Rob Gronkowski out after blow to knee


The Patriots are down 12-0 in Cleveland and they’re going to have to make a comeback without tight end Rob Gronkowski’s help.

The tight end took a shot to the right knee from Browns safety T.J. Ward while trying to catch a pass from Tom Brady. Ward went low on the play, which is sure to lead to more discussion about how defensive players hit under the current rules of the league.

It was a scary looking hit in real time as Gronkowski’s leg buckled and he immediately went down with his hands on his helmet. He was helped onto a cart, where Ward went over to shake his hand, and taken back to the locker room a short time later.

There’s been no official announcement from the Pats about the tight end’s condition, but it would be surprising to see him on the field again today.

Things got worse for the Patriots on the next play when Tom Brady fumbled while being sacked by Paul Kruger. John Hughes fell on the ball and the Browns are trying to extend their lead in New England.

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  1. As a Pats fan, i’ll be the first to tell you that that is a clean hit. If Ward goes high, he gets fined, so he has to aim low. Sadly, its how the NFL is today

  2. A lot of people are going to come on here and say that Gronkowski gets hurt too much. Every single player in the league would’ve been carted off after a hit like that. It’s happened too often this year because of the new defenseless receivers rule.

  3. “There’s been no official announcement from the Pats about the tight end’s condition, but it would be surprising to see him on the field again today.”

    Today? Id be surprised t

  4. NFL has to adjust these rules. That hit made me sick and that’s far dirtier than a high hit but completely legal in the current game.

    These great pass catcher are going to have their careers ended because the league went overboard on trying to fine hits considered high.

  5. Just can’t get any worse for Brady & Co.

    Worst of all, I do NOT want to see Manning riding through the playoffs in January, thinking that the regular season win was just a ‘fluke’ the Broncos let happen.

  6. Damn, after Brady this is the last guy New England could afford to lose.

    An I agree 100% with people blaming the rules. Its far more dangerous to a player’s career to be hit down low than up high.

  7. Couldn’t be more disappointed and it’s going to make me so mad when all the talking heads say how “injury prone” Gronk is when that hit was nothing short of terrible luck. Best wishes to him and his recovery and hopefully he comes back sooner than expected

  8. Legal Hit. Ward should not be fined.

    In the end, they need to fine helmet lead tackles. I will always have a problem with a defender that makes first contact with the crown of his helmet to the knee. The NFL needs to find balance again. This is not working.

  9. Yet ANOTHER receiver who is THRILLED that The NFL is “protecting” players by fining defenders for high hits.

  10. Here come all the idiots to call Gronk “glass” when any guy is vulnerable to a shot like that to the knee.

    And cry me a river with this “we can’t hit them in the head, so we have to dive at guys knees” argument. That’s a steaming load of BS. It’s a shame the vast majority of the NFL don’t know how to tackle.

  11. Thanks Roger, you’ve made the league ‘safer’ with your knee-jerk reaction to a hot-button issue (concussions) and shifted the decimation away from the head, down to players legs. But of course it’ll be 5 or 6 years before anyone cares about that, and you’ll be long gone by then, laughing all the way to the bank, you corporate shill pig.

  12. Congratulations Manning and Welker, the only team with a legitimate chance of stopping you from going to the super bowl just lost it’s best offensive weapon. Hits like that disgusts me and the NFL ain’t gonna do a thing to change those types of hits.

  13. Couldn’t be happier!

    And yep, its because my team sucks and I like seeing Patriots injured. Don’t really care what you think of me.

    Lata Gronk!

  14. The problem is with a guy like Gronk you have to go low. If you aim for center mass he just shakes off the hit and keeps running.

    Impossible situation for a DB.

  15. “Thanks NFL. You’ve created a game that prefers knee injuries that require 9-12 months to heal over 1-2 week concussions.”

    I bet Roger Goodell can’t even spell “concussions”

  16. To the contrarian fan trying to say knee injuries happened before. Its true, they happened before but how many ACL injuries do you remember happening? I watched football a long time and don’t remember this many ACLs getting blown.

    I don’t have the numbers but I could show you a list of players taking hits just like the one Gronk has. That list is only going to grow if the rules stay this way. Besides, I have no doubt you would be singing a different tune if Josh Gordon gets his knee blown out making a catch.

  17. I’m sorry, but it’s better for a guy to lose a season to a knee injury than it is to have him blow his own head off at 39 because he can’t remember who he is, or who his kids are. Head trauma is not a hot button issue. It’s a matter of life and death. Knees are tinker-toys. You can literally go out and buy a new one. Brains are a little harder to come by. Have some perspective before you roll the bus over the commissioner.

  18. Is everyone forgetting that’s where Gronk ALWAYS gets hit? It’s the only way to take the big man down. Quit blaming this one on the new rules.

    Just unfortunate it ended in injury this time.

  19. Horrible! Reminds me of 2009 when Welker tore his knee at the end of the regular season. Season defining moment for the Pats if Gronk is done for the year…

  20. if you ppl are gonna place blame,blame all the retired players who faked concussion injuries for a easy payday money grab.(not the legit injured retired players)

  21. You can blame the league for this legal low hit, but you also have to blame Ward. It was dirty, it was intentional, it was done to injure. The league won’t do anything about it, unless there is a similar retaliation hit by the Pats today. The league would be forced into addressing the ridiculous over officiating. Who would ever believed that Brandon Meriwether actually had a valid point.

  22. It’s easy to say ACL injuries are up after the rule changes because it’s easy to think of a few high profile examples. But who knows if it actually is the case, I would need to see some actual data.

  23. jrs45 says: Dec 8, 2013 3:16 PM

    Clean hit.


    Legal hit? Yes. Clean hit? That is more of a gray area. Anytime the first contact that a defender makes is with the crown of the helmet to the side of a knee, it’s anything but clean. But ‘clean’ doesn’t matter, legal does. Legal hit.

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