Jets rolling over Raiders


The Raiders lost a close game to the Giants during their first visit to New Jersey this season, but they aren’t showing many signs of hanging tough against the Jets this time around.

The Jets have a 20-3 lead at halftime as they’ve been able to shut down an undermanned Raiders offense that has tried out each of their quarterbacks in hopes of sparking some life. The sum total was 138 yards, three points and a lot of action for Marcel Reece, who has played well but one man bands don’t tend to work all that well in the NFL.

Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor are 7-of-15 for 91 yards overall and Ed Reed made his first positive impact for the Jets with an interception when McGloin threw a hurried pass from his own end zone. That led to a field goal and the Jets extended their lead to 17 points when Antonio Allen blocked a punt and fell on it in the end zone.

Offense hasn’t been a beauty pageant for the Jets, but it has been their best half on that side of the ball in more than a month. Geno Smith is 9-of-15 for 141 yards and a touchdown to Jeremy Kerley, whose return has been a big boost to the passing game. Kellen Winslow and Santonio Holmes have both made plays after limited appearances last week, giving the Jets much more to smile about on that side of the ball.

13 responses to “Jets rolling over Raiders

  1. Reggie Mckenzie has done absolutely nothing to improve this team. Still pathetic after 2 years of bad picks and signings.Time to fire this failed hire for a GM.

  2. Geno’s TD to Kerley seemed to be intended for Holmes, but it juts floated. On top of that two defenders were right there as it hung in the air and really should have intercepted it or, at the very least, knocked it down.
    And the Jets secondary continues to look like swiss cheese. A+ according to Rex I’m sure.

  3. Mcgloin needs more time. Pryors not the guy. Draft a Qb. Look into Cutler. Reggie has 70 million to find some options. Give Reggie and Dennis one more year to see what they can do. They inherited debt it’s unfair to fire them for still being in it. The Raiders will be a whole different team next year. Be patient.

  4. Most football viewers (sportscasters and fans) are not intelligent or objective enough to accurately judge the Raiders . Are they ever going to be as historically good or recently bad as they were under Al Davis? This is the question. But they are no longer your dad’s Raiders. They have spent the last two years dumping bad contracts and bad players. They have the most dead money ($50 million) in the league this year, Jacksonville is at #2 ($27 million) and pretty much everyone else is below $13.5 million if that clues you in at all. How are they even competing in but two games this season? They won’t win another this season, I’m telling you. But I think The Raiders are improved because of coaching and finding cheap, young talent. I think it would be a mistake for Mark Davis to act like his dad and fire Reggie McKenzie and/or Dennis Allen at this point. I feel 2014 is the time to judge the owner, the general manager and the coach if the Raiders are still not winning.

  5. I think it’s the (3) 30+ year old Super Bowl trophies that makes the Raiders look even worse than they already do.

    It takes a special kind of suck to have 11 straight non-winning seasons. Approaching, possibly surpassing, Browns/Lions/Cardinals type of suck.

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