Saints rolling Panthers 21-6 at halftime


The league’s top-ranked defense is getting picked apart, and they don’t have long to catch their breath.

The Saints have raced to a 21-6 halftime lead on the Panthers, with Drew Brees at his surgical best.

The Saints have thrown for 183 yards and three touchdowns at halftime, after he was held to 147 yards last week against the Seahawks.

The difference is the Seahawks were able to get some pressure on Brees, and had personnel in the secondary to cover and make Brees make some choices.

The Panthers aren’t getting there with their front four tonight, and Brees is making them pay. He also gets the ball to start the second half, which could allow him to put this one out of reach quickly.

20 responses to “Saints rolling Panthers 21-6 at halftime

  1. Not even an act of God could slow down Chip Kellys 11 headed offensive monster machine tour 2013. You have all been warned. And theres simply nothing you can do about it.

  2. The panthers need to get Mike Mitchell out of there.
    Brees is exposing him and he’s being abused by Colston.

    This is why chumps shouldn’t run their mouth until they’ve actually done something.

  3. I expected this.. Saints are a quality club and need to maintain this lead which will mean fighting off that defense. Car offense is not good only turnovers and breakdowns should lose this game for No

  4. With all 3 td’s thrown right in front of him, I bet Mitchell wishes he kept his mouth shut about the Saints a few weeks ago.

  5. You’re seeing the major difference between the Panthers and Seahawks. Where Jimmy Graham was invisible last week, he is running untouched in the Panther liability, their secondary. If they can find a few gems to stock back there, especially at safety along with some more receivers, I’d be ready to elevate them to Super Bowl contender, assuming that Rivera doesn’t return to his old conservative ways.

  6. Guys, I would wait for the game in Carolina before passing any judgement about Carolina’s problems. Teams get regularly blown out by the Saints in that dome. Remember that Brees has struggled outdoors multiple times this season e.g. Bucs, Pats, Jets and Seahawks.

    Just my 2 cents.

  7. the panthers definitely have vulnerabilities in the secondary, and don’t appear to match up with the saints as well as the seahawks do, but then again they were able to go into candlestick and win, something the seahawks failed to do today. the seahawks home field advantage is undeniable, but after seeing the bucs play them close at home they are not unbeatable.

  8. Just seems the Panthers don’t have the receiving weapons to expose and keep pace with the Saints. Their receiving group is pedestrian at best. Their D will keep them in many games, but the lack of firepower on O will be their undoing. Next year if they get a TE and a decent WR they should be a real dangerous team.

  9. This will be a different game in Charlotte, but the Panther liabilities in the secondary and their weak receiving corps will be a problem going down the stretch and in the playoffs if they make it.

  10. Not going to be any different in Charlotte. Panthers don’t have the home field advantage like we do.

    And they are shredding the Panthers #1 rank defense–they won’t be #1 tomorrow (or #2 in the NFL rankings).

    They are finally playing a “great” team–and are being exposed.

    This is like the Seahawks vs Saints game, just in reverse!


  11. Seahawks ARE unbeatable at home the bucs game saw the Seahawks missing 4 starting offensive linemen .. The Seahawks had 3 turnovers on their own side of the field. ..

    What you could say is that a team can get lucky and get close to pulling out a win but no finish . Today was SFs Super Bowl they barely won at home despite Seattle loosing 4 players during the game.they lose today they have a good shot At missing the playoffs .

    SF the plays today like any team can do sometimes as you can see pesky division teams always make it challenging ..

    No one will be able to change plays or make adjusters in Seattle which gives them aa major major advantage over visiting teams .. Add the fact that Seattle is just stating to get healthy and have when winning without many key players and you get a team who hasn’t peaked bc they haven’t been together much or at all in some cases(Harvin)..

    Here’s to two healthy teams coming out if this game .

  12. Taintedsaints2009 the Seahawks are the class of the NFC a late loss ok the road to a division rival who happens to be a very good opponent doesn’t mean there all that beatable . They lost all teams do …, now if u mean compared to the fav where there are 2 teams and a bunch of easy wins then I understand ..but Seattle is still arguably the best team in football loosing to a high quality opponent at their house with their playoff lives on the line is not any sort of knock on them .

  13. I think the panthers are a one trick pony. If they get behind by 10 it’s over. They’re a good front running team and if the game is close they have a shot but, this isn’t their year.

  14. Just where are the big mouth trash talking panther fans anyway. Yes you should be hiding in embarrassment after such a poor showing. And what does big mouth Mitchell say abut Brees being too soft???? Good chance – would hate to see if he was really aggressive, instead of 4 TD passes maybe 7 or 8.

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