Lynch borrowing teammate’s helmet isn’t an issue for the league

Getty Images

During Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and the 49ers included a moment when running back Marshawn Lynch became separate from his helmet.  So he grabbed a helmet from a teammate, put it on, and kept playing.

In any other year, it would be an intriguing anecdote.  In this year, with the NFL requiring teams to use one helmet all year, it raised eyebrows.

According to the league office, it’s not a problem.

“The new policy was put into place in an effort to minimize helmet changes for hundreds of players during the course of the season,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT.  “The policy prevents an entire team from having to change back and forth between helmets.”

The new rule has prompted multiple teams to ditch throwback uniforms (as the Buccaneers and Cowboys did) or to modify their throwbacks (as the Packers did) to use their regular helmets.