Buccaneers batter Bills


In a bad game between two losing teams on Sunday in Tampa, the Buccaneers proved a much better team than the Bills.

Tampa Bay jumped out to an early lead when Bobby Rainey ran for an 80-yard touchdown on the second play of the game, and the Buccaneers never looked back. It was 14-3 at the end of the first quarter and 24-3 at halftime, and the Bucs cruised to an easy 27-6 win in the second half.

Despite an absolutely dreadful start to the season, the Buccaneers are now playing competitive football. Today’s win improves them to 4-9 on the season, and 4-1 in their last five games. This late run of winning may be enough to save Greg Schiano’s job.

But not all is well with the Buccaneers. Rookie quarterback Mike Glennon, who has shown so much promise this season, had a rough day. One of the most important questions facing the Bucs in the offseason will be whether Glennon is their franchise quarterback of the future, and his performance today did nothing to answer that question.

Still, the Buccaneers are in much better shape now than they were a few weeks ago. Tampa Bay is ending the season playing good football. Who saw that coming five weeks ago?

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  1. At least for this year Glennon is clearly a huge improvement over Freeman. Good days or rough days, the team looks like they support him!

  2. Clown show:

    This entire game was a complete comedy of errors right down to poor quarterbacking on both teams, idiot coaching on both teams. refereeing that would embarrass even the incompetent clueless imbeciles, the announcers (Spero and Beurlien..ie dumb and dumber)), CBS lost the feed for about 20 minutes, ……..other than that the game was a classic

  3. Embarrassing loss by Bills. Zero effort. More penalties than a preseason game. EJ Manuel showing NOTHING. Coach Marrone-the honeymoon is over! Signed, ALL Bills fans.
    P.S.- Russ Brandon-great job changing the culture in Buffalo…Keep giving up games to Toronto and watch your team QUIT like they did today after having to play away last week “at home”.

  4. If I were the Buccs brass, I’d retain Mike Glennon as the starting QB at least through next season. He’s young, he didn’t begin the season as the team’s starter, and they were pretty dysfunctional all around.

    Give him another chance, and use your draft picks on positions that help him become a better player.

    I also happen to think that Schiano is the right man for the job. As with Glennon, he just needs a little more time. And getting Freeman out of town only helps them. Heck, Freeman isn’t even playing in Minnesota. It kind of shows you where the problem lied.

    If the Buccs regress in 2014, then get rid of Glennon AND Schiano. But not yet.

  5. Game wasn’t even worst watching.

    Both QB stunk. Officiating was very suspect on several calls, neither team could run (Bucs ran for 80 yd TD and that was it) and a good thing we brought our own announcers.

  6. Well Bills fans, with each passing week, it is looking increasingly as if we are in for another three-year regime of inept mediocrity until they blow it up and start all over – again. The Bills are cursed as a franchise…

  7. I’d like to see what Glennon can do as the starter next season with a full offseason and training camp worth of first team reps under his belt. The kid has skills and potential. If the Bucs can beef up their offensive and defensive lines next year, they will be tough to beat. Some great young RB’s, Lavonte David and some strong LB’s, great young talent in the defensive backfield ( and a healthy Revis). Maybe a little more speed at WR would help.

  8. This is the first time all year I haven’t watched the bills game. Guess I didn’t miss much. I don’t know about EJ I don’t know about Marrone and I don’t know about this franchise. Where do we go from here? I have no idea. Im clueless as are the rest of bills fans. There’s nothing else to say. *head down* sighs….

  9. The Buffalo Bills and the officiating crew should both be ashamed. That was down right aweful on both parts.

    Move both to the CFL. Not even worthy of America.


    paper bag wearing, bills, fan.

  10. I was, at times, an early-season critic of Schiano. The defensive calls and offensive calls earlier in the year seemed to make no sense. The defense gave up late leads in at least 3 of the first 8 games. The Freeman saga was a complete distraction.

    I thought after the first Carolina game that he would be fired mid-season. But, something has changed. Gerald McCoy has started playing very well. David and Foster are making plays. Revis is making an impact every game and had a sack today. Who knew he could do that? Turnovers are happening with regularity.

    The running game is still effective — even though ther Bucs are on the third-string RB and a few of the O linemen are journeymen at best. Vincent Jackson is coming up with big catches. Tim Wright is turning into a big target.

    Why is this team with no playoff possibilities still playing so hard? That is a tribute to coaching. I recall past teams quitting under Ray Perkins, Richard Williamson, Sam Wyche and Raheem Morris. Schiano may have a reputation for being a task master, but apparently these believe in the coaching staff and some are starting to thrive in the system.

    Regarding QB, Glennon may not have had a great day today, stats-wise, but he avoided making mistakes for the most part. One pick was caused by a WR who fell. Underwood dropped two passes, one of which would have been a TD.

    Tampa won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson and made the NFC Championship with Shaun King. Glennon has a better arm, more mobility and overall more talent than both. His work ethic matches Johnson (Shaun King had the work ethic of a 16 year old making bean burritos at Taco Bell). So, build the team around him.

    On the D-line, William Gholston is going to be considered a a steal. 6’6″, 280 — and still growing. Today, he made plays. Good day for D-line. Even “Dayquil” Bowers had a sack.

    SF, St. L and NO left this season — one win in that group would be a plus. Two would be huge.

    If they keep Schiano and Glennon, and go after a O-linemen in the draft, they could make a huge move next year. Draft Greg Robinson from Auburn, and then shift Penn to Right Tackle. Get Nicks healthy at Guard. Sign a FA WR like Hakeem Nicks. Bring back Martin and James. Atlanta will be no better. NO is on its last legs, and Cam Newton will implode again.

    What’s the alternative? Fire Schiano, draft a new QB, start a new system? How well did that work when they fired Gruden and hired Rah?

  11. But on the bright side, at least they locked up Mario Williams at 6/100M with already 42M paid and have “performed” to a 10-19 record since.

  12. joetoronto says:
    Dec 8, 2013 6:25 PM
    Just blame last weeks game in Toronto.

    What a bunch of losers, SMH
    Have you nothing better to do than troll Bills fans?

    Not a Bills fan but breezing through the comments its clear no one blames the game in Toronto on the Bills poor play. They blame the coaches, the QB, the players. The one person who mentioned Toronto mentioned it coupled with other things, clearly pointing out that Russ Brandon poorly operates the franchise, the Toronto game being just one of his many problems.

    Twisting the words because your sour about the fact Canada is not ever getting an NFL team, because it’s America’s sport, so you take to picking on fans of the team nearest you. And you call others losers? Laughable.

  13. “modhairken says:
    Dec 8, 2013 7:16 PM
    ……………. (Shaun King had the work ethic of a 16 year old making bean burritos at Taco Bell). ……………..”

    Now he looks like the 30 year old guy that never left his job at TB (Taco Bell).

  14. drewzducks says:
    Dec 8, 2013 9:36 PM
    But on the bright side, at least they locked up Mario Williams at 6/100M with already 42M paid and have “performed” to a 10-19 record since.

    And probably a worse record without him. He’s been extremely effective for your team. He’s helped improve the defense. He gets pressure on the QB. It’s not his fault their 2nd year first round pick Gilmore looks way overmatched in a number 1 role, and that the rest of the corner on the team badly need improvement. It’s not his fault the playcaling is brutal, or that Spiller forgot to how to find holes more than once or twice a game. And last but certainly not least it’s not his fault your number one receiver, Stevie, is in reality a mid-range number 2.

    You Bills fans rejoiced when they signed him, being so happy to hear they had finally sacked up and spent some money to get a top free agent that would help their team. Now you try to blame him? That’s pathetic. The Bills have plenty of problems, and blame to go around for said problems, but Mario and his contract are part of the solution.

  15. The Bucs roster is littered with pro-bowlers. Similar to KC last year where the results didn’t match the talent. However Schiano is so obviously and blatantly not a good head coach it baffles me that people are considering it an option to keep him. The play-calling is a joke — check out Twitter during the games: Bucs ex-players and fans calling plays with such incredible precision opposing teams should be checking the Twitter feed on the sideline.

    An average coach could get 8-10 wins out of this team. Schiano is going to get maybe 5 and people want him to stay because of that?!?!?! The team is insanely talented and if Glennon can play at average QB level this team could win 12+ games with a good coach.

    The next two years will see Tampa completely waste a window of genuine SB contending talent by having a coach from 1976. Run first! Stop the run! Good grief. Caveman coaching.

    He should have been fired on the plane home from the Seattle game when he fell ass-backwards into a winning game-plan and then coached the second half like a coward and lost.

    Instead the media (who don’t actually think about what is happening critically) applauded the team for playing hard and “keeping it close.” The game was won. WON! And he changed his aggressive tactics during half-time like a coward and we got utterly steam-rolled. The second half of the Seattle game was Schiano football through and through. Run, run, pass, punt and lose. But hey we beat the Bills, Falcons, Dolphins at the height of their scandal so lets keep him another year. The only remotely “good” win is the Lions and that’s pushing it given how they are playing of late.

    The Glazers will make the wrong move — they always do. Malcolm was smart; the kids are cheap and useless and only care about Man U. So they’ll keep him (with the Bucs the cheapest option always wins) and our window will close with two 8-8 seasons. ::sigh::

    At least Man U. suck now. If they miss the Champions League (and the revenue) maybe the Glazers will have to sell the Bucs and we can actually get an owner who cares about (NFL) football.

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