Jones has no problem with “Hollywood” perception of Cowboys

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Several former Cowboys who currently work for the Bears recently took a shot at America’s Team regarding the perception that the franchise is about more than football.

“It’s a little bit more like Hollywood,” former Cowboys and current Bears special-teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis said recently, via Michael C. Wright of  “[H]ere it’s a little bit more, probably a little tamer.  But they’re both great organizations, and both have had a lot of storied tradition and championships.  That’s the main thing.”

Former Cowboys defensive lineman Jay (now Jeremiah) Ratliff agreed.

“Here, it is all about football,” Ratliff said of the Bears.  “You can really just focus on your craft.  Focus on what it is you do.  And no matter what’s going on, you never forget what you’re here for.  That’s a good thing.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t bothered by the comments.

“I don’t know how I would take exception with their perception,” Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan Dallas/Fort Worth.  “They get those checks to play football. . . . I understand. I have heard that since I bought the franchise that the Cowboys were about glitz and glitter. . . . The glitz and glitter though have got to be able to kick their you-know-what on the football field or it doesn’t make it fun anymore.”

As the quotes go, we saved the best for last.  Enter former Cowboys and current Bears tight end Martellus Bennett.

“I mean, I’m a Hollywood person,” Bennett said, via Wright.  “I would agree with [DeCamillis and Ratliff].  Since I’ve been born, I’ve been meant to be on Disney.  But they don’t really like to take too many kids from the ‘hood and put them on Disney nowadays.”

Monday night, Bennett will be on Disney.  Specifically, on a network owned by Disney, on a program known as Monday Night Football.

And when it comes to TV ratings, the NFL currently does better than anything Hollywood has to offer.

25 responses to “Jones has no problem with “Hollywood” perception of Cowboys

  1. Martellus Bennett is awesome. Not a Bears fan at all, but the dude is just pure entertainment.

    Keep doing you, Black Unicorn.

  2. Is this a racist forum? Why all the thumbs down for Mart Bennett? I’ve honestly never met anyone that didn’t like the dude.

  3. The cowboys of the last 15 years are just like a Hollywood blockbuster that flops. The cowboys remind me of The Lone Ranger staring Johnny Depp– full of talent, a lot of hype, but ends up flopping.

  4. As a resident of Hollywood, please don’t insult our area by associating us with Jurrah Jones and the Cowboys.

  5. 1rockyracoon says:

    The cowboys of the last 15 years are just like a Hollywood blockbuster that flops.

    With the money that the Cowboys generate, every team benefits. Including yours. If Jerry could keep it all he would win the SB every season.

  6. kristucker3 says:
    Dec 7, 2013 7:58 PM
    The haters here are the same ones who can’t afford the tickets to the game.

    Highly doubt you can afford tickets. If you could you wouldn’t talk about it on an anonymous message board. “Those who have it, don’t talk about it.”

  7. Its funny ratliff talks about dallas not being about football when he was the biggest diva on the team the last 2 years not playing n not wanting to workout or rehab with the team don’t be mad u got cut cause u didn’t live up to ur big contract

  8. This is the strangest stuff. That the Bears seem to think that their operation is the Trestman swiss watch assembly operation while Jerry Jones is just running Hollywood in Texas is beyond me. Don’t all of these fellows realize theat the NFL is a billion doillar entertainement business with adults playing a kids game that keeps the Vegas bettting parlors and the ad agencies working full time? Jerry might push the glitz too hard but in Chicago there has been a glitz shortage for a number of years and my best guess is that the glitz shortage continues tonight in Chicago.

    Hope I’m wrong about this evening.

  9. Say what you will about Jerrah, he suckers the fans into his high dollar venue. If only he’d stick with that and leave the GM business to a qualified person!

  10. I can’t speak for all Cowboy fans, but I loved Marty B, he is a character and I was surprised we did not sign him, even more baffled the Giants did not as well. I am happy he is successful. We also loved Ratliff, he was the man. We as fans have no idea what went on behind the scene with Jay and Jerry Jones, but it had to have hurt Jay in a way none of us judging could ever know. Don’t like the way it was portrayed when in the end he is not with us. If Jay is happy, I am happy for him. Just sayin?

  11. Binky Green Bay is Green Bay’s team. When has money lost anything. The game Monday night was the most viewed of the season. Cowboy’s. Ratings brings revenue. So to help your team become America’s team, you need to stop watching prime time games the Cowboy’s play. Haters watch us as much as those who loves us that are all over America. Cowboy games brings the highest ratings and high ratings drives advertising rates. I hope you can get this. Stop watching the Cowboys, oops you can’t.

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