Darnell Dockett steps on Chris Williams’ hand

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In a move that could draw NFL scrutiny, Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett stepped on the right hand of Rams left guard Chris Williams at the conclusion of a third-down running play in the third quarter of Arizona’s 30-10 win vs. St. Louis on Sunday.

Deadspin has a GIF of the incident, and FoxSports.com has video of the play, which occurred with around five minutes left in the third quarter.

After being pushed by Williams at the play’s end, Dockett strode toward Williams, who had put his weight on his right hand in an attempt to get off the ground. Dockett stepped on the hand, which led an animated discussion between the two players.

No penalties were called on the play.

14 responses to “Darnell Dockett steps on Chris Williams’ hand

  1. See NFL, this is the kind of egregious stuff that warrants fines, not roughing the passer or any other penalty that gets flagged during the game. The NFL fines for everything a defensive player does and it’s stuff like this that deserves fine not nearly every flag.

  2. one of the dirtiest players. one of a few on that team. Several times in the niners/cards game he dropped late hits to Frank Gore’s head and neck,while Gore was laying on the turf.

  3. between the Rams, Cards and Seahawks this is the ultimate cheapshot division in football.

    Its hard to say who is the worst. But I’d probably give it to Seattle. Look at the low hits to Ian Williams who was engaged in a block… the launching at Manningham’s knee while he was held up….the full sprint knee to Delanie Walker’s face while he was on the ground or the helmet to helmet shot to Kyle Williams, while he was on the ground. Seattle is a tough opponent, but much more when they are allowed to play this brand of “anything goes” football.

  4. $100,000 fine for Dockett and forfeiture of a draft pick. Gotta look out for the integrity of the game.

  5. Fine?!?To pass the NFL Offseason, I’d like to see Cage Grudge Matches of players with “something to settle”…I think it’d put a stop to much of this cowardly/cheap-shop play that we’re seeing in this “player safety concern” coming from “the Shield” and it’s disconnected, oblivious, tax-sheltered director…Put these guys in a steel cage for fifteen minutes with a five minute NFL Films video omage giving background to the grudge…it would over the top!!!

  6. Dockett has always been dirty. Watch the tape against the Niners, and he was using the forearm to the neck technique to pick himself off the ground.

  7. He’s been using that forearm to the neck technique for years. Seahawks fans will remember him doing it to Matt Hasselbeck.

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