Chiefs hammer Redskins to snap losing streak


Yes, the Chiefs had lost three straight.

But after manhandling the Redskins 45-10 Sunday, it appears that’s a function of two of them being against the Broncos as opposed to a bigger problem.

The Chiefs improved to 10-3 with the win, which featured sterling play in all three phases.

Sure, the Redskins are a 3-10 dumpster fire at the moment, but the Chiefs held them to 260 yards, collecting six sacks.

Meanwhile, Dexter McCluster had 174 yards worth of punt returns and a touchdown, making the offense a bit of an afterthought.

Quarterback Alex Smith was a clean 14-of-20 for 137 yards and two touchdowns, while Jamaal Charles ran for 101 yards and scored two touchdowns.

For the Redskins, the game on the field got away from them early, and will quickly yield to the organizational drama of Mike Shanahan and what appears to be an inevitable, ugly divorce.

30 responses to “Chiefs hammer Redskins to snap losing streak

  1. Any word as to whether or not Dan Snyder went around and personally thank the half a dozen Skins’ fans that remained at the game after the start of the fourth quarter.

  2. Do the Chiefs remind anyone of Ohio State? THE Kansas City Chiefs will lose in the wild card game. Enjoy it while you can KC fans because next year their schedule will be a 2nd place schedule, not a last place one.

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    1rockyracoon says: Dec 8, 2013 4:27 PM

    Do the Chiefs remind anyone of Ohio State? THE Kansas City Chiefs will lose in the wild card game. Enjoy it while you can KC fans because next year their schedule will be a 2nd place schedule, not a last place one.

    I guess thats why KC and Denver have played basically the same schedule.

  4. RG3’s career is about 2 more seasons of taking too much contact from being over…. and he still doesn’t get it.

  5. It amazes me that people still talk about how the Chiefs will have a way harder schedule next year because of their record this year. How many times does it need to be said that your standings only affect 2 games the following season?

  6. At least the Redskins get a high draft pic…. Oh wait no they dont the Rams do. Good luck with the read option Redskins!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mouth all you want but we’re in the play-offs and didn’t have to back in to get there….thought that was where every team wanted to be when the regular season was over?

  8. Awwww, where’s logicalvoice? Must have crawled back into his mommy and daddys basement to cry his blues away! Well, there’s always next years 1st round pi….oops! HAHAHAHA

  9. I think the Redskins had potential, but the impossible expectations put on them by logicalvoice was too much psychological pressure and the players and coaches snapped, turning them from NFL contenders into NFL doormats.

  10. Denver and KC scored the exact same points against Washington and KC gave up less tho Denver has beat KC twice by 10 and 7 they are not that much better of a team then KC I mean they didn’t exactly dominate them when you look at the score in those games

  11. lol @ logicalvoice. Always hiding after a loss, first commenter the rest rest of the week on every redskins post. The only commenter on all of NBCSportTalk’s sites who is just as bad is pftpoet.

  12. my poor skins …
    the team suffers from bad decisions from the top down ..
    owner making horrible decisions over the years that trickled down ..
    you cant fix years worth of bad personnel decisions in 3 years …
    rgIII needs to develop as a pocket passer and use his running ability as a weapon not a scheme .. he cant read thru his progressions well… I think he has potential to be good .. he needs a off season .. a healthy off season .. and most importantly he needs a offensive line .. everyone yelling for cousins to come in .. saw what happened today .. the same results …. montgomery and williams are the only starters on that line .. it’s horrible .. they are decent in run blocking .. absolutely atrocious in pass protection …
    the defense is a clown show .. keep cofield, kerrigan and orakpo .. I love fletcher but he needs to retire .. everyone else is trash ..
    the special teams .. they dont even deserve the energy it took to write special teams ..
    honestly it’s just a horrible situtation .. last year wasnt a fluke per sey … last year .. teams didn have tape on rgIII… simply put .. our defense was just as horrible … but we put up 40 pts a game and made up for it .. this year .. the offense took a huge step back ..
    rgIII lost a step cuz of injury and our o line is trash .. receivers have the dropsies .. it’s just a perfect storm for a disaster ..
    this will not get fixed any time soon .. a new coach is needed .. shanahan lost the team a long time ago .. they dont have a first round draft pick ..
    no one will want to come to coach us …. so dont expect the coaching change to make a big difference .. we have money this off season .. so they will get a few players .. that wont make much of a difference either ..
    what needs to change is the culture in landover ..
    which starts with the owner ..

  13. In the absence of Logicalvoice allow me to say this on his (or her) behalf. Ahemm. “We have three rings, the refs screwed us out of a game, Roger Goodell has a vendetta against the Redskins and took away our cap space preventing us from being a legit contender, Eagles have no rings, RGIII is God incarnate, the world is against us and did I mention we have 3 rings…from a time long forgotten?” Does that about sum it up?

  14. Kc haters geuss what??? The chiefs still have a top five defense ranking, even after dealing with Denver twice. And now are ranked in the top ten offenses also. In fact with offense and defense combined only seattle has a higher overall ranking. And NO would be tied.

    I don’t care who your team is. Im sure thier coaching staff and owners don’t want to deal with this team in the post season. KEEP ON HATTING LMFAO……..

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