Jadeveon Clowney stopped for doing 110 mph


Soon-to-be first-round NFL draft pick Jadeveon Clowney has already drawn comparisons to some of the game’s great defensive ends.

Specifically, the South Carolina junior who is expected to declare is doing his best to emulate Mario Williams lately.

According to WIS-TV in Columbia, S.C., Clowney was pulled over Saturday night by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and cited for doing 110 mph in a 70 mph zone in his Chrysler 300.

It’s a dangerous and silly thing to do, and not just because he could put himself and others in peril.

NFL evaluators are going to be going over Clowney’s personnel file closely after his production dipped this season, so he shouldn’t give them any reason to downgrade his stock, which will only serve to take more money out of his pocket.

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  1. This guy is a clown and already has character issues. imagine if he was on a 3-10 team in the nfl, what is he going to do, just give up and sit out the rest of the year?

  2. i live in montana. we used to have this law here in the 90s called ‘reasonable and prudent’. basically, on any montana highway, you could drive as fast as you want, as long as it was ‘reasonable and prudent’. i routinely drove 110+ on the back road 2 lane highways during this time, because i literally live in the sticks surrounded by nothing but fields i had no problem. in urban or even suburban environments, i barely go 3 mph over the speed limit.

    have some respect for everyone else on the roads, if you want to put your own life in danger that’s fine. as soon as you put others in danger, it’s a problem.

  3. I’m sure he worked very hard at numerous part-time jobs throughout entire young life to be able to pay for a car like that.

    Or he didn’t pay for it himself.

    Which is harder to believe, folks?

  4. I really want to know how a college student can afford a 300? I work 40 hrs a week and full time college and can barely afford groceries.

  5. tvjules says:
    Dec 9, 2013 5:00 PM
    Next stop: Jets

    If they can get him where they’re going to pick (10-15 range), I’ll take it.

  6. Must have been trying to elude the Vikings scout team. They took a few days off from their normal routine of only scouting the Packers waiver wire.

  7. thestrategyexpert says: Dec 9, 2013 5:20 PM


    This is Kiper’s #1 overall player. And he would never be wrong.
    Jimmy Claussen would definitely agree.

  8. Maybe his parents bought it. People are acting like a 300 is a Ferrari or something. I drove a Lexus in college that my dad bought me. I’m not saying that’s what happened, but it’s not like it’s ludicrous for him to have one.

  9. The real story here is the Chrysler 300. Seriously–don’t they even tell these guys to lay low with the bucks they’re handed?

  10. I can’t speak for every college campus, but i’ve seen players driving Camaros and Chrysler 300s every day. I don’t think this is a very big secret players get cars and no telling what else.

    The charges will be dropped in a month or two.

  11. Doing 110 mph in a 300 is silly? ask Paul walker how “silly” doing 110 in a car that is designed for 110 mph and not a Chrysler really is… ask Thomas Howard how silly doing 110 mph really is… I’m sure people do it every day and make it home safe but to often times they don’t and they typically take someone else out with them.. Right Josh Brent?

  12. He would be perfect on the Vikings. I forgot how many arrests there were in Minneapolis for speeds exceeding 100 mph but it was several.

    If it weren’t for that and the Loveboat, the Vikings would never make the headlines.

  13. I’ve driven 120. But when I was 22 I wasn’t supposed to be a top nfl pick. And sure wasn’t worried about my potential employer or hopeful $30,000 a year salary getting in my way…

    Crazy how these guys can’t buy a flipping clue. You know this guy has been told 50 times to stay out of trouble and under the radar. If he keeps it up he’ll be following my legacy, of being your typical Joe Blow, even though he has the world in his hands unlike us has-beens, or never was’s(forgive my was’s spelling, I’m not sure on that one).

  14. From an emotional standpoint, Clowney insisted he does not think about the money, which perhaps stems from his reputation as a notorious cheapskate. Clowney embraces it. He chuckled as he bragged about bumming rides from teammates rather than driving his 2006 Chrysler 300.

    “I know the money is going to be there (after the 2014 draft),” he said. “I’m going to be pretty good with managing my money probably because I don’t spend money. I’ll jump in the car to ride anywhere with somebody to save me miles. I’m one of the tightest guys around here. I don’t care how much money I’ve got. I never like driving my car. My teammates are like, ‘Why don’t you drive your car?’ Man, do you know how much gas costs?

  15. It’s actually a VW bug convertible. He just slapped the Chrysler 300 grill and logo on it.

    Willie Mays Hayes style!

  16. It will be interesting to see how the fans of the bottom rung teams start to pump this guy up and make excuses before they even draft him.
    They’re prepping for the butt cover.

  17. In a related story, Spurrier and USC will be investigated by the NCAA for giving improper benefits to football players.

  18. If it was the Chrysler 300 SRT 8 he could easily go 110mph pretty safely.

    After reading all these comments I really hope I share the road with all you fine folks, because it seems as though none of you ever exceed the speed limit and only behave in the most responsible manner at all times. Congratulations on being the most boring, yet self aggrandizing people on the planet!

  19. You guys act like Clowney doesn’t have parents. No one has questioned Manziel’s C-Class Mercedes … why question Clowney’s 2006 300?

  20. eastsideballa says:
    110mph in a 70mph, aint bad, the majority of us do 90 in a 70, so lets not get crazy.


    Actually, the ‘majority of us’ do between 75 and 80 in a 70mph zone. But there are always a few tools like you who do 90.

    And I feel so badly and don’t laugh at all when you get pulled over!

  21. So let’s see…
    – Doesn’t bring passion to the field everyday
    – Gets caught speeding/doing other immature things.

    Sounds like a perfect pick for the Cleveland Browns.

  22. So we can agree that this guy tanked this season to stay healthy. Correct?

    Or is he actually not as good as advertised? I honestly don’t know.

  23. I love all the self righteous posters on this thread. Glad to know none of you ever did anything out of line in your life. Must be nice to be perfect. And he still will be a high first round pick and you will not.

  24. I challenge anyone to find a 70mph zone and go park. 110 sounds crazy on paper, but I’d be surprised if it took you 10 minutes to clock someone at that.

    Yes it’s dumb, especially since he’s a high draft pick but honestly not THAT big of a deal.

    Also, he has big dollar insurance and his parents can get any type of loan they want so having that car is not a big deal. Maybe SC is giving him some of the millions he is making for them? HAHA jkjk they’d never share the wealth.

  25. I find it almost as alarming that someone under the age of 85 would buy a Chrysler.

    (and bumping the DL minimum age to 30 or so may be a good idea…) *shakes fist – dang kids, get off my lawn!*

  26. Another College player who will blow his NFL chances of being picked #1 because he is an idiot.
    Very stupid like Johnny football. I guess they are not very smart, so they don’t know how to behave.

  27. He’s clearly a guy who will give a team 3 really spectacular games in a season, 10 okay or mediocre games, and 3 really bad games. If you can live with that, draft him.

  28. I’m sure it was the first time he ever went 40 mph over the speed limit. Ways to hurt your draft stock:
    1) Have college coach question your dedication
    2) Get pulled over going 110 mph. (I know this wont hurt his stock, but it does look bad.)
    Can’t wait to see what he does next.

  29. I think teams have proven again and again that performance on the field wins out over personal behavior issues.

    Sadly. I would bet that this has no bearing on his draft status at all.

  30. Clowney’s Dad is a convict. His Mom works at a Frito Lay plant.

    A Chrysler 300 starts at $30,000.

    That math doesn’t add up.

  31. The difference between Lebron’s mom getting a loan and Clowney’s parents (if that’s the case) is Lebron was guaranteed to be the first pick like 8 months later while Clowney wasn’t guarenteed crap as football careers are always one play away from ending.

    Manziel’s family is well known to be millionaires. Nice attempt to stir the pot though.

  32. Their’s gonna be a lot of G.M.’s sweating, while this nitwit slides down the board. Who’s gonna bite ?

  33. kd75 says: Dec 9, 2013 9:06 PM

    Clowney’s Dad is a convict. His Mom works at a Frito Lay plant.

    A Chrysler 300 starts at $30,000.

    That math doesn’t add up.

    The car is old and plain nothing great about it.If you want to confront his parents I can arrange that for you ASAP

  34. To those U$C homers who think that since everyone speeds, then it’s no big deal. Your ill-thought out “logic” is just mind boggling. The vast vast vast majority are NOT going 40 mph faster than the speed limit. Even if the real traffic is around 80, then Clowney is STILL going 30 mph faster than others. You’re a moron if you don’t think this is dangerous, especially for a young guy who has only been driving (legally) for less than 5 years.

  35. I was hoping the Riaders would get him. Now he looks like a defensive version of Jamarcus Russell. How’s that purple drink taste Clowney? Please Raiders, stay away from this guy……..far away.

  36. The logic of driving here now makes me realize why I hate my morning commute so much.

    I go max 75 in a 65 mph zone. But of course, going 10 mph over a posted legal limit is “slow,” via some of these comments I see. I hope no one jumps out in front of your cars, or someone cuts you off, or you care about your non-high performing car performing at a speed it’s not designed to. (No a honda civic is not meant to go 80-100 mph daily).

    So yes, I do take issue with Clowney going this fast, just as I would take issue with anyone doing that type of speed. Granted he’s young, rich (even used those cars start at 15 grand, I wanna afford that without a real job) and has everyone in South Carolina making sure he’s playing football. Hopefully he learns something from it.

  37. If someone has such poor judgement and descretion on the highway, how in the world do you expect him to make good decisions elsewhere. This would actually be a deal breaker for me right there, and this is certainly not the last of his mistakes. Count on it.

  38. I really want to know how a college student can afford a 300?
    Well, it depends. we dont know his personal life or know him personally, but maybe (just maybe) a parent or a grandfather had money and bought it for him. my grandfather had a mustang fixed up for me, so that’s how a college student could afford it. a gift from a family member

    now for THE reason i commented on this story. i have been reading from some posters that this hurts his draft stock. i DISagree. it’s not like he was drunk driving or was arrested. he was being stupid, sure, but this isnt a huge character red flag. now what is hurting his stock (in my book) is his play and if he’s working hard. Clowney has potential, but if he has a off-switch, then that will scare teams more than any type of speeding ticket that he got, BUT hopefully he learns from this. it may not be a huge red flag, but it is stupid and he shouldnt speed like that, it’s risky and could put someone’s life in jeopardy while also hurting his own life in jeopardy too.

  39. NFL buyers beware big time. This guy was woefully out of shape to start his last college season.

    Minor injury “lingered” on, keeping him on the sidelines which even caused “the ole ball coach” to negatively comment on it.

    Talent is beyond question.

    Now add in character & judgement issues. Oh yes, somebody is going to draft him, but man oh man, who wants to roll the dice @ #1.

  40. Perhaps this young man just needs an NFL role model to provide him with the guidance he appears to need. Is PACMAN Jones available to to advise on arraignments…bail hearings?

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