Sean Payton: Risk taking often tied to having a certain play in mind


What goes into the decision to go for it?

Saints coach Sean Payton was asked Friday about risk taking as a play-caller, and he indicated the call on whether to go for it was often related to the playbook.

“We will look closely at situations, timing in the game,” Payton said according to a transcript from the club. “A lot of times the decision to go for it on fourth down or hypothetically a two-point play is based on whether you still have a play you like.

“Sometimes, say in short-yardage situations, you’ve run a play you really like, converted, maybe you would run another one. A lot of times it depends on if you have that play still that you haven’t shown. That factors in more than you think.

“I think it also is based on the game in itself and how it is unfolding, what you are doing defensively and what you are doing offensively and paying attention to that and trusting your instincts when the time comes. Each game is different.”

Excluding 2012, the Saints are 51-of-111 on fourth downs (45.9 percent) in regular-season games in Payton’s tenure. Also, they are 5-of-11 on fourth down (45.5 percent) in postseason contests coached by Payton.

By the numbers, the Saints are a little less than a coin flip to convert on fourth down. But should they go for it, we can safely assume Payton — a well-regarded play-caller — has something he’s confident in springing on an unsuspecting defense.

4 responses to “Sean Payton: Risk taking often tied to having a certain play in mind

  1. As long as we don’t hand it off on a 4th & 1…it drives me nuts when we do a handoff when we KNOW our O-Line can’t get that yard on demand. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Ingram or another back get stuffed on 4th and short.

  2. Well everybody knows the big secret to this game is to cheat in the right plays where there is great leverage to gambling for a cheap advantage. You need to know where the penalty risks are low enough in comparison to the extra yardage or affect you can create if you get away with said cheap advantage.

    It’s a thinking man’s game, and the most devious that don’t get caught get the bonus advantage points. Get them before the other takes them.

  3. O line needs help big time, Charles Brown is a backup at best, and so is De la Puente…neither will be starting next year.

  4. As a Saints fan, I can say that I like Payton as our coach. He’s made us a perennial winner and playoff contender, & he brought us our 1st superbowl win. That being said, I don’t necessarily agree with the pundits assessment that he is a great playcaller. Quite frankly, I think he’s pretty predictable. While he does have some well designed pass plays, the run game under Payton is very vanilla and underacheives. Sometimes I wonder if they even practice run plays. And as lightcleric mentioned above, our O-line can’t ever seem to overpower the defense and get that tough yard. Why is it that Payton seems to be the only one in Who Dat land that doesn’t see that? Sometimes Payton seems to be stubbornly stupid.

    While I’m on a rant, could we please draft a decent linebacker or three! When was the last time the Saints drafted a GOOD linebacker?

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