K.J. Wright expected to miss six weeks with foot injury


The Seahawks lost for the second time this season on Sunday and the cost was more than a game off their lead in the NFC West.

Coach Pete Carroll said after the game that linebacker K.J. Wright broke a bone in his foot during the 19-17 loss to the 49ers. Carroll said that the injury has a six week timetable for recovery, which would put Wright’s return deep into the playoffs if there aren’t any setbacks on the road back to health.

Wright has started all 13 games for the Seahawks this season and has proven versatile and effective enough to be an every down player on the outside for the Seahawks. That’s a big loss at any point in the season, but especially in the postseason.

Malcolm Smith should take over for Wright in the starting lineup when the Seahawks travel to New Jersey for a date with the Giants next weekend.

22 responses to “K.J. Wright expected to miss six weeks with foot injury

  1. Us 12’s have full confidence in Malcolm stepping in and playing at a high level (see Arizona game). Hopefully we pull or heads out of our a**** and stop committing 10 penalties a game! #GoHawks

  2. never like to see injuries but mite wanna check him for ped’s after that temper tantrum… nobody likes to get hrt but that looked like some serious roid rage to me!!!

  3. This was the turning point in the game after he got hurt ogre was able to make a couple cut backs towards the weak side where his position would have been ..hurt us today but give another young guy a chance to step up and get some game experience .. Bummer but the hawks will almost certainly be alive playing in 6 weeks so we’ll see if he gets game action …

  4. Malcolm Smith has some BIG shoes to fill but I’m sure he can handle it!

    Hurry back K.J. we miss you already.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  5. One of the Seahawk’s that even the haters shouldn’t trash. This guy isn’t a punk, and worked his arse off to become a stud.

    Hopefully Seattle is fortunate enough to be around when he gets back. Next man up has been working for Seattle so far, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.

  6. nfl4days says:
    Dec 8, 2013 11:01 PM
    Guy was going nuts on the sideline. That’s how you know a guy has heart.
    So throwing your helmet in someone’s face is now considered having heart?

    This would only make sense to someone that supports a HC like Pete Carroll and all the players on PED’s.

  7. Too bad and you hate to see injuries to guys with heart that play hard, but the truth is that Smith isn’t a drop off at all at the position and from what I’ve seen is more athletic and probably a better player. Just like Lane is better than Maxwell and Christine Michael is better than Turbin. Hope for a speedy recovery, but this shouldn’t hurt the Seahawks and Smith needs to make the most out of this opportunity.

  8. He’ll go see “doctor sherman” for a lil’ sumthin sumthin and be back out on the field before you know it.

  9. KJ Wright was having a true breakout season. I thought he was even a stud last year but he was getting national press this year. I feel so bad for him because without question he showed his heart being told he has a broken foot and is going to miss this attempt at the Super Bowl. 6 weeks, if my math is correct that is a possible if we make the conference championship game.

    Malcom Smith was balling when Bobby Wagner went down. He even made a monster play taking down the QB on a zone read yesterday. Heal up KJ and hopefully you can help your team late in the playoffs.

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