

    He won’t be a bust.

  21. It’s kind of amazing what those two losses to the Patriots last year did to this franchise and its stars. They’ve completely unraveled since the letterman jacket stunt. I think this is why teams secretly fear/respect the Patriots so much, there’s a risk you won’t just lose but that your entire career or franchise’s future will be damaged. Peyton Manning is grimly nodding his head right now.

  22. htowntexan13 says:
    Dec 6, 2013 7:35 AM
    1. Get rid off schaub and kubiak.
    2. Jay Cutler is a free agent 2014. Sign him.
    3. With the #1 get Clowney.

    1 & 3 I can agree with. But you dont want Cutler. Mr Glass and he’s not a winner.

  23. These guys are going to bounce back like Kansas City did. I think they have even more talent onboard than KC had. They’d be insane to let this current coaching staff have that chance. They’ll have the pick of the litter for head coach.

  24. Bridgewater is a poor mans mike Vick, Rg3 He’s to skinny and will be injury prone like Vick.
    Blake Bortles from UCF would be a much better selection. Strong, accurate, mobile, smart, good under pressure and can lead his team back from behind.

  25. GIVE ME A FRIGGIN’ BREAK! These clowns have had the majority of 1st round picks for the past decade! Look, if you can’t get it together with 5 top 15 players(2 #1 Picks & 4 in the Top 10) in the past 10 years, then quite frankly you are doing something very very wrong down there and should fire Norv Turner 2.0. Clean house and quit talking about this team until they are more consistent than the Chargers.

  26. You have to think QB at number one overall right? It’s by far the most important position on the field, but is it me or has the Bridgewater hype died down? It’s a tough decision but if I’m picking 1st overall, I’m probably going Clowney. You can definitely make an argument for either TB or Clowney number one, gonna be an interesting draft this year.

  27. If you think Case Keenum is the answer you are DELUSIONAL. He looked AWFUL last night against a pretty bad defense. Schaub looked good last night and was put in a terrible situation.

    Clowney & JJ Watt together would be unstoppable. Build around an awesome Defense, draft a QB 3rd round, work and support your talent (Arian Foster & Andre Johnson) Pray for Schaub. Fire Wade Phillips and Kubiak.

    Things could be way way way worse. LOL

  28. I actually agree with htowntexan. Sign Cutler. He would light it up with AJ and Hopkins. Sign some offensive linemen and get a MLB who can stay healthy. As a Ravens fan I am glad Houston isnt in the playoff picture. They are talented top to bottom, its a real shame they have under achieved so much. I love there players. So do the ravens lol

  29. watched Teddy play last night in Cincy. I’m no pro scout, but he was quite less than impressive for 3/4 of the game.

    Yes, he did have a great play or two in the comeback, but that was probably bad tackling/coverage on UC’s part rather than Teddy being great.

    Live Arm, decent mobility… but constantly threw too low, stood in the pocket for too long, etc. etc.

    Took 4-5 sacks from UC, too.

  30. htowntexan13 says: Dec 6, 2013 7:35 AM

    1. Get rid off schaub and kubiak.
    2. Jay Cutler is a free agent 2014. Sign him.
    3. With the #1 get Clowney.


    This is actually a very legitimate take.

  31. When two or more teams have the same record, how do they decide who picks first? I always wondered that.
    Wonder no more.
    • Strength of schedule for the previous season is the first tie-breaker for teams with the same winning percentage. The team with the lowest strength of schedule percentage wins the tiebreaker and picks ahead of all other teams with the same record.

    • Divisional and conference records are the next step in the tie-breaking procedure.

    • As a last resort, a coin toss is used to determine the order of selection for teams with the same winning percentage.

  32. Congrats to the Jacksonville Jaguars for sweeping the Houston Texans. Clearly the Jaguars are the better team this year.
    Disagree? That’s cool.
    You’re wrong.

  33. “But you dont want Cutler. Mr Glass and he’s not a winner.”

    He’s hardly glass. Have you watched the games where he gets destroyed behind that line, mostly prior to this season? If anyone on here spent a day behind that line, they’d have ran off the field and never come back.

  34. Clowney is either going to be a massive bust or a pro bowl player. All world athletic ability but with the work ethic of Jamarcus Russell.

  35. Kubiak is the major problem in Houston.

    Even before the season started I read about JJ Watt saying he would like to be the first player to reach double digits in sacks and batted passes. Watt should have been talking about reaching and winning the Super Bowl, not individual accomplishments.

    In last night’s game I saw a complete lack of discipline with all of the penalties, and apparently that has been a problem all season.

    Clearly, the players heads are not where they need to be, and that rests at the feet of the head coach.

  36. The NFL needs to go to a lottery system in the NFL draft. It seems like good teams talent-wise go in the tank for one reason or another (Indy 2011, KC 2012), end up with the top pick and are back in the playoffs for a Super Bowl run the next season. Very fishy and strikes at the heart of integrity in the league.

  37. Clowney with #1 pick and having back from injuries – Arian Foster, Brian Cushing, Owen Daniels, Daniel Manning would do wonders for this team. No running game this year and no Brian Cushing were our main issues.

  38. dmark81 says:
    Dec 6, 2013 7:26 AM
    Haha. Really??! Learn from Schaub for a year?! Lmao. We need to beef up our O line for a mobile QB in Keenum and fix our broken secondary is what we need. Let Keenum actually have a shot with the team (as a starter)…..


    I don’t have a horse in this race, but here’s my two cents:

    I don’t think that’s a crazy plan you laid out, but I don’t agree with it. Keenum is mobile, but I don’t think he’s the answer. Many of his throws were BRUTAL last night. Like “Geno Smith” bad. Personally, I think pulling Schaub was a bad idea. I’m not on his bandwagon, but after a good deal of success over the years, pulling him for some bad games was dumb. In any case, he’s not the long-term answer either. I think Kubiak will be fired, and they’ll draft a QB as well as players in the secondary.

  39. Texans need to trade back… I don’t think Bridgewater is a valid #1 overall pick.

    I think they should swap this years 1sts, trade this year’s 2nd and next year’s 1st + Arian Foster to Minnesota for All Day.

    He wants to come back to Texas. Pair him up with either Manziel or Hundley, with weapons like Dre and OD, you could be a SB contender in 2 years.

  40. In My Honest Opinion they Should get the kid from TYLER, Tx. Me John Football. Home state Kid and Bring the excitement back. Teddy B should get Drafted By Jax/Tampa… Another hometown Kid…

  41. I’m a Pats fan, but if I were a Texans fan I wouldn’t be too disheartened by this year. They have A LOT of exceptional talent on both sides of the ball and getting a top pick is only going to make them better. Honestly, this year to me seems like an aberration, they’ve lost a LOT of close games (albeit, some to very bad teams). I’m not sure if they just need a shake-up in the coaching/coordinators or what, but i would not be at all surprised to see Houston back again next season as a top team.

  42. Anyone saying bridgewater is geno smith 2.0 doesn’t watch the games. Teddy is a pocket passer, can read defenses, and only runs when he has too. Geno smith can’t read a defense and frankly is just lost out there. That being said I don’t think teddt is that great, I think he’d make an average qb I wouldn’t waste a number one pick on him, I think aj mccarron will do better than teddy in the pros and you could have him late. Texans should just take manziel he has the most upside

  43. Sucking for 1st pick is a proven strategy that can improve your team quickly…just don’t claim you are the most improved team next year if you jump right back to respectability, cause this team is not as bad as that record.

  44. Putting Clowney at DE in a 3-4 would be an absolute waste of his talent. you’d have to play him at OLB…and then he’s a package player his first year only coming out on obvious passing downs while he “learns to adjust to NFL speed”.

    Clowney would be a wasted pick for Houston. QB or attempt to trade out of that spot…maybe just win some damn football?

  45. ahhh, Geno was the 1st pick of the 2nd round, not the first overall pick……….try and make comparisons that at least have players taken in the same round.

    Hey genius,

    You realize that the 2014 draft hasn’t taken place right ? Geno was rd 1 guy till he wasn’t. Same with this monkey teddy.

  46. firstly, BAD comparisons with Teddy Bridgewater and let me say that while he’s not Luck or RG3 as picks, he’s worth the top pick. i doubt you will get what the Rams got for RG3 (washington was desperate and RG3’s potential is high), but Bridgewater is worth the top pick. he’s skinny true, but he’s not the type of QB to take alot of hits. he’s efficient like Wilson was. he’s FAR from Geno Smith. i think both are similar runners, but Geno Smith gets happy feet too much and tends to throw either too late, too soon or is just off and was in college too, Bridgewater has shown that he can throw with guys in his face in the Florida game. he’s worth the top pick. as for Houston and what they should do, if they can get Cutler, get him, but if not go Bridgewater.

  47. granadafan says:
    Dec 6, 2013 10:44 AM

    Clowney is either going to be a massive bust or a pro bowl player. All world athletic ability but with the work ethic of Jamarcus Russell.


    This Raider fan will tell you that if Clowney really has the avoid-work ethic of JaMeatball Russell, then Clowney isn’t even worth a 7th round pick.

  48. I don’t watch college football but I do see highlights once in a while.
    Do they know how to tackle?
    The QB handles the ball off to the RB and he runs through the line untouched … Seriously no one touches him … highlight after highlight.
    How can you judge talent when big league teams play pee wee teams.
    How did Seattle and the 49ers become so strong so fast by not drafting a first round QB. Built a great OL and basically any average QB or RB looks great.

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