Briles hasn’t heard from Redskins . . . yet

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With Mike Shanahan on the outs in D.C., the next question becomes who will be on the ins.

From the moment Baylor announced another extension with head coach Art Briles, speculation intensified that Baylor and Briles hoped to prevent speculation that he’ll reunite with Robert Griffin III.  Talk like that could undermine if not destroy a recruiting class.

Now that Shanahan seems highly unlikely to be back next year, Briles already has been asked about whether a jump to the NFL could happen.

I’ve had zero contact with anybody,” Briles said Sunday night, via  “I’m a Baylor Bear — that’s all I’m concerned about.”

That quote became a headline that Briles “plans no reunion” with Griffin.  But what college coach is ever candid about his plan?

For college coaches, the plan becomes evident only when the plan becomes implemented.  Rarely do college coaches flirt with leaving without leaving.  When they do (and it’s not unprecedented), it becomes difficult to persuade teenagers and their parents that the man recruiting them to make a four-year commitment to a given also has made a four-year commitment to that school.

Whether Briles would truly want the job presumes that Washington owner Daniel Snyder would want Briles.  While it makes sense to have a coach who had a strong and successful working relationship with Griffin in college, hiring Briles strengthens the narrative that Griffin has too much power and influence over Snyder.

Still, it’s critical that Snyder hire a coach who wants Griffin to be his quarterback.  There’s a chance a new coach would say what he has to say to get the job, and then lay the foundation (subtly or otherwise) for getting his own quarterback.  The challenge for Snyder will be to find a coach who means what he says when he says he wants Griffin.

Does anyone think Josh McDaniels told the Broncos he’d run quarterback Jay Cutler out of town as the first order of business in Denver?  Does anyone think Shanahan told Snyder that Shanahan would provoke a showdown with defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth as the first order of business in D.C.?With Kirk Cousins under contract for two more years, there’s a chance the next coach will prefer Cousins to Griffin.
That’s why it will be critical for Snyder to find a coach who truly wants Griffin.  The guy who most likely fits that mold is Art Briles.

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  1. You gotta love it, flushing the franchise down the toilet to appease an overrated, prima donna QB who’s one more knee injury away from permanent gimp status. Snyder re-asserting himself as the worst owner in sports, not letting Jerry have that title easily.

  2. Hopefully Cousins asked to be traded. This QB love owners give is very disturbing. Imagine the thoughts in Snyder’s head. Wait, nevermind. Football related. Cousins will do good things in this league. Cant develop with nothing but illogical voice in that orginization.

  3. The narrative that Griffin holds all the cards in DC doesn’t need further strengthening and the team shouldn’t refuse to hire Briles in an attempt to prevent strengthening it.

    For better or worse, it’s Griffin’s team. They gave up too much to get him and Snyder loves him. Might as well go all in and get him a coach he will listen to.

    And it’s not like Art Briles is a box of rocks. He took a Baylor team that averaged 2.7 wins per year in the 10 years before he got there (and was even worse before that) and turned them into Big 12 Champs.

  4. Briles is on his way to sainthood in Waco. It would be stupid to leave for the DC circus, especially a situation where he would be reporting to RGIII.

  5. All of the dysfunction in Washington isn’t caused by Shanahan. Based on history I would think that Snyder would have trouble getting anyone to take the job.

  6. R-Words organization and fanbase are jealous of our winning the last five years. We have an elite QB in Joe Montana Flacco, R-Words are stuck with a bust at QB.


  7. Shanahan should be fired but that doesn’t mean that his replacement should be RGIII’s college coach. I get that the next coach needs to be someone that wants RGIII but if the only guy that really wants RGIII is his college coach then that should tell you something.

    But I don’t believe that’s the case. I think there’s someone in the NFL looking for a head coaching job that really wants RGIII. How about hiring someone like San Frans defensive coordinator to be the head coach since it would be far less likely that a defensive coach would be picky about his QB(not to mention that Washington’s defense needs fixing much more than their offense does) than an offensive coach and then hire an offensive coordinator that’s comfortable working with RGIII. That’s the way I would go instead of hiring an offensive guy as head coach and hoping that he really does want RGIII.

  8. John Riggins said of Dan Snyder “there is darkness in this man’s heart!”. He is the worst owner in all of sports. Skins are filled with I, I, me players and have the worst locker room culture in the NFL! They will never attract a quality head coach. Good luck Danny Boy!

  9. Just go ahead and name Griffin the QB, Head Coach and GM. Problem solved!

    That seems to be the way this is going anyway.

  10. People are a little tough. He’s a good quarterback, playing timidly, and certainly not playing his best football. and playing on a subpar team in general. That doesn’t make him a franchise killing QB. The Shanahan duo put this franchise in a rut.

  11. those 3 superbowls that You won are starting to look as old as our three world championship trophies. But the difference between the Redskins and the Eagles is that
    we are ascending. We have a plan. We have Chips beautiful mind. Hop on board. We will forgive your sins and welcome you to the sea of green. Victory awaits. and they’re simply nothing any of you can do about it

  12. connorchew says: Dec 9, 2013 1:41 PM

    People are a little tough. He’s a good quarterback, playing timidly, and certainly not playing his best football. and playing on a subpar team in general. That doesn’t make him a franchise killing QB. The Shanahan duo put this franchise in a rut.


    The franchise was in a rut long before the Shanahan’s got there, although they are certainly not blameless for the present mess. No head coach that Daniel Snyder has ever employed has left with a winning record for their tenure in Washington.

    As to Art Briles: I’m not sure that a 58 year-old man who only has 10 years experience as a head coach at the college level is the answer. He was a heck of a high school coach in Texas and has done a very good job at both Houston and Baylor. Jumping into the middle of that lunacy in DC would seem out of character. He is very well compensated in Waco. At some point, the question becomes, how much money do you need.

  13. I hope the Skins don’t hire Briles. It can’t be a good thing to give the public the perception that the Quarterback is thinking about making a Coaching change.

  14. Shanahan is getting fired because he’s done a terrible job. He’s done a great job of convincing you all that it’s RGIII and Snyder’s fault. I guess it’s RGIII and Snyder’s fault that Shanahan put RGIII in a playoff game on one knee.

  15. He’s Al Davis/Jerruh Jones without the Lombardi trophies and fancy stadium.

    Only someone who is desperate will take this job. There are only 32 of them. Someone will take it.

  16. I am actually starting to believe that Shanahan did not want to draft RG3 and wanted to stand pat during the draft and select Tanehill. Dan Snyder is a meddling owner and it would not surprise me one bit if he ordered the GM and Shanahan to give the rams whatever they wanted in order for them to move up and select RG3.

  17. I think people are far to quick to throw RG3 under the bus.

    Most players require two years to make it back to full from an ACL. The first year is the physical rehab, the second year is mental.

    On top of that you have the typical sophmore slump. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Washington franchise throw RG3 away and let a team like the Vikings pick him up for nothing.

  18. This is going to work out just like the Jets search for a GM did this year.

    The first 8 or 10 candidates they approach will run screaming into the night and they’ll end up with whatever slappy is willing to put up with Snyder and RGFragileEgo in exchange for a big pay raise and a chance to HC in the NFL, even one bound to fail like in Washington.

  19. This anti RG3 stuff after his career threatening injury is just mind numbing. The Redskins failure this year was for sure about poor and inconsistent QB play. But it was mostly about defense-defense-defense. Or the lack of it. SO here is how I see fixing it.

    1 Fire Shanahan now and replace him with Jim Haslet on an interim basis. Shanny is not bad. It’s just not working. Plus his agent probably already has a deal with Houston locked up.

    2. Put RG3 down for the rest of the year and start Kirk Cousins to drive his trade value through the roof. Need that to get high draft choices to fix the defense.

    3. Trade kirk Cousins to Houston and Shanahan for a number 1 or high 2 plus 3 draft choice. Shanny gets his boy. to understudy Cutler who he will likely try to sign too.

    4. Hire a winner and defense minded head coach like Lovie Smith. Or Offensive minded guy like Brian Billick who will embrace and develop RG3. Best combo would be snag Billick as Head coach and Lovie as Assistant HC and Defensive coordinator. Since both have been very successful and to Super Bowls.

    5. Hit the free agent market hard for great mid level defensive value.

    6. Draft big fast Wide Receivers; big Tight Ends; early. And Big O-Line, D-Line value from small schools late. Lovie Smith is great at finding those kind of gems.

    7. Hire Michael Vick or Jason Campbell to back up RG3. And give him his keys and confidence back. I think he can easily return to 2012 form with help from a solid defense and better skill position weapons.

  20. I hate to say it, McNabb warned RG3 about this organization.

    RG3 might need some development, both in football and maturity, but it’s not his fault for needing development. It’s leadership’s fault for not mentoring and developing him.

  21. No where in that comment is he saying he wouldn’t take that job. All he said is that he has, at this point, not had any contact with them & that, at this point, he is a Baylor Bear. I’d be worried if I was a Baylor fan.

  22. yetimonster:

    I hate to say it, but McNabb could have been a better coach than Shanahan. But that’s not saying much, the stray cat that comes by my house could do a better job by virtue of having no capacity to go out of it’s way and wreck anything. It would just sit there and not drag everything down to the ground and break down and shatter a franchise QB.

    You are very right in your analysis, and the real shame here is that not only did Snyder not provide support for RGIII or do any of the things you are talking about, but he paid ludicrous money to a horrible football coach and apparently somebody who isn’t a genius at developing RGIII the proper way!

    That’s terribly offensive of Snyder to do and an insult to people who appreciate football everywhere. He should make a $10MM donation and make a public statement that he is fining himself for the horrid recent past and going to do something good to make up just for that.

  23. It might not be fashionable to defend Jerry Jones, and I’m certainly no apologist an Eagles fan, but at least he’s won a Super Bowl. Can’t say that about Dan Snyder.

  24. I’m glad you mentioned it! I think Josh McDaniels would be the perfect fit for Washington. He could trade RG3 for 2 first round picks and then unsuccessfully try to bring in Ryan Mallett. Afterwards, he can sign Tebow to be the starting quarterback then draft Johny Manziel to develop. #championship

  25. They are going to hire his college coach from Baylor? Wow. I’ll be shocked if this turns out well. Better keep Bill Parcells number handy for the 2106 rebuilding season.

  26. here is the real question ……if a new coach liked Cousins over RGME ….who would trade for Robert the coach killer ???? what could you get for him now with a bad wheel and a worse rep ?????

  27. I see how to play:

    “Belichick hasn’t heard from Redskins . . . yet”

    “Carroll hasn’t heard from Redskins . . . yet”

    and to switch it up a bit: “Neither Harbaugh has heard from Redskins . . . yet”

    This can be fun, if we get enough page hits.

  28. Marty Schottenheimer is somewhere out there laughing at Dan Snyder and the Redskins. And I say good for him!

  29. worst franchise in the nfl hands down…..QB is a bust, coaches are horrible, players are terrible and owner is a weasel. Other than that they have something to work with….LOL.


  30. I predict the next head coach of the Redskins will be Rob Ryan. He may be the only one who would take the job because he wants to be a HC so badly, regardless of the situation.

  31. Sucks to suck.

    I wouldnt know though, since I have a ring on every finger of my left hand for my team.

    #Superiorfranchise #Romoisthesecondcoming

  32. Shanahan needs to get the hell out of this franchise…take the Houston job and get a journeyman QB while he works on the draft, their running game will turn around under Shanahan’s tutelage and Houston will be where they belong….better. Dan Snyder and RGIII will go down with their ship when it’s proved that Griffin will never be the same as his first year …whomever the coach is for the Redskins.

  33. Consider that little Danny Napoleon may very well have made the following decisions:
    Trade up for RGIII no matter the draft pick cost

    Change the entire offensive scheme around to cater specifically to RGIII’s talents regardless of what is the best fit for the current roster of players

    Play RGIII, even when hurt, as long as he is cleared by Dr. A because he is pissed that Shanny drafted Captain Kirk to spite him

    Doesn’t sound unreasonable to anyone who has seen him throw away draft picks, make unreasonable demands of his employees (call me Mr. Snyder) and throw temper tantrums when anyone dares to cross him or his diminutive, yet vicious, ego.

  34. If you want to get serious about this, the thing to do is hire a more or less caretaker head coach who will content with $3m for two years. The team doesn’t have enough draft picks or cap money to rebuild in one year, particularly with no first round this year. Start first with defense, its cheaper than offense and they have enough cap room to really make a difference there. They’ll win some games with good D and RGIII can heal and develop. Then in 2015 go for offense. The biggest thing will be the line and WRs. They are both expensive and dear. By 2016 they could be ready for bear and they get a hot shot coach then, or even maybe late in the season of 2015, so he can participate in the draft.

    Washington and Dan Snyder are always trying to do things the quick and expensive way. They gave the store for RGIII and even though he is a fine QB, they couldn’t do anything about their aged defense or give RGIII the receivers he needs. With the money they have they should be very competitive within 2 years, providing they don’t do any more stupid things. A big “If”.

  35. Shanny isn’t going anywhere. Dan will give him one more year left on his contract to get to the playoffs and then he’s done. No 36 million in cap penalties next year. Money to get some good players.

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