Josh McCown throws 4 TDs, runs for another as Bears hammer Cowboys

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On a freezing cold night in Chicago, the Bears offense was on fire.

Chicago scored on all eight of their offensive possessions on the night (except for a kneel down on their final possession) in cruising to a 45-28 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Chicago didn’t benefit from remarkable field position either. Each one of the Bears drives started on their own side of the 50-yard line.

A beleaguered Cowboys defense appeared to be functionally frozen in place all night as they proved to have little chance of slowing the Bears attack.

Josh McCown threw for 348 yards and four touchdowns and ran for another on the night. Matt Forte also ran for 102 yards on 20 carries as the Cowboys defense continued their struggles. Sean Lee returned for his first game in a month but left the game early after suffering a neck injury.

Tony Romo threw three touchdowns but was held to just 104 yards passing and 11 completions by the Bears. Dallas ran for 198 yards against a poor Chicago run defense, but the Cowboys just couldn’t keep up with a team that was scoring every time they touched the ball.

The NFC North playoff picture is now as murky as ever. Chicago moves to 7-6 and into a tie with the Detroit Lions at the top of the division, though the Lions hold the tiebreaker with two wins over the Bears. The Green Bay Packers remain just a half game behind with Aaron Rodgers getting closer to returning to the field.

Dallas now falls a game behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East.

115 responses to “Josh McCown throws 4 TDs, runs for another as Bears hammer Cowboys

  1. What the Cowboys just showed was pure fraud. I am still in shock. I understand that the Cowboys have had tons of injuries, but please, at least compete. Compete like an adult for once. This game reminded me of the Saints game last month, the opposition freely did as they pleased with the ball and the Cowboys just watched it. Absolutely let the opposing offense walk all over them on primetime tv. I can’t remember a more pathetic defense that’s supposed to represent a professional team.

    I’m fairly young but I don’t know if I’ll ever see a day where Dallas fields a defense that is semi-respected by other teams in the league. I await the days that Dallas faces a top-tier opponent and comes back by shutting down the defense, standing tall, and doing it WITH consistency.

    Two times this year an NFL team didn’t punt during the entire game, both times came against the Cowboys.

    Offensively, I have no words to explain that cluster of a performance. Complete embarrassment.

    The next three weeks for the Dallas Cowboys are about what we expect from this club, in the drivers seat for to first half of the season then just goes to hell. Nothing new here. Week 17 should be interesting to say the least. Hell, Week 15,16, and 17 should all be interesting.

    More often than not, every Sunday/Monday I go to bed wondering why I root for this team.

  2. Bears offense looked great. We still can’t stop the run and if we do make the playoffs, there’s not much we’ll be able to do.

  3. Wow.  Great game, Bears.

    To think, the Bears, Packers, and Lions all have two QBs better than any of the QBs in Minnesota.  

    Is it any wonder that Adrian PEDerson wants to get away from the Minneanderthals?

  4. Heard this in NFL Network in their postgame “analysis”:
    “Dallas is loaded with TALENT. If they have the right coaching staff, they are a championship football team.
    Jerry Jones is GREAT at assembling talent. Its unfortunate that their coaching staff cannot plugin players for injuries.”

    The guy in the middle was making these comments.

  5. as a cowboys fan im sick to my stomach the defense is a joke any little girl could of thrown a TD against theses losers time to clean house sick of the same old crap year after year how could you not show up for such a important game now i know how the giants and redskins fans feel NOT HAPPY

  6. Omg, is the Dallas defense ever horrific. Jerry once again had proven he’s clueless by,,,

    Drafting a center instead of the best safety on the board, and still getting that center in the second round,
    Extending Miles Austin
    Hiring this joke of a defensive coordinator

    Best of luck cowboys fans, another 8-8 season under Jones garbage decisions.

  7. With McCown playing this well, I wonder how short a lease Cutler will be on. It would be hard to take Josh out if continues to play this well, and they make the playoffs. Who would have thought he would be doing this well. I guess Tresman and Co. have found something with him that works. Great for Josh. I’m not against Cutler, but it proven the team is good, so if he can’t duplicate the success then he needs to sit. Maybe he can reunite with Lovie if he gets the Texans job.

  8. That was the worst defense I’ve seen all year. Wow Eight possessions eight scores. Well its December and the Cowboys are true to form. Good teams win in December and Dallas is not even close to a good team. Wouldn’t be a shock for the Giants to end up in 2nd place.

  9. A few Side notes…Every flag thrown tonight was on Dallas when Chicago had 3rd and long (whether they needed it or not). Or even an INT was aken away when the game was still manageable and momentum shift.. Defenders were draped all over Dallas receivers for the most part, but we will just call that good coverage. Dallas figures it out and sits their starters. No way Dallas was going to win this game. By losing the NFC North is a race and the NFC East is a race. Much more money to be made in the NFL all the way to last game of the season. Not saying Dallas didn’t play well, just stating some obvious facts. WWE!

  10. Am I the only one to notice a pattern with the Bears? They look like a top-10 team in one game, then look like a top-10 draft pick the next, so on and so forth.

    At that pattern, they will embarrass themselves against the Browns, run right over the Eagles and.. Damnit, they lose to the Packers.

  11. “Dallas now falls a game behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East.”

    Eagles fan here. I must say…. For a re-building year we are doing excellent. Chip Kelly is an outstanding coach. Bill Davis is doing very well on defense and that unit continues to improve every week. Now I’m not saying we are going anywhere this year but just to make the playoffs would be awesome. Nick Foles is looking more and more like the future franchise QB and now that we have a coach that actually RUNS the ball McCoy is finally showing he is one of the best in the league at RB. I also must say Riley Cooper is becoming a beast. Hands of glue, good size, physicality, quick… And lets not forget the offensive line… One of the best in the league and Lane Johnson is the BEST draft at his position. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!

  12. What a disaster. The Cowboys offense was horrid. Why doesn’t the coaching staff ever stick with the run? Anyways.. The Defense is a travesty and say goodbye to the playoffs. You think Kiffin is going to beat Chip Kelly’s offense with pro players running it when he couldn’t stop it in college? Nope. I blame Jerry Jones for this mess.
    Signed, sad Cowboys fan

  13. What is is about the month of December and the cowboys tanking? 7 possessions, 7 scores…does even the most delusional Cowboys fan think that defense can win in the playoffs? they couldn’t stop an Ivy League offense…jerry jones should be ashamed putting that dreak out on the field…and by the way, the bears HAVE to play McCown now…how do you bench him now?

  14. hats off to the bears for actually showing up and playing but very stupid on the cowboys part for getting away from the run game which was working just fine way to go Dallas

  15. If Rodgers comes back and beats Dallas next week, and the Eagles win in Minnesota with no Adrian Peterson, it could be curtains for the Cowboys.

  16. The Bears are surprisingly set at QB for a long time with Cutler as the starter and McCown as the top backup in the league. Hopefully the defense picks things up.

  17. the only reason the lions are in first place is because of all injuries to bears and rodgers being out for the packers. if they hold on they will lose first playoff game just like the last time they backed in because of a bears injury.

  18. It was nice to see that the Dallas safeties did not find it necessary to blow out 6’6″ Martellus Bennett’s knee to get him to the ground. It was a great night all around in Chicago and no carts needed. It sure would be nice if hoodrats like T.J. Ward would comprehend that instead of basing an excuse on the infinite wisdom od Roger Goodell and the rules committee. If any reasonable person breaks it down Gronks severely altered future is tracked down to post concussion litigation and Ward’s total lack of respect for anyone other than himself. “Given the option to give up 2 to 4 more yards and save $7 to $15 grand, I’ll go ahead and end someone’s season / career… while causing 8 to 12 months of pain, rehab and loss of mobility. I am aware injuries are part of the game (see Wilfork, Volmer and Mayo) but seeing is believing and intent was displayed!

  19. As a Packer fan it was delusional to count on Dallas for anything . Their secondary got torched . If Rodgers plays against them next Sunday they should do just as well and give Dallas a real dogfight to the finish . The Bears will lose in Philly just like the Lions did. The NFC North goes down to the last week of the season in Chicago if Rodgers plays the rest of the season or if Flynn can do well and get hot.

  20. LOL. The whole ESPN panel who picked the Cowboys to win big is such a joke. Bears have better offense and slightly better of the two bad defenses, yet the ESPNers picked the Cowboys. So much for “expert” panels. Glad Bears won big on Ditka Night!

  21. Can’t wait to hear Colin Cowturd talk about how the cowboys should’ve won and will win in the future.

  22. Welcome to December football Jerry.

    Tis the Season for reflecting on all that is good for the stretch run.
    Perhaps you should have tempered your expectations with that Romo Contract extension?

    He might’ve given up his Tuesday Tee Time but he hasn’t Birdied the month of December since…EVER?

    Tie up some more of that Cap money.
    Defense is overrated after all.

  23. That’s why I hate when these Wack coaches talk about its a QB driven league. You need a QB to win…NO! You need a good coach like Marc Trestman who can develop QBs. Josh McCown’s around the same age Rich Gannon was when Trestman made him league MVP. I think Gannon was a year older than. McCown is now.

  24. The Packers (and their fans) watched as an NFL caliber backup QB continues to do what has been nearly impossible to accomplish in Green Bay.

  25. As a Cowboys fan it is extremely embarrassing to watch this pathetic and sorry excuse of a team. The defense is non-existent, the coaching is mediocre, and the effort put out there tonight was sub-par, at best.

    We are going nowhere this season, and probably for many more. I am even doubting we can get to our perennially lame 8-8.

    Good luck Philly representing the NFC East in the Playoffs. The Week 17 game will mean nothing, as we will be out of contention by then, and you will have secured the division.

  26. you know, i’ve stuck by the cowboys for many years and have weathered the anti-jerry jones hate, much to the extent of dismissing it as typical Cowboys hate… But I have finally come to a preciface in that I now know that without a shadow of a doubt that the single most detrimental element that has held the Cowboys back has been Jerry Jones… I can’t believe he fired Rob Ryan (especially with all the major injuries to the Defense last year) and bringing in Santa clause Alzheimers don’t bend never blitz defense gramps Kiffen, especially after his pored sad results at USC…. Baffling… I’m a long term 3 generation Cowboys fan that is pulling the plug, thanks Jerry… you suck…

  27. 1. While McCown played well,they were playing against the Dallas Defense.

    2. While the Bears won, their defense gave up 198 yards….to the run….when everyone knew the opposition would run on 1/2 to 3/4 of the plays with the way the weather was.

    3. Alshon Jeffrey is a beast.

    4. The Bears still have a long way to go to prove they can make it past the first game in the play-offs…with the win, there is a positive, but neither team who played tonight has a chance against STL or N.O.

    5. If the Bears defense continues to play the way they have for the last 5 or 6 or…well, hell… the entire season….it does not matter what the offense does…they will not make it far no matter what.

  28. I have a feeling Aaron Rodgers will start one game and one game only this season. Week 17 against us. Just to piss on our playoff hopes.

    Just another chapter in this historical rivalry.

  29. As an Eagles fan, thank you, Chicago. My team still more or less needs to win out to guarantee a division win, but this bit helps a lot. I just hope it doesn’t happen to my Eagles in 2 weeks, haha.

    Good for McCown though, he was in complete control of that game, and anytime he was blitzed, seemed to know exactly where to go with the ball. And good lord, Alshon. Either you or Marshall wanna join Philly next year? You can fill in for Maclin who’s probably gone. I’ll make you some cheesesteaks to sweeten the deal. 🙂

    “How ’bout them Cowboys!!!!!”

  30. McCown has been playing lights out. He has to now be considered the best “back-up” QB in the league. I wouldn’t hesitate to let him play the remainder of the year.

  31. I’m thinking Jay Cutler is not going to get his franchise tag. Great arm but overrated everywhere he’s been. McCown has earned the right to be the QB for this team.

  32. You can’t really pin this one on Romo, although he wasn’t all that. I’m not sure why, with seemingly getting 8 or 9 yards on very run, they switched to the pass for Q2 and Q3. I also thought that it was an attempt to bolster Romo’s number when they ran the ball all the way down the field to first and goal, and then switched to passing to score.

    But the Boys defense stinks; reeks to high heaven. If Chicago had had another possession, they would have scored again. Maybe Roger ought to use his executive powers to strip the NFC East winner of their playoff spot and give it to the runner-up in the West or South.

  33. All Romo’s fault! Clearly he was responsible for the Dallas D never getting a single stop and allowing 45 points. Just another Romo December chokefest like their loss to the Saints last December when he threw for over 400 yards and 4 TDs. Since the start of 2009 Romo now has a 30-5 td-int ratio along with the second highest passer rating in December games so clearly he is sucking it. Can’t EVER be the rest of the team being responsible for them losing. Nah. All those other guys are just cheerleaders watching Romo play all 22 positions.

    Romo just needs to play better D. Such a slacker.

  34. Too cold in Chicago lst nite for both Jerry and the Cowboys. Also not a great nite for Mr. Cutler and his future in Chicago.

  35. Da Bears!

    Glad to see the Bears beat the Cowboys, but it’s weird to see a Bears team with offense and no defense. It just ain’t right.

    (Actually, I’m glad to see anyone beat the Cowboys)

  36. Not a fan of either team, but absolutely despise the Alice Cowgirls, so WTG Bears!!!!
    Tony Romo, the Second Coming!!!
    Chokin’ Tony and Jerry Skeletor.
    Bunch of clowns.

  37. What? No inebriated and delusional Steeler fans irrationally spouting about their home team. Shocking.

    On a more relevant and topical note, Josh McCown, Alshon Jefferey and the Bears Offense continues to impress despite a horrid and depleted defense. If I was a Steeler fan, I would believe my home team would resurrect by-gone era players to rescue the porous D. But I am a realist who understands the Bears would be destroyed in the playoffs. Nevertheless, I would rather see the Bears get killed in one playoff game than see the Rodgers lead the hapless Packers to a Division crown.

    Go Bears!

  38. For those who rip Trestman, just think, if Lovie was the coach, there is no way our backup would be performing like this.

    Now if they could only convert in 3rd and short, and 4th in short, they’d probably have 9/10 wins by now. Not that they’d do anything in the playoffs.

  39. The way Dallas marched down the field on their first possession, I thought it was going to be a long night for the Bears.

    What did I know?

    Reminded me again why I don’t like to listen to MNF. What a couple of clowns!

    I’ll take Vern and Herbie any day.

  40. Since Parcells left/was fired, I cant remember a single game where the Romo-era Cowboys ever manned up & won a tough one. They have no killer instinct, when the going gets tough they fold time & time again…I’m no Dallas fan but Garret doesnt seem to have that team hungry & ready to play.

  41. Every off season we here talk about “all that talent” from the media. This from a team that has managed 1 playoff win in nearly two decades. They should be renamed “Was Americas Team”.

  42. As an Eagles fan, before last night, I was worried about the Cowboys beating the Eagles in week 17 to win the NFC East, but after last night, I am no longer worried. I am not sure if the Bears are that good or the Cowboys are that bad. Now, I feel if the Eagles/Cowboys game is for the division title, I have all the confidence in the world that the Eagles in that game. If the Bears are that good, then there is another team to worry about in the NFC. They were awfully impressive last night.

  43. As a Saints fan I can proudly say that our team has many NFL records (Thanks to Sean Payton and Drew Brees), but the worst defense in history last year is one I’ll be happy to let the Cowboys break. Actually I almost feel sorry for their once proud fan base.

    Riddle me this: Last year the the Cowboys had Rob Ryan as their DC. Jerrah fired him saying he was the problem when their defense was credible. This year, he is in New Orleans and their defense when from worst in history to about 6th in the league with the Saints sitting on a 10-3 record and possibly a 2nd seed in the playoffs.

    The Cowboys , on the other hand, are getting their bell rung more than a dockside bordello next to a Navy shipyard.

    Thank you Jerrah for that gift. We’re hoping it carries us extremely far in the playoffs.

  44. Year after year commentators,Cowboy fans and various media people praise this team and talk about how much talent this team has.Year after year these same people predict how the Cowboys will win the NFC east and go deep in the playoffs!

    Year after year the Cowboys fall flat on their faces and I Love it when this happens!!!!

    Here`s the deal…..Just because the Cowboys have the most fans doesn’t mean they are instant SB favorites every September

    The moral to the story is Popularity doesn’t always equal greatness

    Guarantee you that next September Dallas will be the favorites to win the NFC east and go deep in the playoffs…..Even though that defense is ranked dead last!!!

  45. The Cowboys will continue to be a .500 team as long as Jerry runs the show. Anyone who spends a dime on Cowboys merchandise or attends a home game is enabling Jerry’s delusion.

    Boycott Jerry Jones.

  46. The real winner last nite was Goodell and the NFL. 2 lousy NFL teams meet on a cold Chicago night, one wins, and already there are 104 posts by 9:46am the next day from Cowboy, Eagle, and Bears fans about a meaningless game. If we could just get Goodell to run for US or GM President in 2016.

  47. rythestunner says:
    Dec 10, 2013 9:57 AM
    @jazsrt – I think a lot of teams have a chance against STL.


  48. racksie says:
    Dec 10, 2013 12:25 AM
    So the Dallas defense has gone down hill since Rob Ryan left? Shocking.

    Not a Ryan fan f’sure, but I delight in what he has brought to the Saints.

    Why did Dallas fire him?

    Do the Saints have better talent?

    Ain’t football grand?


  49. Jerry is acting like the person he says he admires.
    Al Davis, Davis ruined the Raiders and Jerry has
    ruined the Cowboys with his ego. I have been a
    Cowboy fan since their first draft choice, Danny
    Don. If Jerry would just shut his mouth and let
    football people run the team I think everyone
    would be happy, Romo is not worth one million
    let alone the 100+ that Jerry paid him. Maybe
    if the fans did not go to Jerry World something
    good might happen, like Jerry selling the team.

  50. As another Jerrud hater I of course was thrilled to see his Boys scored on every time the Bears got the ball, but all this love for McCown probably would have been tempered a bit if those multiple CERTAIN interceptions he threw would have actually been CAUGHT by the putrid Boys defenders. Two were thrown right to the guys in white, and should have been INT’s, not incompletions. That might have changed the game a little, huh? But leave it to December’s Boys to not take advantage of balls thrown RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS! Love it…. Also loved the deer in the headlights stunned look on Jerrud’s face when he asked, “They scored every time they got the ball, didn’t they? Is that right?” Ah, yeah, Jerrud, it is. But hey, at least you still have a better record than the Skins. Maybe Jerrud can hire Grandpa Shanahan and his mini-me son to go with Kiffin. Take them, PLEASE! Geesh these two teams suck….

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