Broncos first NFL team to have four players with at least 10 touchdowns

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The Broncos put on another offensive exhibition in Sunday’s win over the Titans, giving quarterback Peyton Manning a pretty good argument against those who have decided he can’t play in cold weather.

During the course of the 51-28 victory, the Broncos got touchdowns from tight end Julius Thomas, running back Knowshon Moreno and wide receivers Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas. For Welker, it was his 10th touchdown of the season which meant that he joined the other three players in double digits on touchdowns for the season.

According to the NFL, that makes the Broncos the first team to have four players with 10 or more touchdowns in the same season. It was one of several records set by the Broncos on Sunday as Manning became the first quarterback with seven four-touchdown games in one season and Matt Prater broke the record for longest field goal by hitting from 64 yards.

Wide receiver Eric Decker also scored on Sunday, giving him eight touchdowns on the year. If he also gets to 10 on the season, it’s probably a good bet that Manning will wind up breaking Tom Brady’s record for the most touchdown passes in a season. Since he’s just five away from the mark of 50 with three games left to play, Manning’s got a pretty good chance at it even if Decker doesn’t get to join the double digit fun.

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  1. Not winning a Super Bowl this year would be Peyton’s biggest choke ever. No excuses, the offense is good enough to win it all even with the worst defense ever.

  2. Manning has a shot at breaking the single season touchdown record thanks to the Chiefs ‘ and Patriot’s win-loss records. When he broke Marino’s record in 2004, he essentially sat out a game and a half at the end of the year, because the Colts had nothing to gain at that point. The Broncos need that home field advantage if they hope to make the Super Bowl this year. And it wouldn’t hurt if their defense stepped it up a notch.

  3. I know Bronco fans are considered the biggest bandwagoners in the game, but these poor dopes don’t get it. Pretty sure most of them haven’t watched enough football to realize that Peyton plays well in the regular season and chokes when it matters. 9-11 in the playoffs. Wake up, kids.

  4. hilarious how people argue that peyton can play in the cold using only meaningless regular season games as evidence. also, other than the temperature being below freezing, it was sunny and clear in denver yesterday – it’s the wind and elements that make peyton look like just another guy, and that he’ll likely have to deal with again in the playoffs this year.

  5. Well, when you’re up by double digits with 5 mins left in the game, and you have the ball, and you’re still throwing the ball in the end zone from 35 yds out rather than running out the clock….you get stats like this.

  6. You sure can tell which people have no clue about football. One player cannot win or lose a superbowl on their own. This year, I am not sure Denver’s defense can hold their end of the bargain. Last year, they gave up two long touchdown passes at the end of each half to cost Denver the game against the Ravens. Yesterday while leading late, they gave up another touchdown over the top. There simply is no excuse for that.

    The other thing folks discount is luck. It takes some good luck and balls bouncing the right way to win a superbowl. Yesterday, New England benefitted from a good bounce on an onside kick. A few years back, New Orleans benefitted from a good bounce on an on side kick coming out of halftime of the superbowl. That play turned the game. It was a gutsy call that lucky worked out.

    All side, I don’t see Denver winning the superbowl without some luck. Their defense is not good enough.

  7. caseyanthonymunoz says: Dec 9, 2013 9:59 AM

    I know Bronco fans are considered the biggest bandwagoners in the game, but these poor dopes don’t get it. Pretty sure most of them haven’t watched enough football to realize that Peyton plays well in the regular season and chokes when it matters. 9-11 in the playoffs. Wake up, kids.

    You do know that the Broncos have the 2nd longest sell out streak in the league right? Over 30 years? There are over 40 thousand people on the waiting list to get tickets? Take your bandwagon and “shove it where the sun don’t shine.”

    So–are you just copy and pasting your statement all over the bronco blogs? Go back under your rock….

  8. Way to go Peyton! This guy is the epitome of a great work ethic/football mind/dedicated employee/and talent! He deserves it, and glad he is able to accomplish so much with so little time left in his actual on field career.

  9. Decker will certainly get 2 more td’s (probably in the 1st half Thursday night.
    And the broncos WILL become the first team in history to have 5 guys with double digit receiving td’s.
    Manning will at least double Elways career best 27 td season ,which will be the best in league history.
    Manning also has a legit shot at the yardage mark as well.
    to think he will have the best season of his career as a bronco is kinda crazy, considering many thought he was “washed up” when Elway brought him in.
    I kinda doubt Elway believed that most of his Broncos records would be shattered by Manning in a couple years but it sure is fun to watch.
    Now Manning has to win a superbowl or 2 to really make his mark in Broncos history !!!!

  10. Peyton is the best of our era easily; better than Brady or Brees. He may not have the best playoff record, but it takes a team to win a Super Bowl not just a quarterback. Brady has three Super Bowl wins because he has had a great team around throughout his whole career and an even better coach. Manning went to a shattered franchise, and has now played with four different head coaches, and still is one of the greatest of all time. He is on pace to break all of these records as well at 37 years old. I agree that if Peyton does not win it this year it will be a disappointment, but if you go off of super bowl championships as a means to rank a quarterback you are saying that Terry Bradshaw is tied for the greatest of all time with Joe Montana which is obviously a blatant lie.

  11. I love the Broncos – I have been a lifelong fan and the best memories of my life include watching the games with my Grandfather, getting the 3 Amigos autographs, chasing after Elway’s car in the parking lot to get his autograph at 9 years old…

    In addition, I was fortunate enough to grow up around the Manning family, a year younger than Peyton. I never thought that he would be a Bronco, but it has been a fun 2 years…

    The hardest part of this year is knowing that Peyton, like Elway’s career, can do more than most quarterbacks with less than elite pieces around him — until the playoffs. When players turn it up a notch, he’s already at 110%. The weaknesses become glaring and it looks like he can’t perform.

    Peyton is an amazing quarterback and can do incredible things with less than most quarterbacks. He has a very talented offense with holes at O-line that he has overcome with quick releases and perfectionist expectations from his route runners.

    Unfortunately, very little has to go wrong for the whole offense to crumble, and the defense can’t pick up the slack. It’s hard to have confidence that the Broncos can pull out a win when the opponents are all more talented teams with lesser quarterbacks, but I sure hope he can find 125% status and get us to the next level.

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