Weather could affect several games on Sunday


As the calendar creeps deeper into December, the weather becomes more and more of a factor in several cities.

Which is fitting because, in eight weeks, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played outdoors in New York (OK, New Jersey).

For Week 14, weather could be a factor in Baltimore,  Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Washington, and Denver.  (All forecast info comes from the hour-by-hour forecasts for each city at

In Baltimore, where the Ravens host the Vikings, the forecast calls for temperatures in the low 30s and snow.  The wind is projected to be under 10 miles per hour.

In Philadelphia, snow could arrive for the second half of the Lions-Eagles game.  Temperatures will be in the low 30s, with light winds.

On the other side of the Commonwealth, light snow and temperatures in the high 20s will be present throughout the game between the Dolphins and Steelers.  The wind is predicted to be in the range of 11 miles per hour.  (While hardly South Florida conditions, it’s a major improvement over the 2007 non-bouncing-punt game between the same two teams.)

In Cincinnati, light snow will turn to freezing drizzle during the game between the Colts and the Bengals, with temperatures hovering near freezing.  The wind will be in the range of 10 miles per hour.

In Green Bay, the Falcons (unlike last Sunday) won’t get to swap a road game in the elements for a dome game.  When Atlanta faces the Packers snow will be falling at Lambeau Field and the tundra will be, well, tundra, with temperatures in the teens.

In Washington (OK, Landover), snow will give way to a wintry mix, with the temperature holding steady at 32 and the winds under 10 miles per hour.

Finally, the Titans won’t get their wish for snow in Denver.  While it’ll be sunny, it also will be cold for the game against the Broncos, with a temperature in the teens and light winds.

For Browns-Patriots in Foxboro and Raiders-Jets in New York (OK, New Jersey), the temperature will be in the low 30s but no precipitation or significant wind is in the forecast.

To any of the men attending any of these games, it’s once again three-sock time. For everyone enjoying the games at home, the third sock is optional.