Marcus Lattimore’s practice window ends on high note


By the time he carries the ball again, it will be a year and a half since the grisly knee injury that ended his college career.

But after three weeks practicing with the 49ers, rookie running back Marcus Lattimore is convinced he’ll be ready when his time comes.

The 49ers had a three-week window to let the rookie running back practice, and he went through the last one Friday. He won’t be activated from the non-football injury list, but showed enough during his limited work to be encouraged.

If I had to play, I would play,” Lattimore told Matt Maiocco of “Without question, if they needed me, I could play. But they don’t need me right now.”

Instead, Lattimore gets what amounts to a redshirt year. The 49ers took the player who was considered a first-round talent in the fourth round this year, knowing he probably wouldn’t contribute in 2013 because of the grotesque right knee injury.

“This extra time is just going to give me enough time to get comfortable without the brace I was wearing and go out there and play like nothing ever happened,” Lattimore said. “Three weeks, and I got better every week. And that was my main goal, to get better every week. The soreness went down every week. I was out there moving around and being myself. And I know the things I have to work on now. . . .

“My confidence is good. I know I still got it. Going into next year, I can’t wait.”

The 49ers were deep enough in the backfield and had enough extra draft picks to take the chance, and now get a year to see if the investment proves to be worth it.

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  1. This is great news! No just for Marcus, but also for us too. If he comes back to be anything like the back before the injury he’s the natural heir to Frank. Very smart drafting by Baalke.

  2. Soooo glad to see Marcus back out on the field. That injury took my breath away the moment it happened as I couldn’t help but remember Joe Theisman because it looked that bad initially.

    I wish this young man many years of injury free success in the NFL. By most accounts he’s an outstanding young man on and off the field…

    Best wishes going forward Marcus!

  3. This sucks as a Ram Fan. Its already bad enough they have as many good rb’s as Green bay has good receivers, now they add this kid to the mix…who will be an absolute stud. I was really hoping my Rams would grab this kid right around SF did…

  4. The 49ers backfield is a dream if you have to recover from an injury, but it turns into a nightmare when you get healthy.

  5. Wish him the best seriously watched that live. I see Willis Magehee or however you spell that dudes name .

    I also think SF and Seattle got the beat two running backs that came out last draft neither has seen the field yet . Seattle fans are irritated that c. Micheal hasn’t seem much action and usually inactive at games .. It’s crazy he jumps off the tv he’s crazy athletic and faster than anyone on the field . Nice stockpiling talent but frustrating . Non the less i seriously wish lattimore the best he deserves it. Not many people do but he deserves all that I believe will come to him , has future stud written all over him..

    Good news is that bc he’s not able to play and practice a whole lot he will be or should be leaps
    And bounds ahead of the curve mentally,study up and get that edge for when you do come back .something RG3 forgot to do. When he’s in the game u can bet he’ll be doing his job and happy to do the simple things like block . Good pickup niners mad love for this kid ..

  6. Awesome news. But study up on you pass protections Marcus, or Rathman will never let you see the field. Over the years I’ve learned it’s an absolute pet peeve of his . . . and rightly so.

  7. This is a great story, but defensive players now are required to hit players low. I’ll buy it after he takes a real time hit in game action and pops up like nothing happened. Until then, im not so sure about the longevity of his career…..

  8. I look forward to him SMASHING the Seahawks secondary for years to come. Ever notice how Richard Sherman is NEVER around when it comes time to tackle someone?

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