Eddie Lacy’s ankle injury slowed him down in the second half

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The Packers kept their playoff hopes alive with a 22-21 win over the Falcons on a snowy day in Green Bay, but their chances of navigating the last three weeks successfully took a bit of a hit when running back Eddie Lacy injured his ankle.

Lacy hurt the ankle on the final play of the first half when coach Mike McCarthy decided to give him the ball on 3rd and 10 from the Green Bay 32 with four seconds left in the first half. Lacy gained a yard and an injury that he said limited him in the second half of the game.

“I definitely couldn’t push off of it as much as I wanted to,” Lacy said, via Paul Imig of FOX Sports Wisconsin. “I could feel it whenever I ran and, if I was healthy, I could have broken a couple of tackles. But I couldn’t because I couldn’t push off.”

Though limited, Lacy played the entire game so it appears he should be fine as the team moves forward. The fact that he got hurt at all should resonate with coaches who insist on calling running plays with no chance at the end of halves to run out the clock when they are a long way away from the end zone.

The list of draw plays or other handoffs out of the shotgun that have gone the distance is shorter than the list of people who think NFL officials are doing a good job this season yet we see it every week while wondering why you’d risk injury on a play with so little hope for reward. McCarthy said he didn’t regret the call after the game, but he hurt his team just to kill some time. Having the quarterback take a knee makes that happen without jeopardizing anyone’s health.

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  1. Lacy is a stud. Viking fans are unwilling and/or unable to accept this.

    When the Packers’ offense is healthy, they are the elite of the NFL and the Vikings will continue to be outclassed in every way for years to come, no matter which loser QB they draft next year.

    You know this to be true, you bottom-feeding clowns.

  2. dgt178 says: Dec 9, 2013 9:21 AM

    …..not one article from the AP on the packers win…..TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL……
    Maybe because it was a 1 point win at home in the elements against a 3 win dome team.

    Just a thought.

  3. I didn’t see any empty seats at the game. There may have been some, but, so what, it wasn’t noticeable. Every ticket was sold however…the Packers got their money, that’s for sure. The elderly, children, and no-show Atlanta wimps….errr….fans, and maybe some others couldn’t make it. The conditions weren’t for soft and cushy couch dwellers, that’s for sure (see definition of Viking “fan.”).

    Everyone in my section was laughing and enjoying themselves. Great atmosphere…as always. Another come from behind effort and they’re only 1/2 game out of first.

    Hey, the Packers aren’t out of it yet.

    Stay Calm and Carry On!

  4. Lacy is a beast regardless of the queens ignorance….Go Packers we’re still alive and I hope you get well Peterson never wanna see a great player like him hurt no matter what uniform he’s wearing.

  5. One of the finest match-ups of the year this weekend when the highly respected Green Bay defense faced off against the high octane Atlanta offense. Amazingly, the hard nosed Green Bay defense stymied the relentless Atlanta offense and cruised to a highly respectable 1 point win. Congratulation to the Packer fans!

  6. Lacy is the most talented RB the Packers have had in my life time… they had some solid backs like Bennett and Levens, but the O-line was far better back then.

    Any football fan has to at least appreciate his style of play.

  7. Sounds like a lot of the Viking trolls here are suffering from a large case of “trophy envy”. Not to worry, I’ll still be rooting the Vikings when they play Detroit! Go Vikings!

  8. The Great Ted Thompson the Genius says: Dec 9, 2013 12:22 PM

    Yesterday was the day Cordarelle Patterson passed by Eddie Lacy in the Offensive Rookie of the Year race.

    That’s right, pull hard for the offensive rookie of the year in Minny. In Green Bay our trophy case is reserved for the only awards that matter.

  9. McCarthy has proven this year that he is largely mediocre as a HC/Play caller. His decision to run Lacy there at the end of the first half was beyond stupid. If he absolutely had to run a play there why not go with James Starks, at least he has shown the ability to break a long run for a TD this season. Lacy has had some decent long runs this year but hes not gonna out race anyone to the endzone in that scenario.

    Dumb Dumb.

  10. MM is one of the dumbest coaches I have ever watched call a game.Whatever success the packers might have is a credit to the players alone.This guy makes a bag of rocks look wise.

  11. MM revived Farve’s career and made Rodgers what he is today. MM has a super bowl award all the while our IR could have made a better football team than the Vikings that year. Everyone talks about how great Cowher was but his stint was riddled with mediocre years and only one superbowl win in 15 seasons. MM has made this team a contender for many years, sure he has his short comings but he has been leaps and bounds better than Sherman. Becareful what you wish for. MM has a nice system.

  12. The Great Ted Thompson the Genius says: Dec 9, 2013 12:22 PM

    Yesterday was the day Cordarelle Patterson passed by Eddie Lacy in the Offensive Rookie of the Year race.

    Nothing like cheapening the ROY the year by giving it to Patterson a guy that has less than 500 yards on offense and 4tds.

  13. McCarthy’s Slot Receiver/Tight End/Running-backs/1st Round Offensive Tackles/All Pro QB have all been injured this year…

    Most on IR – others out for a lot of games.

    His play calling could be better, if only he were psychic or could make Seneca Wallace less of a wussy or give Tolzien eyes so he doesn’t ignore a wide open Eddie Lacy and throw a Pick Six – if only he were a wizard.

  14. He’s a warrior who came back into the game rather than sit and then go on Twitter to complain about snowballs.

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