Chargers rout Giants 37-14, keep Wild Card hopes alive


Eli Manning claims not to remember why he and his family didn’t want him to play for the Chargers when he entered the NFL and he might not be able to remember Sunday’s 37-14 loss to the team he once spurned either.

After all, the blowout losses have to be running together a little bit at this point. Was it against San Diego or Denver when the Giants defense impersonated a sieve? Did the Chiefs, Chargers or Panthers defense cause the Giants offense to flail around aimlessly? They’ll be plenty of time to figure it out since the Giants have no officially been eliminated from playoff contention.

Manning was 20-of-32 for 259 yards on Sunday and threw his 19th and 20th interceptions on the year. That’s more than anyone but Geno Smith, who has also thrown 20 on the year. That’s likely another piece of information that Manning would like to erase from his memory but, much like the way things played out in San Diego, too many people are aware of what happened for it to disappear completely.

Philip Rivers has no need to live out Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, however. He was 21-of-28 for 249 yards and three touchdowns to continue a strong 2013 season that has quieted the worries he generated with his play in the 2012 season. At 6-7, it may be too late for the Chargers to make a real playoff push but they’ll remain alive for at least one more week and can head toward next season with the knowledge that their quarterback can still get the job done.

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  1. Cannot wait for the season to end. That was some very uninspiring play down there in San Diego.

    There’s a lot of work to be done and I just don’t know that it doesn’t necessarily include replacing both the OC and DC. They are just not getting it done. Yes, both lines are not heavy on talent but the Giants have succeeded with just that, working with who they have.

  2. A few Chargers fans talking smack?

    You guys have to pardon us Giants fans if we don’t necessarily do that. We reserve our celebration when we win the Super Bowl. You know, that game that your team plays after they’ve won all their playoff games. Sorry, if some of you guys are not familiar with that game.

    Good luck!!!


  3. brassknuckles47 says: Dec 8, 2013 7:45 PM

    I’d rather take 1 Philip Rivers to 3 cry-baby Eli Mannings!


    Cry baby?!?!?!

    That sounds personal dude.

    Anyhow, you can keep Rivers. I think it was pretty evident that Eli didn’t want to play for San Diego. And, I’m not speaking for all Giants fans, of course, and I am quite sure Rivers is a nice guy and all, but I think Eli has done quite well here in NY. No one is even talking about what you’re talking about. Dude, get a clue!!!

  4. This team consistently underachievs. Different year, same story.

    And sorry but Eli is not an elite qb. He’s in the Joe flacco level of qb play, minus the unibrow.

  5. Giants fans don’t appreciate being trash talked after a loss? The irony might kill me. Don’t necessarily take it as a personal shot to any individual fan, but as a group you are probably the most obnoxious trash talkers of NFL fan bases.

  6. By what conceivable metric have the Giants “succeeded” with their current lines in spite of the lack of talent? The Giants are easily one of the worst teams in the league, with their wins coming against the hapless Vikings, the Packers who lost Rodgers to injury during the first series, the last dregs of the failed Michael Vick experiment and the dysfunctional Redskins and Raiders. The defense is porous and the offense can’t run, pass, catch or hold onto the ball.

  7. The officiating in this game was sad and when you bounce a pass of Rueben Randall’s chest you gotta wonder what he thought his hands were for. The Giants did come out for dodgeball though. At least Washington took the prize home.

  8. Eli can’t remember? I can: Marty Shottenheimer was the head coach. Chargers already had Drew Brees. And They were one of the five worst teams in the NFL for the previous five years straight.

  9. Can’t win SB MVP every year. Giants are blessed to have Eli. He will win another before it’s all over. Maybe two.

  10. Eli is a good QB who had 2 outstanding post season runs. Both years the Giants’ identity came from the defense. When the defense struggles he is unable to make it his team. An elite QB can lead their team to victory even when the team has weaknesses.

  11. natelan69 says: Dec 8, 2013 9:31 PM

    Giants and Raiders fans sleep tonight in their own puddles of tears.
    Actually, we laugh until we cry over Charger fan’s obsession with their regular season mediocrity.

  12. Raiderapologist is the Raiders 2nd biggest fan..The biggest Raider fans are the enormous tarps that cover the upper deck seating sections at Raider home games……

  13. Eli Manning is one of five players to win multiple Super Bowl MVP awards, joining Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Tom Brady. THAT IS WHY ELI IS UNQUESTIONABLY ELITE.

  14. @bigbluenationdb

    It’s not “happening now” to Eli, it’s always been happening. The Giants succeed in spite of Killdrive, not because of him. Eli simply can’t mask the teams flaws by himself anymore.

  15. And the Vagiants thought they were somebody talking all that smack after beating the hapless skins. Welcome back to reality losers.

  16. They call Eli manning elite because he has two super bowl rings. Moron.

    And the chargers will get blasted by Peyton manning. They’re done.

  17. 1rockyracoon says: Dec 8, 2013 9:26 PM

    Eli is a good QB who had 2 outstanding post season runs. Both years the Giants’ identity came from the defense. When the defense struggles he is unable to make it his team. An elite QB can lead their team to victory even when the team has weaknesses.
    His O line is utter garbage. They have a rookie RT, a right guard that can’t handle right tackle anymore, a center who is hurt or a backup guard, a left guard who couldn’t hash it at tackle, and a LT that is a revolving door. the O line has been spotty at best and with the 5-7 drops needed to run Gilbride’s offense it’s no wonder Manning is getting murdered. He needs a new OC, someone who can play to the strengths of the team.

  18. Eli “Cry Baby” Manning has returned to earth. Sure, he managed to Dilfer his way to a couple of rings by being on a team with a great running game and great defense. But his childlike antics after the draft, his hiding behind his father, his refusal to play for SD allegedly because they had a poor OL (although NYG arguably had a worse line that year), his self proclamation and demand that he be referred to as “elite” have shown that he is a poor excuse of a man. His 20+ interceptions show that he is an average QB at best. How ironic it is that Eli has NEVER beat the Chargers. As a friend of mine put it…you can’t spell ELIMINATED without Eli.

  19. @ blue4life

    Psssst – nobody cares about past super bowls. Your team sucks now, and has for 3 years. See that light at the end of the tunnel? Its a freight train. Want a crystal ball? Eli gives you one more playoff run in the next 5 years and doesn’t get the job done this time. But you enjoy your holidays now, and if it helps go ahead and rewatch those old super bowl videos while Philly starts winning today!

  20. zack2482 says:
    Dec 8, 2013 7:36 PM
    So why do they call Eli Manning Elite again?

    Because he won two Superbowl MVP awards.

    That’s why 😉

  21. Another team that beats the Giants considering that game their Super Bowl.

    Will someone please tell me why beating my team always makes the other teams’ seasons?

    Wait…is it because we’re in that class of 4X + SB Champs? Kinda like when the Browns would always go 3-13 but if one of those 3 were against Pitt, they’d be all giddy? Or when Det beats GB in one of their 4-12 seasons? OK..nevermind…I get it. Commence your hatred.

    (Separately – props to the Chargers fans with that She-li cut out. That was awesome. Points for originality).

  22. Eli “Cry Baby” Manning has returned to earth. Sure, he managed to Dilfer his way to a couple of rings by being on a team with a great running game and great defense.
    @speters – keep perpetuating that nonsense. Eli won a SB with the 32nd rated running game in the league and a mid 20s’ defense. Facts stink don’t they? Sorry we have a 2x SBMVP and you have Marino West.

  23. Might be time to do a form of a Jim Irsay with the Giants. Big Blue needs to fill a number of holes and should do it with a front office and coaching staff that is going to be around for 5 years or better.

  24. Routing the Giants didn’t make the Charger’s season, as that’s all but lost.

    It did serve, however, to reduce their smack-talking fans to talk of “how many rings” does Rivers have, as they walked to their cars, heads hung low.

    Sounding like the lowly raiduhs this morning.

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