Brandon Stokley suffers another concussion


Ravens receiver Brandon Stokley suffered another concussion on Sunday, at least the 14th of his football career.

Stokley said after suffering a concussion at the end of the 2010 season that he had suffered more than a dozen concussions in high school, college and the NFL. Today Ravens coach John Harbaugh confirmed that Stokley suffered another one.

Like all NFL players, Stokley will have to go through the league’s protocol and get cleared by a doctor before he will be permitted to practice or play. Some would say Stokley shouldn’t play at all, and that at age 36 he ought to call it a career.

Stokley, however, has said every time the subject of concussions comes up that he loves football too much to walk away. He’ll keep playing as long as he can, even if the concussions continue.

28 responses to “Brandon Stokley suffers another concussion

  1. penny wise but pound foolish. With all that is coming out about concussions and CTE how could you possibly not retire at this point? With that being said, it’s his life. Just hope he doesn’t cry foul in ten years and sue the Ravens or the league.

  2. Hope he’s not one of those guys that goes crazy without football. To just shake off the repercussions of playing football so easily is a little alarming. Hopefully coaching will be enough for him

  3. And will anyone be surprised if he attaches his name to the concussion lawsuits in 2027?

  4. Brian, please retire and enjoy life before it’s too late. Time to become a WR coach somewhere and volunteer at the Manning QB clinic.

  5. he might love the game but he loves the money more, whats it gonna take for this guy to hang it up?
    when he cant speak anymore because of a brain injury? the NFL should make this guy sign a waiver before he ever plays another down of football.

  6. Brandon is a great person, been a great player, I trust that Lana and his extended group of friends, along with Dr’s will let him finish his career (this year) in style. Let it heal, let him walk out on his own terms, with a TD.
    It has been a pleasure watching him, gotta give him that Rocky Balboa ending.

  7. Time to hang it up, Brandon. There is nothing to be gained by trying to break Bill Romanoski’s record for concussions.

  8. When you see him on the sideline, it’s clear he loves being a part of the team. He’s fortunate to have a SB ring and to have played with some great teams and teammates. So many players don’t have that.

    But he should not be making life decisions in his condition.

  9. Another example about the suits on the NFL about concussions, how stupid they are. If the players have so much information why isn’t Stokley heading toward the door and saying goodbye to football? He has no excuses.

  10. I was retired in college after 4 concussions (2 in HS and 2 in college) by the medical staff. Brandon Stokely is not older than me, and I don’t remember him being some can;t miss college player. How is it even possible that he is still in the NFL?

  11. Does Stokley even know where he is in that picture? He looks…confused.

    Hang it up before any more damage is done, Brandon. 14+ concussions doesn’t bold well for your future, but why throw more fuel into to the fire?

  12. @ noeffinway

    Because concussions have different levels of severity. Grade 1 and 2 you can return to action with a few weeks. Grade 3 you may be done for the season. Grade 4-5 means you’re symptoms don’t go away and if you get another concussion, good chance you’ll be dead (if you aren’t already dead from the first one).

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  14. I get it man, but I’m guessing you have kids. It’s probably time to think about what kind of life you’re going to have with them in 5, 10, 20 years. Put your kids happiness ahead of your own. I’m sure they’d like to have a fully functioning father.

  15. This is clearly a person that needs to be saved from himself.

    I understand the love of the game. But, this is almost like Evander Holyfield continuing to box in his late 40’s because he just was too stupid to know when his brain was being clobbered and had enough money to find doctors to tell him and boxing commissioners otherwise.

    Tons of concussions, late in your career, and you are a 4th WR option here as a walk on Free Agent. Even Jerry Rice knew when it was time to walk away.

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