Jets keep playoff hopes alive by beating Raiders


If the Jets offense can play the way they did on Sunday for the final three weeks of the season, they’d have a pretty fair shot at grabbing the sixth seed in the AFC.

Given the results of that offense in the 12 games before Sunday’s 37-27 victory over the Raiders, that’s not a great bet to make but it’s one you can make if you choose because their playoff hopes remain alive. How good they are will depend on other results, but the Jets did what they had to do.

They did it behind an offense that looked functional for the first time in weeks. Geno Smith completed 16-of-25 passes for 219 yards and a touchdowns while running for 50 yards and another touchdown. It was the kind of performance that generated much excitement about Smith early this season, although more than a month of horrible play will probably keep everyone in check after this game. Chris Ivory ran well, Kellen Winslow was productive and the Jets moved the ball all day without much issue.

Can that happen against non-Raiders opponents? We’ll find out in Carolina next weekend where a much tougher defense waits to potentially snuff out any playoff life left in the Jets.

If the Raiders were trying to spark Matt McGloin by pulling him for a series in the first half, it paid off eventually. McGloin threw a pair of touchdowns in the second half and looked much more assured running the offense than he did immediately after returning to the game. He wound up 18-of-29 for 239 yards and two touchdowns, and continued to show an ability to throw the ball that Terrelle Pryor hasn’t shown this season.

That wasn’t enough to get a win, but that should be enough for him to hold onto the job for the rest of the season.

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  1. The Jets suck luckily for them the Raiders are a crap shoot right now. Janos missed field goal and Marquette Kings blocked punt returned for a TD is the difference of the game, Special teams.

  2. Here’s an idea that might just be crazy enough to work. Package Pryor & McFadden to Washington for Kirk Cousins. Dan Snyder has some sort of love affair with RG III and out so Cousins will sit the bench anyhow. Then all we need is OL, WR, CB, LB, K, HC, DC, OC and maybe TE.

  3. The worst team in the NFL who went 3-13 and drafted a franchise QB the next year.

    The worst team in the NFL is the perennial loser who goes 6-10 every year (give or take), nullifying their ability to draft any players of immediate consequence or clear and inherent value, and/or trading all of their mediocre draft picks for aging or flash-in-the-pan free agents.

    The Raiders are the worst team in the NFL.

  4. tdubdizzle says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:38 PM
    The Jets suck luckily for them the Raiders are a crap shoot right now. Janos missed field goal and Marquette Kings blocked punt returned for a TD is the difference of the game, Special teams.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – –

    funny i thought it might have been McGloins interception (yet once again) in our own red zone….lets face it raiders look like a team that got blown up by their GM in the off season…..did not know it was Kings fault for having to punt from his own 7 yard line…. i thought the offense was suppose to go down the field. I know one thing…King has gotten a lot of work the past 5 weeks.

  5. The Jets suck luckily for them the Raiders are a crap shoot right now. Janos missed field goal and Marquette Kings blocked punt returned for a TD is the difference of the game, Special teams.


    Really? I thought it was the 15 yard TD run where Ivory dragged your whole defense on his back into the endzone that made the difference of the game. Excuses..excuses..excuses..

  6. Any coach that has 10 days to prepare for Geno Smith and puts up the performance that I saw today needs to be fired. That’s not even something that can be debated.

  7. Radrntn and Ryan 252013

    The Raiders lost by ten, mistakes on their own part cost them ten points. In order for the Raiders to win they need to correct there mistakes like special teams miscues. Basic math to point out the ‘difference’ of the game.

  8. I didn’t realize it was McGloins fault for the Raiders giving up 37 points to Geno Smith. I’m sure Pryor would have won the game by playing defense too? Shut up already, the Raiders are awful and have a terrible coaching staff.

  9. Raiders are a shell of the team that started the season. So it’s no surprise the Jets won this game.

  10. I said in another thread Jets would win, and Geno would get 250 passing yards (and I got thumbdowned)…I was close to the passing yards part.

    Don’t hate!

    J-E-T-S! Jets Jets Jets!!!

  11. I know my Raiders suck but the only reason I keep checking here is to hopefully hear the coach is getting fired.

  12. natelan69 says: Dec 8, 2013 4:33 PM


    Here’s to another decade of “Just suck baby!!”
    They beat your team. With Pryor at QB, no less. Here’s to your fifth straight decade of no rings.

  13. Another season of double digit losses.

    Yep, same old fade.

    Worst franchise out there going on another decade. And I really see no end in sight. They have literally no franchise players to build around, unless you count punters, lol.

    Dead al must be rolling around in his cryo crypt!

  14. Raiders fans: “Hey, we were relevant 30+ years ago, so that means we’re still relevant today, right?!”

    Raiders fans, your team should pawn those 30+ year old rings and use the proceeds to find a quarterback who can throw a ball.

    Until then, you will continue to be the annual stepping stone of the league.

  15. natelan69 says: Dec 8, 2013 9:39 PM

    Raiders fans: “Hey, we were relevant 30+ years ago, so that means we’re still relevant today, right?!”
    Raider fans are always relevant. That’s why you spend so much time trolling them. The Raiders and Chargers have both been in the NFL since 1970, and the Chargers are the team that never had to hire a carpenter.

  16. The Raiders are really horrible. Don’t forget that the Yets were the one team that had even more humiliating headlines than the Raiders or Jags, at the start of the season. But they sure man-handled the Raiders.

    While not a fan of that team (fortunately) – I’ve been on the record more than a few times, voicing my hope that they at least stay competitive, because a tough AFC West is what I enjoy the most. But Oakland just keep regressing. It doesn’t help to read the tired and pathetic chants from the few Raiders’ fans left here, denigrating fans of other teams under the logic that a handful of victories decades ago somehow makes for a compelling product now.

    In fact, the Raiders’ fans continued waxing poetic about the “good old days” are likely a prime contributor in the sorry state of the franchise. Now. In the modern era. You all need to just quite the banter, and hold that team accountable now, so that you might possibly hope for better days to come. Otherwise, they’ll just inevitably fold up shop, and move to a different, less impoverished town.

  17. As a die hard Raiders fan, Your organization is SORRY and USELESS! I’m so tired of spending money on your apparel, tickets to your games, and watching your dam games and you can’t even get us a Win!
    1. Get J.Ford out of there-he does nothing for the team at all and he’s lazy
    2. FIRE D.A. he is the softest coach in the league, and I’m sick of hearing that he always has packages for Pryor and won’t use him! stop wasting our time and Pryor’s time because that’s exactly what he’s doing.
    3. Get rid of Moore- Just as lazy as ford
    4. WIN GAMES BY MORE THEN 3 POINTS, KEEP A LEAD, GO ON A WINNING STREAK FOR ONCE, BE CONSISTENT! I’m sure all raider nation is sick of one week winning and next week losing and playing like we don’t know how to play.
    5. Losing to these bum teams, and making these bum qb’s AKA Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick and any other bum look good!

  18. 6. Get a O-line, Get rid of Khalif Barnes and everyone else accept Jared and wiz!

    Personally I’m tired of defending this team and organization and there’s nothing to show for it!

  19. Get rid of Wiz also or at least get a good centerand move him to guard.

    How many terrible snaps can a center have in a year? When the QB is in the shotgun Wiz has the accuracy of JRussell.

  20. whats wrong natelyn 69…is the chiefs page to lonely for you…no body really make that many comments about the chiefs, so you need to visit the raiders page….and as far as the chiefs being contenders……really now…..I am sure the Bengals are scared to death to have to host the chiefs for a home playoff game.. …It’s ok you will be able to change your name to Natelyn48….because it might be the year 2048 when you win another super bowl.

  21. It’s ashame that as a raider fan, i can predict what’s going to happen in a game before it even happens and it’s been that way since 2003 right after we lost Gannon! I didn’t want Geno to go off on us of course not, but i knew when i seen on espn that they were last in passing in every category, i knew for a fact we were going to out there and not execute and we were going to make him look like the QB he is not smh

  22. Whoever says that we are horrible and have a below average coaching staff is telling the truth, I’m not going to keep sitting here and defending our team when everyone knows the real truth

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