Bruce Arians: Tyrann Mathieu appears to have torn ACL


The Cardinals got a win over the Rams on Sunday, but it looks like their promising rookie safety has seen his season come to a premature end.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said after the team’s 30-10 victory that safety Tyrann Mathieu “appears” to have torn the ACL in his left knee during the game. It’s a bad blow for a team still trying to fight their way into a Wild Card spot, an effort that suffered another blow on Sunday when the 49ers beat the Seahawks.

Mathieu was injured while returning a free kick that followed a Cardinals safety in the third quarter of the game. Mathieu tried to leave the field under his own power, but he wasn’t able to make it to the sideline and wound up needing a cart to help him to the back.

He’ll presumably have an MRI on Monday so doctors can confirm their suspicions, but Mathieu isn’t waiting to start coping with the bad news. Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that one of the other Cardinals said Mathieu was bawling in the locker room after getting the initial diagnosis from doctors.

18 responses to “Bruce Arians: Tyrann Mathieu appears to have torn ACL

  1. Never want to see that happen to anyone. Especially someone like Mathieu who seems to have turned his life around and become a good football player.

  2. Condolences of a Vikings fan.

    I’m cheering for you to take out the Seahawks.

    I honestly believe the Cardinals are the best team in the NFC West.

    This defense is great.

    Backed by a solid offense with a top WR Core.

  3. Imagine being this kid, doing everything asked of you to get a second chance, and this happens when his team has playoff hopes? I’d be balling too.

  4. This kid set his mind to starting in the NFL, and he did it. There’s no doubt Tyrann will rehab as hard as he can and get back on the field.

    I’m not sure what shape he’s in, but I think it might be time to bring Kerry Rhodes back to the NFL, and in a Cardinals’ uniform. Yes, I know, there’s that other thing. But this team is fighting for something, and if he can contribute, call him! He’s 31, and played well last year.

  5. 100% guaranteed the he’s smoking again after his season is officially over. Can’t be tested if injured.

  6. 100% guaranteed the he’s smoking again after his season is officially over. Can’t be tested if injured.

    This very well may be true, but if players keep getting tested when they’re out of the league I highly doubt being injured makes you exempt.

  7. fordmandalay says: “Never, ever let an important player return kicks.”

    Totally agree. I don’t get this insistence of putting your valuable position players back to field kicks. If you can’t afford to lose that player for the season, he shouldn’t be back there.

    Some teams have special teams players who do nothing but return kicks. Good idea.

    Ever since Tom Coughlin put Jason Sehorn back to return a punt in a pre-season game, I haven’t understood the thinking.

    Hate to see Tyrann lost like that.

    Sehorn tore up his knee, was lost for the season, and was never the same player again. It’s not worth it. They have a greater chance of being injured than running one back for a TD.

  8. I certainly hope the HONEY BADGER can recover quickly and that it is not as serious as it appears!! My prayers are with you, so far he has proven the naysayers wrong. Who Dat says he can’t be a great talent in the NFL!

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