MRI tomorrow for Gronk, but initial indications aren’t good

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The Patriots lost tight end Rob Gronkowski for Sunday’s game against the Browns after a low hit from safety T.J. Ward.  The Pats also may have lost Gronkowski for the season.

Per a league source, Gronkowski will have an MRI tomorrow on his injured knee.  But the MRI may be more about confirming the damage than determining it.

“Not looking good,” the source said, adding that the initial testing of the test is not encouraging.

The official diagnosis comes tomorrow.  The worst-case scenario would be a torn ACL along with damage to other knee ligaments and cartilage.

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  1. He’s simply too Injury Prone. It may be best to try and explore trade options for him rather than play the “when’s gronk coming back?” game every year.

  2. Gronk is a great player when healthy, but he is always getting hurt. And it’s always a different injury it seems. Sucks because he is a fun player to watch. On & off the field.

  3. Well, at least they didn’t hit him in the head, right?

    Tho it could be argued that hitting Gronk in the head, would do little harm.

    If he’s out thats a huge loss for New England.

  4. Remember when QBs had to know how to throw the ball so their WR wouldn’t get lit up going across the middle? Well I think you’re going to start seeing QBs learning to throw it so their WR doesn’t get hit low if that’s even possible.

  5. Bad Back since Arizona, bad ankle, forearm has had a multitude of surgeries, now a torn ACL and maybe some other ligaments. 4 years in the league. Injury Prone.

  6. To everyone saying, “Gronk is made of glass, or he’s always injured” huh?!? Did any of ya watch the game or bother seeing a replay? He took a HUGE shot in the leg, it got bent and landed really awkwardly. The injury can happen to anyone, “injury prone” or not.

  7. Two things:

    1) He’s not injury prone, that was a straight shot to the knee.

    2) It’s not Ward’s fault, this is what Roger wanted. No more head shots or anything above the navel really. That way you can go on your publicity tours talking about safety, ignoring the fact that guys knees are getting shredded about as often as people used to get concussed.

  8. While Gronk has been injury prone, this injury is something a bit different and likely would have put anyone out of the game and presumably, the season.

    After fining defensive guys hundreds of thousands of dollars, guys are taking each other out at the knees. I can’t imagine that isn’t going to show itself in Gronk’s future years as he gets older…or every time it rains.

    This is on Roger Goodell and the NFL rules committee. I can’t imagine that they’re (NFL) not going to be liable for stuff like this…even on the grounds of pure negligence.

  9. People saying this shows Gronk’s injury prone are nuts. Maybe some of his other injuries are plays other players wouldn’t be injured on, but this one would have taken anyone out. He got hit full speed in the side of the knee with his foot planted. It’s a freak play that would destroy anyone’s knee, and has nothing to do with him being injury prone.

  10. That’s a shame since I like Rob, at least on the field as I think he’s a bit of a moron off it.

    So now if the Pats don’t get to the superbowl or worse, go one and done this will be the excuse by the media. There is always an excuse for whenever the Pats don’t do well.

    I personally think the team will be fine and they will get to the superbowl as Denver will find a way to blow it again and the rest of the AFC is pathetic.

  11. For the people in a rush to label him “injury prone” what exactly did you expect to happen when a DB rams a helmet into the side of his knee? There’s only one thing that happens on a shot like that. You go down and get carted off the field.

    And Steve Tasker’s assessment of it during the broadcast was drop dead moronic. He went on for 5 minutes about the new strict rules on shots to the head forcing players to hit eachother in the knees. The man should be ashamed of himself.

  12. Gronk may be injury prone,but I can’t think of one TE or WR in the league that could have gotten up and walked off after that hit. You could hear him yelling out in pain. He actually took two nasty hits at once. One was high,one was low,and there was no flag on either. Sad situation…

  13. What a blatant cheap shot by cheap shot artist tj ward. Embarrassing. Like the entire city of that dump Cleveland

    Pats fan here (FWIW). First, it’s DJ Ward. Second, it was not a cheap shot…not even close.

    My guess after seeing this clean hit that the NFL will eventually adopt the baseball “strike zone” for tackling: Shoulders to knees. Anything above the head or below the knee is a foul. Not sure if its the right thing or not, but too many players are sustaining head and knee injuries.

  14. its bc of his back, as a former college football player with a back injury I can tell you he is now injury prone his nerves are not and never will be the same

  15. Here’s a sore loser’s comments:

    “GOOD. He deserved it after they had the mob fix the game.”

  16. Any time a guy hits a player in the side of the knee, especially a plant foot, it’s a dirty play in my mind. Ward was late arriving on the play. Just because the rules say you can’t hit a player in the head, or, you can’t hit a receiver in a defenseless position, does not mean you have to hit him in the knee. Ward had to know going in hard to the knee, in a direction perpendicular to the joint, had a high probability of leading to a serious. The guilt ridden look on his face when Gronk got carted of tells all. I think Gronk may have even blown off his handshake. Not sure on that though.

    I think about hard hitting safeties of the past, like Atwater and Lott. Those guys could hit you in mid section and you’d go down. It seems like actual tackling is a lost art too.

    This could have been prevented if the league had taken action against players like Ryan Clark and Brandon Merriweather when they spoke openly of going after players knees as a rebuttal to the league rules on hits to the head. That talk emboldens players like Ward. The league silence gave tacit approval to what he eventually did. Had those players been suspended or heavily fined, this may have been avoided.

    I think the hit was with malice, and I can’t tell you the evil things I was wishing on Ward and his family when I saw this go down. I feel bad about that but honestly, this was just a crime.

  17. Dolphin can here… That was a vicious hit. Dustin Keller esque. Anyone saying that makes his injury prone doesn’t watch sports and is trolling

  18. Ward did the same thing to EJ Manuel…and him and his teammates were high fiving and bragging about it when he went down.

    It’s a complete joke how this guy is getting away with targeting players knees…it’s clear as day.

  19. There is such a huge target area from the shoulders on down to the thighs.. I always will say players that go for knees are B$%^&. And yes TJ Ward had ample time to go high. The rules are so backward, can’t hit a QB in the knee, but everyone else is fair game. I started watching the NFL when i moved to the States 14 years ago, and i have noticed that the sport has declined significantly. I wouldnt event start with the refs. I can only imagine for those that have watched it their whole lives..

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