FOX trots out new technology for viewing football in the snow

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As FOX broadcasts a pair of games in the snow, a new technology is being implemented for public consumption.

In both the Lions-Eagles and Vikings-Ravens game, FOX periodically is superimposing the field markings (including the yard numbers) over the snow.

It’s creating the impression that the lines — and the numbers — actually have been scraped of snow.

For both games, the effect is coming and going.  We can’t recall ever seeing this for an NFL game; CBS definitely isn’t using it for the two snow games currently being broadcast from Pittsburgh and Washington, where the Chiefs’ status as the road team gives the game the network that purchased the AFC package.

29 responses to “FOX trots out new technology for viewing football in the snow

  1. Challenges will be useless today in Philly since you can’t tell what’s happening on the field through the cameras

  2. Love the snow game. The superimposed numbers are lame! I can figure it out my self. BAD technology. Might turn it off and listen to the radio. In fairness, I am a die hard Vikings fan since 1970 and want to see the old fashion game.

  3. This game is amazing, this is how football is supposed to be played and is a good day for football. Nothing fancy just running hard. KC, Steelers & Green Bay are all doing the same thing.

  4. It’s terrible. Fox will never learn that this is part of what makes them so bad. They always come out with this terrible technology. Can’t we just watch the game?

  5. Apparently, the refs need some better technology. They totally botched a turnover replay in the Ravens/Vikings game. Gerhart’s knee was easily down before the ball came out, but they left the ball with the Ravens who then scored on the short field.

  6. They are superimposing the numbers and yard lines in the same color as the field so it appears as if they have been cleared… it looks pretty realistic…

    it’s great… if they weren’t doing it, we couldn’t tell anything about the game….

  7. It kinda makes the players look like ghosts sometimes.

    All you people who were excited about the Super Bowl being outdoors, watch the Det v Phi game and realize how lame it will be if the weather is like this. Two high powered offenses battling the snow harder than the opposing defense. Boring.

  8. How can any rational person think that this is bad technology?? It doesn’t take away from the game in any way. I guess in your world they shouldn’t paint the numbers on the field because it’s no different than this! Go ahead, figure it out on your own. Too bad you won’t have a damn clue if they’re in the red zone or the parking lot!!

  9. thefiesty1-

    You’re right. They should get rid of the superimposed 1st down line, multiple camera angles, isolation cameras, slow motion, replays, and statistics.

    Why should viewers see all of those things when the players can’t?

  10. I like it. Before we read about this, we couldn’t figure out how the Eagles stadium guys were able to clear at the numbers on the field and thought it was pretty cool.

  11. I think these games were used as a test pilot for the super bowl but it looked great on hdtv and was not a distraction during the game. The Best part of eagles game was Ed Hochuli saying “We can’t see the goal line.”

  12. I liked it. Made the game more easy to follow.

    As a Viking fan the blown Toby fumble call by the on the field refs didn’t bother me, because it was live action and difficult to see. What is unforgivable is the reply ref getting it wrong. How can you look at that on reply and clearly see Toby’s knee down for like a full second and not call him down?????

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