Bengals build 14-0 lead after Colts’ fourth-down stop reversed


On a call that figures to be much discussed, the host Bengals took a 14-0 halftime lead against the Colts after BenJarvus Green-Ellis was ruled to have scored a one-yard TD on fourth-and-goal from the Indianapolis one-yard-line after initially being judged down short of a touchdown by the officiating crew.

On the play, Green-Ellis stumbled and had his knee contact the ground before he broke the plane of the goal line late in the second quarter. Initially, Green-Ellis was ruled to have been touched down, ostensibly by Colts defensive lineman Josh Chapman, who tried to trip up Green-Ellis before he began to stumble.

Referee Jeff Triplette reviewed the play and reversed the call, awarding the touchdown to Green-Ellis after declaring that Green-Ellis was not touched down.

This was met with an incredulous reaction by CBS announcer Greg Gumbel.

“Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Not touched?” Gumbel said.

The Green-Ellis TD marked yet another tough first half for Indianapolis, which was outgained 221-117.

24 responses to “Bengals build 14-0 lead after Colts’ fourth-down stop reversed

  1. When I do a search on this website for Jeff Triplette I get 16 hits (only back to 11/27) on things he has screwed up. Why is Mr. Triplette allowed to play a Referee when he does it so poorly? It tells you how poorly a ref does a job when fans know their name!

  2. Bad call… but… the Bengals look much more dominant.

    So… in the end…. it won’t matter.

    Oh…. touchdown Bengals (right now)!!!

  3. Well the Bengals are ahead 21-0 so it’s not a game changer. I haven’t seen the play (came home late) yet so I can’t comment.

  4. Yeah… but… in the end…. it won’t matter.

    The Bengals O-Line is DOMINATING and the Colts and Luck looks bad.

  5. IS this not the Nimrod who whined about being decked by Big Orlando Brown — AFTER he threw a flag into his eye socket?

    NFL Refs need to flush this turd.

  6. It’s the referees fault that the Colts (with 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter) have allowed 35 points, 263 passing yards, and 132 rushing yards.

  7. Can we just can Gumbel and Dierdorf right now? They both suck. The Bengals were up by 14 at one point and they are acting like they are barely in the game. Luck is leading a “miracle comeback”, but the Bengals score every time the Colts do. Dalton is have a “decent day” but has tossed 3 and scored another TD. It feels like they pick one team to like and one to dislike. It is old.

  8. doctorrustbelt says:
    Dec 8, 2013 3:35 PM

    It’s the referees fault that the Colts (with 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter) have allowed 35 points, 263 passing yards, and 132 rushing yards.


    Some sports fans think there is something called momentum.
    A successful goal line stand and 7-0: momentum Colts
    Bengals being given a touchdown (players can also see what Refs see under the hood on the big screens) : momentum Bengals
    And to leave no doubt about Tripletts favorite (as he did for the Ravens vs. the ‘Skins) he redefined the tackle box for Andy Dalton and refused to call intentional grounding.

  9. Hey Bungles fans, I’d say “act like you’ve been there”, but you haven’t been there so act like bungles fans.

  10. I hate when some fans say it doesn’t matter because the final score isn’t a 7-point difference. That call could of completely pumped up the colts team but instead demerolizes them. Obviously, we will never know how much of an effect that play had, but to say the call doesn’t matter is forgetting the emotion a play like that gives both teams.

  11. The Colts hurt themselves in this game. How about trying to score in the first half maybe? Yeah I’d say that’d have an effect on the outcome of the game. Oh and penalties will kill ya too! Yeah the Colts got hosed on this call but if you hadn’t dug yourself into a 28-0 hole, maybe, just maybe, Luck could have staged a comeback. But alas, you didn’t score a single point in the first half. Quit blaming everyone else on your issues. Oh and it’s funny reading the Colts fan saying the Bengals should act like we’ve been there before. Guess he forgets that since Peyton is gone, they won’t be there again any time soon. Enjoy!

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