Nick Foles finally throws a pick, Lions take 8-0 lead


Stop the presses: Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has thrown an interception.

Foles’s first interception of the season came in the second quarter on a snowy day against the Lions, and Detroit’s Chris Houston did the honors of picking him off. Both offenses have struggled to hold onto the ball all day in the cold and snowy conditions in Philadelphia.

The Lions took advantage of good field position after the interception with a Joique Bell touchdown run. They then decided to go for two, thinking that a snap, hold and kick would be difficult in the snow, and Bell scored the two-point conversion, too. The Lions took an early 8-0 lead.

This kind of weather is conducive to a defensive struggle, so an 8-0 lead for the Lions is significant. Snow might be just the thing to slow down the fast-paced Eagles offense.