Shanahan doesn’t deny ESPN report


In response to the ESPN report that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan nearly quit in January, Shanahan didn’t deny it.

“It’s not the right time or place to talk about my relationship with Dan Snyder,” Shanahan told reporters after Sunday’s embarrassing loss to the Chiefs.  “Or it’s not the right time or place to talk about something that happened a year ago.”

(That last part could be construed as a confirmation.)

Shanahan consistently refused to talk about his future in Washington, insisting on focusing on next weekend’s game against the Falcons.

Shanahan added he expects to talk to Snyder after the season.  But Snyder could decide to talk about it now, perhaps including the sentence, “You’re fired.”

Amid suspicions that Shanahan leaked the report that he nearly quit due to the relationship between Snyder and quarterback Robert Griffin III, don’t be shocked if that sentence is uttered tonight.

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  1. Houston, if you hire this guy, good luck to you. He has been nearly a total disaster as a coach. Good riddance!

  2. Real fair to ask him these questions after a loss. Keep your chin up Mr.Shanahan. You are a great headcoach for the best franchise in sports. Better days will come in 2014. #HTTR

  3. The guy wants to be fired so he can keep his salary.

    Snyder can one up him by firing the younger and if the elder doesn’t like it he can quit.

  4. Remember when the “Old Ball Coach” took a settlement and walked away from the Skins’ job before he was fired. I foresee the Shanahan duo engaging in a similar deal with Snyder.

    Snyder saves a few bucks while the Shanahans try to save face.

  5. I think it’s unfair to put all the blame of how the Redskins have performed this year on Shanny. And the same can be said about RGIII. You have a QB coming back from an injury, entering only his second season in the NFL, you have the NFL itself unjustly penalizing the Redskins in salary cap over the uncapped season therefore putting them at a disadvantage competitively. There are just so many things it’s unfair to blame only a few people.

    I hope, Shanahan keeps his job for at least one more season, I want to see what this team can do with a healthy RGIII again.

  6. drs76109 says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:29 PM
    “The guy wants to be fired so he can keep his salary.

    Snyder can one up him by firing the younger and if the elder doesn’t like it he can quit.”


    Shannie probably has a clause in his contract that permits him to hire and fire the coaching staff. If that is true, as I suspect it is, Snyder would have to fire MS to fire KS.

  7. I was all for keeping shanahan another year, til I read the report. If the guy wants out, let him go. Why would you keep someone who does t want to stay?

  8. Why would he Texans want Shanahan? They had a Shanahan disciple here. If they wanted Shanahan now, McNair wouldn’t have Fired Kubiak. Time for the Texans to GET AWAY from ex Denver Coaches.

  9. logicalvoicesays | Dec 8, 2013, 4:23 PM EST
    Real fair to ask him these questions after a loss. Keep your chin up Mr.Shanahan. You are a great headcoach for the best franchise in sports. Better days will come in 2014. #HTTR

    But if we wait until after a win, we’ll never get to ask him.

  10. bricktop02 says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:35 PM
    Three first round draft picks for a guy who will be out of football in two years is grounds to get fired.


    That wasn’t Shanahan’s call…that was Snyder all day long.

    As bad as Shanahan and his son have been, let’s be honest, Snyder set them up for failure by playing Fantasy Football with his roster and trying to be buddy buddy with RG3andout.

  11. Way to get steamrolled again losers. At least you will have a high 1st round pick next year to help your next coach succeed. Oh that’s right, that would be property of the St Louis Rams.


  12. This is almost a Nixonian possibility: Snyder tells Allen to fire Shanahan. He refuses. Snyder fires Allen. Then gets someone else to do it…

    That said, I reiterate what I said before: fire the younger to force the elder’s hand. If he doesn’t like it, let him quit.

  13. Getting fired couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…..Is it any wonder the Redskins are like swiss cheese. Full of holes & stink??

  14. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:23 PM
    Real fair to ask him these questions after a loss. Keep your chin up Mr.Shanahan. You are a great headcoach for the best franchise in sports. Better days will come in 2014. #HTTR


    You’ve crossed the line from fan to delusional….Shanahan and RG3 are both out of the league within 3 years.

  15. Shanahan consistently refused to talk about his future in Washington.
    what future, he’s fired either tonight or in 3 weeks. What’ difference does it make? For fans of other teams, hope his NFL career is over, or he will ruin your franchise without ever taking blame for anything, too. Ask his 7 defensive coordinators in 7 years from his Denver days, lol. Maybe that is why he wouldn’t fire Haslett.

  16. davereckon,you are crazy if you think shanny is a great coach! he is as close to a dictator as the nfl has ever seen!

  17. As a huge Redskins fan I appreciate your devotion to the team, logicalvoices, but do you really believe the stuff you say or just say stuff to get a reaction. If you really believe everything you spout, then you are delusional, theses guys are horrible and Shanahan(s) need to go, hopefully by midnight tonight.

  18. RG3…”Some things are allowed to happen and we can cut a lot of this stuff out and it’s not being cut out so…I don’t know what else I can do about that…um you know I come to work everyday…I work with those guys everyday…I go to war with them everyday it’s very unfortunate and that’s all I can say about it at this time and that’s all I will say.”

    WOW…this guy doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a starting QB in the NFL be allowed to run his mouth like this cat. And he plays both sides very well…RG3 do yourself a favor and for the rest of the season…stop talking after NFL games.

  19. Yeah, makes some more sense why RG3 is spouting about everything this past weeks (mostly sticking his foot in the mouth with a sense of entitlement)

    It’s as he clearly knows he’s on the better side of Snyder and thus has nothing to worry about from his coach; he basically has more pull than Shanahan.

    Must be driving Shanahan nuts, so he gets his rumor spinners out there to release this about last year, which can be easily inferred to an onogoing issue so it puts Snyder in the middle and having to pick one or the other.

  20. That was pretty low of shanny to leak the story assuming the poison pill theory is true. And a lot of posters are right. What owner would want a guy like shanny for pulling that backstabbing crap? The problem is, its going to be slim pickens for coaches this year. I could see some crappper like TB or the giants hiring him on a 2-3 yr deal. I just think he’s ruined his reputation with this story and in my opinion, leaking it. Sad for Washington cause they won’t have much to choose from coachwise. And hardly any draft picks.

  21. what a horrible franchise this is? I would say from top to bottom including the QB and the entire team this is the worst franchise in the NFL.

    Love it too!!!!! LOL


  22. Ok. Annoying question. Also stupid. Fans don’t care what happened last year. They want a win and Shannahans response is right. Yeah, talk about Atlanta. Your next opponent.

  23. If Snyder really wants to get him, firing him is too nice. Shanahan wins. Suspend him, put him on ice, and not let him or his son, out of his contract and sue him if necessary to screw him on the hiring cycle….if Snyder is on the hook anyway, just hire a new coach. Did Shannahan forget the lesson Al taught him early on

  24. Snyder is a chump, Shannahan is an overhyped coach. The Redskins are the worst run organization in the NFL. Get comfy sitting at the bottom of the NFC East for many many years to come. As long as RG3 is in control of this subpar offense, they will be bottom dwelling. HTTR though.

  25. RGIII is bagging it so Snyder has no other choice but to fire him. Who would want to coach this team knowing Snyder & RGIII are like this? It will cost Snyder more because of it.

  26. logicalvoicesays says: Dec 8, 2013 4:23 PM

    Real fair to ask him these questions after a loss. Keep your chin up Mr.Shanahan. You are a great headcoach for the best franchise in sports. Better days will come in 2014. #HTTR

    1) I believe the issue came up this morning, well before the game. So… no, not ‘after a loss’. BEFORE the inevitable ‘loss’.

    2) If we’re not allowed to ask tough questions of the Redskins after they lose, we’ll never get to talk to them at all. Or haven’t you looked at the team’s record?

    3) You know what’s funny? The instant he gets fired- and he will, if not now then by season’s end- you’ll turn right around and start talking about how he had to go, he’s a bad coach, the next one will bring your team back to glory, etc… And the best part is that I don’t think you even really realize what a running joke you are around here.

  27. If the story is true that Shanahan nearly quit last year because of the relationship between Griffin and the owner then I offer this: it is true no player should play lovey dovey with the owner because it DOES connote that anyone may undermine the coach. BUT if the Shanahan did not have the proverbial balls to seek out the owner and tell him that he is the coach and players should come to him first then I do not want him as my head coach period. Or if Snyder initiated the contact with Griffin then Shanahan again should have yelled. That is the problem with Snyder. He has a lot of money plus a rich franchise therefore he thinks that he is master of the gridiron.

  28. This seasons’ skins team definitely are reminiscent of those dysfunctional Jets team of recent years. Bottom line, whatever the team decides to do, which direction they decide to take, will be criticized no matter what.

    It didn’t help that they managed to make the seemingly incorrect move from the offseason, beginning with griffin’s injury to boneheaded moves throughout the course of this season.

    9 out of 10, a coach would have told his QB to sit and take care of rehabbing a serious injury. The same amount would have sat out the same QB in the beginning of the seas. The same coaches would have pulled out this same QB after a few games where it clearly showed he’s not fully healed.

    Oh, well, hindsight’s always 20/20.

    There’s always next season right skin fans?

  29. Dan Snyder must be taking advice from Obama. If he is it’s working. Obama is destroying the US and Snyder is destroying the Redskins. Here’s some advice Dan, sell the team and cut you’re losses.

  30. All litle Mikey is concerned with is his legacy, and that is he can’t win anything without Elway. Do you wonder why he put Bobby G Me back in the playoff loss last year? Now besides that, the biggest problem in DC, is the midget Danny Schneider. Joe Gibbs ran like a scalded dog from him, Schottenheimer, the old ball coach, good fricken coaches can’t stand this guy. Now, he has a man crush on bobby g me. No one will be able to coach bobby, so why take the job? Wait 2 years till BGME is out of the league.

  31. The moment I knew the Redskins franchise was doomed was when Joe Gibbs resigned back in 2008. After many years of being in the gutter, Gibbs was able to resurrect the franchise (as much as he could under Snyder) and led the team to two playoff appearances in four years.

    The team had a damn good defense back then under coordinator Gregg Williams and an offense that had a lot of talent, but needed some more help. So Gibbs resigned and Williams was pretty much groomed to take the HC spot. But in typical Synder fashion, he fires the whole staff and hires new offensive and defensive coordinators BEFORE hiring some scrub you never heard of in Jim Zorn. Since then, Gregg Williams got a ring with the Saints and is still laughing at the ‘Skins franchise.

    That’s when I knew Dan had no clue what he was doing and the franchise would be a sinking ship. Other than the highlights of 2012, the Skins have sucked since 2008.

  32. Memo to Mr. Florio: please investigate. (EZ, just call Schefter)

    physiodoc2be says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:38 PM
    drs76109 says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:29 PM
    “The guy wants to be fired so he can keep his salary.

    Snyder can one up him by firing the younger and if the elder doesn’t like it he can quit.”


    Shannie probably has a clause in his contract that permits him to hire and fire the coaching staff. If that is true, as I suspect it is, Snyder would have to fire MS to fire KS.

    8 1
    Report comment

  33. Guaranteed Griffin comes back a better qb next year with an actual offseason where he can work on his game and not spend an entire offseason rehabilitating his knee. It’s only logical…..

  34. This is an absolute outrage. I would fire him immediately, and file a “with cause” claim and refuse to pay him one single cent in future salary.

    The idea that someone would continue to come to work and cash paychecks at a job he didn’t want in a business where success requires 100% focus, commitment and determination speaks very poorly of the man’s character. He wanted out and didn’t have the guts to leave or loved the money too much. Either way he’s a loser in my eyes.

    Say what you want about Snyder, lord knows I am not a fan. But he is who he is. Everything Shanahan is complaining about was well known about Snyder before he came there and signed that huge contract.

    Somebody better get to Shanahan and tell him to start denying this story and denying it vehemently. Because if Snyder can prove that he wanted out and only stayed because he thought it would look bad to leave after RGIII got hurt, Snyder WILL file a “with cause” claim and Shanny WILL lose the only thing that apparently matters to him- the money.

  35. I suppose Mr Griffin can chart the course of his professional life. He SEEMS to be intelligent, however starting out a career as one who is perceived to be a coach killer doesn’t seem very clever OR far-sighted in nature.

  36. You dumb American football fans need to hit the gym and stop fetishizing “40-times.” This isn’t track and field and you need intelligence to succeed at QB.

    Now go back to your cheese-filled, deep-friend hotdogs and 64oz sodas…

  37. If snyder did not shove RG3 down his throat and let mike pick his own QB the skins be good, RG3, Geno S, etc.. all these hi-bread QBs are not smart to read Ds and they rely on there legs its exciting but give me a pocket QB first over any of these type QB….Manning, Farve, Marino, El Way, Montana, Young, Brady, Luck, Rivers, if you dont see what im saying then you are blind.

  38. Redskins not prepared to play. It’s rare you see a coaching staff quit. John Beck is not walking through that door.

  39. Christ, just blow this team up. The culture of losing in DC permeates every professional team around. It’s pathetic.

    Of course Shanny wants out. Zorn prob still wakes up in a cold sweat thinking he has to drive to fed ex field on Sundays.

  40. The train that is the Washington franchise is careening off the cliff at an exquisitely slow pace so that all the carnage can be truly appreciated.

  41. I don’t blame this year on Mike but I do blame it on Kyle and Haslett, father hc and son OC will never work out, what are you going to fire your son? Hell no and if owner fired Kyle then Mike would have quit also. Jim Haslett is a terrible coordinator why he isn’t fired yet is beyond me and don’t get me started on special teams..

    If it is Mikes last yr in Washington it won’t be hard to find another HC the Redskins is one of the greatest franchises in all of sports


  42. Im not convinced that Shanahan is all that great.

    But hes been in a bad situation. Basically anyone working for Snyder is in a bad situation.

  43. While it is easy to blame Shanahan for a lot of this, lets remember he is dealing with arguably the worst owner in the NFL when it comes to dealing with staff.

    The whole coaching staff needs to go at this point, but who would be dumb enough to replace them? Any candidate has to know their opportunities to succeed will always be handicapped with this franchise as long as it is owned by Daniel Snyder.

    Never mind that their future was already mortgaged for a guy with a bum leg who rushed back too quickly. Good luck “fixing” the team with no draft picks coach.

    They’ll either get “scraps” or a name who is only concerned with the pay day. Winning wouldn’t be too important. Expect the typical basement dwelling from the Skins for the next few years.

  44. Thank you Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones for the terrific job you are doing. Keep up the great work!!

    Eagles and Giants fans

  45. Snyder should fire Shanahan now, it’ll give the team a boost. This season can still be salvaged by putting a L on Dallas and knocking them out of the playoffs.

  46. The only thing missing from the Redskins is RGKnee running into the ass of one of his offensive lineman (made famous by Dirty Sanchez in the Jets Thanksgiving game last year).

    Bring your brooms Redskin fans, cause your team is a MESS!

    Fly Eagles Fly!!!!

  47. Like some here, I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Redskins and today is one of the first times I’ve ever seen my team give up.

    It is apparent this season is wearing on Shanny and his son is calling awful games with no lack of clarity in what the Redskins are. Offensive line built to run block and they have a QB that is so obtuse, unintelligent, unprepared, lazy, arrogant, foolish, and full of himself that he takes years to get rid of the ball (except when he fumbles or throws an interception).

    Now that we have some confirmation that the Prima Donna Griffin is an owner’s pet, this crystallizes for me the overt lack of improvement of this clown – Griffin thinks he is above working hard and his continual taking off quarters has hurt the team for over a year.

    Kirk Cousins may not be the answer, but it is striking that even given his lack of time to get ready and lack of reps in the week, that he is seeing the offense quite differently from the starting clown. Who knew a QB in Washington could go through progressions and then throw deep more than once a game?

    I’d hate to be the next head coach since so much is wrong with this team that it will take several years to turn it around – but one thing has to change immediately – that prima donna starting quarterback needs to be faced with unemployment – he is not God’s gift to athletics. Watching second year players around the league show that they are willing to prepare themselves and are improving, we in Washington should be angry, embarrassed, and hold that jerk starting QB in contempt for his lack of effort on all levels.

    Goodbye Shanny and your staff – and to Griffin – I hope you fail.

  48. Shanny the Rat & his nepotistic OC (would kyle be anything but a towel boy on a high school football team?) need to hang it up because the game has literally “passed” him by.

  49. Don’t mean to run contrary to the narrative being circulated by the talking heads on ESPN and pals…but let’s consider:

    As bad as the passing of the Redskins are their running game is top notch. If their OC was as God awful as people like to say…he couldn’t be able to churn out yards on the ground when people don’t (and shouldn’t) respect the passing game.

    As bad as the passing game is, consider that RG3 is coming off a catastrophic knee injury and had no offseason. The reality is getting back to the point where he could play vs. getting back to the level he was are two very different things. Wes Welker and Tom Brady both had catastrophic injuries and took a full year to get back into the swing of things….Not everyone is Peterson, do don’t expect the same results…Just because they rushed out RG3 to sell tickets doesn’t mean he is anywhere near what he should be to run that system…

    Fact is right now EVERYONE is waiting to spin everything that comes out of that guy’s mouth as prima donna. He is a very smart guy, and I am pretty sure he isn’t Jamarcus Russel sitting on 50 million garunteed. I am pretty sure he would know that sitting out plays kills any massive resigning contracts rookies are playing for not to mention torches his namebrand. I’m reasonably certain as a professional athlete he wants to win games pretty badly….

    The thing is the team has NO depth at all. If they deserved it or not should be a discussion for another time but take away 30 million of cap space from any team it will hurt. Aside from a handful of quality players at a few positions the rest of the roster is disaster.

    The franchise has been (with the brief exception of Joe Gibbs return) a revolving door of coaches and free agents. Love Snyder or hate him, HE is responsible for this and end result has been not winning games.

    Yet again we have found a coach with a proven track record of success unable to pull it together in Washington. Guys like Norv Turner, Schottenhiemer, Shanahan etc.. have won on other teams (a lot). At a certain point we should step back and think a team designing a run threat offense putting in a qb that can’t run for fear of losing his career, with a patchwork OL, a defense that can’t stop all that much….Isn’t designed very well….All this extra stuff about high school chick gossip “OMG RG3 totally was talking after recess with principal Snyder” is way behind the X’s and O’s in terms of what matters (just ask Bucs and Dolphins – whose gossip should have destroyed them but they can still win a game) …But hey “Snyder disses Shanahan, Shanahan doesn’t want his job” gets page views…

  50. Poor illogical. Fittingly, I think of you as that poor, weathered redskin from the anti pollution commercial from the 70’s. Up on the hill looking down at what has become of your sorry team as a tear rolls down your cheek. So sad and funny at the same time.

  51. drs76109 says:
    Dec 8, 2013 7:03 PM
    Maybe Al Davis was not so crazy after all.

    Yea, the media spent the latter part of his life slamming him as a senile lunatic when the two coaches he warned everyone about the most, Shanahan and Monte’s kid, turned out to be exactly what he said they were, two of the most incompetent coaches I’ve ever seen. Shanahan got lucky because he dropped into Denver while John Beake was still picking players and Elway was in his prime, and he didn’t have a problem taking credit for all of it when he was probably 10% of the success.

  52. Let’s consider stopping the excuses and come to terms that your team is terrible, RG3andOut isn’t what you thought he was and your running game isn’t all that great. How many yards did Morris get today?

    What’s more pathetic is you wasting 30 minutes of your life writing that long ass post! I’m guilty for reading it but being an Eagles fan, I relish in the destruction of the deadskins!

    cmahdavi says:
    Dec 8, 2013 9:43 PM
    Don’t mean to run contrary to the narrative being circulated by the talking heads on ESPN and pals…but let’s consider:

    blah blah blah…

  53. my poor skins …
    the team suffers from bad decisions from the top down ..
    owner making horrible decisions over the years that trickled down ..
    you cant fix years worth of bad personnel decisions in 3 years …
    rgIII needs to develop as a pocket passer and use his running ability as a weapon not a scheme .. he cant read thru his progressions well… I think he has potential to be good .. he needs a off season .. a healthy off season .. and most importantly he needs a offensive line .. everyone yelling for cousins to come in .. saw what happened today .. the same results …. montgomery and williams are the only starters on that line .. it’s horrible .. they are decent in run blocking .. absolutely atrocious in pass protection …
    the defense is a clown show .. keep cofield, kerrigan and orakpo .. I love fletcher but he needs to retire .. everyone else is trash ..
    the special teams .. they dont even deserve the energy it took to write special teams ..
    honestly it’s just a horrible situtation .. last year wasnt a fluke per sey … last year .. teams didn have tape on rgIII… simply put .. our defense was just as horrible … but we put up 40 pts a game and made up for it .. this year .. the offense took a huge step back ..
    rgIII lost a step cuz of injury and our o line is trash .. receivers have the dropsies .. it’s just a perfect storm for a disaster ..
    this will not get fixed any time soon .. a new coach is needed .. shanahan lost the team a long time ago .. they dont have a first round draft pick ..
    no one will want to come to coach us …. so done expect the coaching change to make a big difference .. we have money this off season .. so they will get a few players .. that wont make much of a difference either ..
    what needs to change is the culture in landover ..
    which starts with the owner ..

  54. donttrip22 says: Dec 8, 2013 6:25 PM

    its only logistical that he quits just like the players and fans GO COWBOYS !
    A Cowboy fan calling out players for quitting is classic..not a Skins fan, but your team is about as dysfunctional as they come, and correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you also have a meddling owner who won’t let football people make football decisions?

  55. OK, so that “Rat” can’t coach after all.

    I’m not a ‘Skins fan, but had some hopes for the team this year. As for Shanahan: you can put a tuxedo on a pig, but in the end it’s still a pig.

  56. Diehard skins fan forever. Sure coaches suck but no coach wants to work for Snyder. He cant stop his jock sniffing undermining behavior. I hate that twerp. He has ruined a storied franchise in more ways than one.

  57. This latest news about Dan Snyder and RG-Me being chummy sure explains the last year and a half at Washington.

    I figured Shanahans hands were tied last year by people who were microrunning the team.

    That also explains why RG-Me was left at starter when it was clear he wasn’t healthy or ready to come back.

    Better luck at your next team, Mike ,there ain’t nothing holding you here now.

    You leaving won’t fix what is wrong with this team.

  58. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:23 PM
    Real fair to ask him these questions after a loss. Keep your chin up Mr.Shanahan. You are a great headcoach for the best franchise in sports. Better days will come in 2014. #HTTR
    For once I agree with you.. Keep Rat face and RGKnee around forever!

    –Redskins Opponents

  59. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 8, 2013 4:23 PM
    Real fair to ask him these questions after a loss. Keep your chin up Mr.Shanahan. You are a great headcoach for the best franchise in sports. Better days will come in 2014. #HTTR

    You seem to forget that your redskins mortgaged the future to get RGIII. No 1st / 2nd round picks for a few years. Good luck building through the draft. There won’t be better days in 2014.

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