Matt McGloin will start, but Raiders likely to use Terrelle Pryor too


The Raiders found playing time for both of their quarterbacks on Sunday, using Terrelle Pryor for one first half drive while letting Matt McGloin steer the ship for the rest of the game.

It sounds like they’ll continue to use the same kind of arrangement against the Chiefs in Week 15. Henry Wofford of CSN Bay Area reports that Raiders coach Dennis Allen said Monday that McGloin would start next weekend and that the team would make a plan for “when they can use” Pryor on offense.

McGloin said after Sunday’s loss to the Jets that it was difficult coming out of the game when Pryor entered, although he said it didn’t excuse his poor performance. McGloin played better in the second half, leading the Raiders to 24 points that kept the game in some doubt into the fourth quarter. He finished the day 18-of-31 for 245 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Pryor led the Raiders to a field goal on his only series.

Whatever other evaluations the Raiders make about their two quarterbacks in the next three weeks, the one that counts the most should have already been made. The Raiders have to be open to other options at quarterback because neither McGloin nor Pryor has cemented himself as the guy for the future.

47 responses to “Matt McGloin will start, but Raiders likely to use Terrelle Pryor too

  1. Mcgloin > Pryor.

    McGloin made our defensive line look like fools when he was in because he can get rid of the ball. Whenever Pryor was in we pressured or tackled him when he left the line of scrimmage.

  2. Not that I’m complaining but it made absolutely no sense at that point in the game to pull McGloin for Pryor.

    It reminded me of the Jets staff pulling Sanchez to put in Tebow for a series to screw up achieving any kind of QB rhythm possible…

  3. I wish we would concentrate on an offensive line. Could be we already have a Q.B. if he had half a chance.

  4. This coaching staff has blown this qb situation both years last year refusing to play Pryor to see what you had when you were out of it by Halloween this year even starting Flynn was foolish and now this college garbage where one possession then flip is a joke I don’t think either one of them is more than a backup at best and that trash yesterday was unreal I’m not the fire coach guy but Allen is in way way way over his head and that falls on the guy who hired him Reggie McKenzie makes al Davis look like the best gm ever

  5. Is it allowed to have 2 QBs play in a game? That’s crazy. They should stick with doing whatever they always did in all those games they have been losing. Don’t do something new and creative now, otherwise you screw up your draft spot if it works out by chance.

    And this is satire.

  6. Pryor is very good at getting you yards running, and passing, but he’s also very good at moving backwards. So that’s something I guess you have to account for. Under Pryor how many 3rd and stupid long have we had? I remember one game it was 3rd and 49

  7. McGloin is a rookie who has shown some nice touch in his passes.

    Keep him and let him play.

    Find a veteran QB to back him up or compete for the position next season.

    Pryor can’t throw well enough. He does not have the poise of McGloin.

  8. I wish they’d quit effen around. But maybe it’s actually the right thing to do. Testing them out while playing for a draft pick in the higher levels. 70 mil in cap space to include re signing 5 year players etc. Is something to be excited about.

  9. atleastimnotaraidersfan says: Dec 9, 2013 5:24 PM

    Two QBs. That’s always a recipe for success. Commitment to excrement.
    You’ve got “raiders” in your handle. That makes you a schmoe.

    The Raiders aren’t going to win any more games unless the Chargers get the yips, so it doesn’t matter if they rotate McGloin and Pryor. But Pryor still can’t manage the clock, and has too many negative plays. I don’t see the point.

  10. First and foremost, Dennis Allen needs go…it’s painfully obvious he’s in over his head and simply wasn’t ready for a HC position at this point in his career. Secondly, Stevie Wonder could see that McGloin has infinitely more upside as an NFL “passer” than Pryor will ever have.

  11. Said it before – I don’t think the starter at QB next season is currently on the roster. Starting to believe that NONE of the QB’s will be back. Tired of going with the lesser of the evils – let’s get a legit #1.

  12. Pryor has the physique but none between the ears.. McGloin could work out if the wr’s kept dropping the balls.. we need a couple more of tall and strong wide outs that that are willing to fight for the ball..McFragile,Ford and HC needs to go..I would mind having Hugh Jackson back as long as we keep Tarver..Special team coach can hit the pavement as well and rehire old man Marshall to replace him.. A revamp offensive line would be nice also and re-sign Woodson to teach the backfield.

  13. I am not a big fan of this switching QBs stuff. Maybe if Pryor came in and ran the wildcat, that would be one thing. But a whole series is ridiculous.

    Give McGloin the ball and find out if you have to draft a QB early next year or not.

    I jumped on the Pryor bandwagon because of how he was hiding the lack of talent on offense. But he peaked really fast and then started showing he is so far off from being a legitimate starter. We have already seen Pryor is not the answer for the near future.

    McGloin shows signs of being a solid starter with some of his decisions. He’s made bonehead mistakes, but his positives outweigh his negatives. I can’t say there has been one time since he has been starting that I thought, “If Pryor started they would have won.”

  14. McGloin is a good backup. Pryor has way more upside and could possibly develop into dynamic quarterback. That is, if the Raiders knew how to develop a quarterback. But they don’t. They should have given Pryor the the job to close out last season, and let him play all this season. Dummies. Pryor does what rookie quarterbacks do, make mistakes. It’s a wonder what unfettered experience gives you.

  15. The Pryorettes are all over B/R blaming McGloin for every thing under the sun. It’s amazing to me the lack of support and hate these neanderthals give this kid Mcgloin because they want “their guy” to start. Pryor started 8 games, went 3-5, was sacked 29 times and threw 5 tds to 10 ints. I believe the team averaged 17 points a game with him. He also had the most pitiful 4 game stretch I have seen in 31 years….Wow, stupendous!!!

    Now with Mcgloin. The team averages 24 points a game, he has been sacked only 5 times, and has 6 tds to 3 ints. In half as many games he has thrown for more tds than Pryor, and has taken 1/3 of the sacks. That is without the teams #1 WR and RB to boot. So, unless you are completely off in la la land, there is zero reason to hate on MM. Mcgloin has shown more promise or stability at least than any rookie QB this year, with a talent less, lackluster offense and a defense that can’t stay off the field.

  16. @Instructer Dan- Pryor is not a rookie! You know someone is terrible when they are in their 3rd year and you still call him a rookie. Mcgloin is a rookie, Pryor is an insult.

  17. @olandoboytom. You miss the point. Pryor was suspended and missed half a season, and has NOT played a full season. Yes sir, he is a rookie. To the extent folks are talking about Pryors experience, they are talking about 8 games plus one game last year. That is a rookie.

  18. How can you evaluate any QB when your RB’s are missing and you have no running game? Hats off to M. Reece for filling in last Sunday. Likewise, the O-Line is injured or substandard. Both together mean pressure and more pressure on the QB – the worst of all worlds for a rookie. Considering that, MM has performed admirably. Give him a real team to play with and you’ll have a steady, reliable 1st or backup QB. McGloin won’t settle for 2nd though – he’s a competitor. Pryor is fun to watch but you can’t make the Raiders a serious contender when the QB is a loose cannon with a bum knee playing sandlot football. Pryor would be an incredible WR! He understands what needs to happen but would he try to make MM look bad? Dennis Allen needs lots more more seasoning but he’s dedicated and the team can grow with him. Take heart, this year has been rough but things are actually looking better.

  19. McGloin> Pryor…..that’s funny….. tired of the pryor bandwagon…even funnier…..I would have loved to seen McGloin played that game Matt Flynn had to play when the raiders o-line was dog doo doo….you know the same Matt Flynn that got a “w” yesterday…..

    in the meantime I say go with McGloin for the rest of the year. let him finish 1-7 as a starter..this way we are sure to lose the next three games and get a top draft pick… and the McGloin bandwagon can keep drinking their kool aid making excuses and blame it on the defense who holds the other team to field goals after McGloin turns the ball over on his own 10 yard line time and time again…. at least Ed Reed dropped the pick 6 yesterday

    I mean does anybody really think with McGloin starting we are going to win another game?

  20. grumpyncguy says:
    Dec 9, 2013 8:48 PM
    the O-Line is injured or substandard.
    Considering that, MM has performed admirably. Give him a real team to play with and you’ll have a steady, reliable 1st or backup
    _ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – —
    Just to be clear….the o-line is healthy again…I mean Velhdeer and Watson are the bookends of the future…..neither one played with pryor nor did Wiz for a stretch when the o-line was just plain awful, .I don’t care how quick of a release you got…you need more than one second before you have to run for your life…Rolondo Bottom Hater is right…now that o-line is healthy again , raiders are not giving up as many sacks. the qb can get set. and as far as him going to a real team….just fyi all 31 other “real” teams passed on him. Oh also the league passed on him as well, and didn’t even invite him to the combine….just saying

  21. Tom Brady couldn’t squeeze a win out of these last three games. The season is a write-off for lots of reasons that you already know. Let’s draft a QB and then we’ll enjoy another rookie year and perhaps another Tyler Wilson joyride. Of the quality experienced QB’s, who wants to join the agony of rebuilding this team? Brett Favre? Vinny Testaverde? Don’t think Drew Brees is itching for a change. I’m not happy, you’re not happy but, for now, MM can hold this team together as it transforms (or fails to transform). We’ll be back eventually – the draft system ensures that outcome.

  22. Way back in the early 90’s Wayne Fontes; then the head coach of the Detroit Lions, had QBs Rodney Peete and Andre Ware on his roster. When fielding the obvious, “Who is going to be the starter,” question Fontes replied something to the fact that he was in an envious position because he had TWO starting QBs.

    I think it was John Madden who then replied on the game he was broadcasting with a classic Madden line, “If you’re saying you’ve got two starting QBs, then that really means you don’t have one.”

    Just like a Yogi-ism, that comment seems so simple and obvious. Of course if you say you’ve got TWO you don’t have ONE. But, there was the underlying message that Madden really meant to say. That means your TWO QBS ARE GARBAGE AND BOTH SHOULD NOT START IN THE NFL!

    Don’t worry Raiders fans. It will be sheer bliss when you finally do find the guy. As a Baltimore fan I have had to sit through the Jim Harbaugh, Vinny Testaverde, Stoney Case (yeah, who?), Tony Banks, Scott Mitchell, Chris Redman, Jeff Blake, and Kyle Boler eras. We also had Steve McNair for a couple of seasons, one of which was actually very good, the last one not so much. It was a painful thing to sit through, but it paid off with a surprise Trent Dilfer and the emergence of Joe Flacco which might have never happened.

    Funny thing. Flacco was the 3rd string QB. Boler injured his back and was out for the season. Troy Smith was set to be the starter, but got a tonsil infection and needed surgery. Joe Flacco was given the ball by default….the rest is history.

  23. What’s with all this fire Dennis Allen mumbo jumbo? The guy inherited a bag of beans and you’re expecting him to turn it into gold. Be patient. Although the record doesn’t show it right now, the Raiders are a lot better than last year. Give this coaching staff and these players some time to really build some continuity. Mcgloin is showing promise and our o line is quietly one of the best young offensive lines in the NFL. Watson, Veldheer and Wisnewski have the potential to hold down that line for the next ten years

  24. Raiders need some playmakers on offense to go along with some good guards. I hate to say it this early but I can’t wait for the draft.This is the first real year of the Reggie Mckenzie era.

  25. McLovin only has a few games under his belt and has shown plenty of promise, he could very well be the man for the job.

    We’ve seen more than enough of Pryor at QB, lets have a look at him playing WR or TE.

  26. This decison proves that we need two things, a QB and a head coach. I think McGloin will have a long career as a very effective backup (like a Gary Kubiac). I don’t think he’s a difference maker. Dennis Allen will have a long a career as defensive coordinator. He’s not a head coach. I’m tired of hearing “we gotta try harder”, “we gotta execute”, “we gotta make more plays”. He’s been the HC for two years and he still looks lost. Two 4-12 seasons should get you fired. The Raiders have fired head coaches with much better records than that. The Let’s hire an established NFL head coach that can bring in a good coaching staff around him….like Jon Gruden, Bill Cower, Lovie Smith or any of the previously successful coaches that are fired this year….like Andy Reid was last year. Hey, I’d take Tom Cable back as HC in a second. He was the last HC that had the Raiders blowing team out….even swept the division. He should never have been fired.

  27. @radrntn – it’s hard to win a game when your defense has consistly given up 30 points and you have no RBs or legit #1 WRs. I get it though, if Pryor was in he would have stymied the Jets with his big time throws, pocket awareness, clock management and read option 3 yard gains.

  28. By extending the lease in the toilet the Raiders once again screwed themselves.They aren’t getting a new stadium there!They should of gone back to LA where there is a stadium ready to be built and there’s a much lucrative market.Why would any top free agent want to play in a crappy stadium with half the seats tarped off?Oh and even with the tarps there’s still plenty of empty seats!Oh and the first part of the season you’re playing on a baseball infield.The Raiders can have 100 million in cap room and they still aren’t getting any top players there.Oh and enough of Gruden returning that’s a joke.The Texan job is a much more attractive offer.

  29. Normally i hate this move, but here i dont. the Raiders have two QBs, i dont think they are great, but i think both are good enough to start, the problem is who’s better?? i dont think the Raiders need a QB (like some will likely say). should they take a QB in round 3, sure, get another guy to develop in case i am wrong, but to waste a 1st rounder on a QB would be a mistake. i think the Raiders two biggest issues with the players are on the offensive line and Wide Recievers. of course they need help elsewhere too, but a playmaker at WR like a Sammy Watkins or a Marqise Lee could really do wonders for the QB they start.

  30. @therolandobottom says:
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    just look at the w-l record, and time of possesion the last 4 games….that is all you need to know…the defense is getting worn out from being on the field the majority of every game after a bunch of three and outs….. I got every game recorded…I suggest you go back an look at the first 4 1/2 games pryor played. Stop at halftime of the chief game, because that is where it fell all apart for him. In all reality he had to run for his life after that..and even though the raiders did not have their starting left or right tackles at all for any of these games…he played pretty good, and Raiders were 2-2 going into in undefeated chiefs team at arrowhead. The clear fact is that the raiders dominate the total time of possession in those games. No way could McGloin have lasted at all behind that o-line…no way no how, just a fact.

  31. Radrntn- you are clearly driver of the Pryor shortbus. The defense has 0 depth and they stay on the field because they can’t get off the field. They allowed 37 points to the JETS. The Raiders won the TOP battle in that game you know. McGloin hung up 24 on a really good defense and once again gave us enough points to win. Quit blaming the QB who is light years better than Tebow Jr. And look at the real issue which is a defense that can’t tackle, adjust and makes Ryan Fitzpatrick, Nick Foles, Geno Smith, Alex Smith, Casey Keenum look like they are a Canton bound.

  32. Im tired of this QB situation. We have went through multiple QBs, its annoying that none of them have produced. Last year we drafted hayden he has not shown first round caliber and is likely to be put on the bench because of injuries, we should have drafted a QB with that pick. We need to draft a QB with our first round pick to end this bad situation we have been in for a long time now. I feel that the raiders can find their answer at QB in next years draft.

  33. Pryor and mm have different skill sets that i think we can all agree if they were in 1QB we would have our franchise QB That being said, We all know Pryor is an athletic freak and mm is a Flynn clone. You cant teach mm how to be faster, stronger and more athletic, but they can teach Pryor what mm has in the pocket. So Pryor has more upside then mm. Period! Pryor can be that guy he just needs more experience. He has had 3 diff. Coaches, playbooks a GM and only in his 4th year. No continuity breeds failure and DA’s last game proved it. He is losing the locker room with TP quick exit, Cwoods comments and hot seat questions.

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