Mike Shanahan declines to discuss his job status


Washington coach Mike Shanahan met the media today but declined to answer repeated questions about his status as the coach in Washington, now and in the future.

As reporters pressed him about the fallout from the odd ESPN report claiming he had cleaned out his office last year and was planning to quit because he didn’t like the relationship between team owner Dan Snyder and quarterback Robert Griffin III, Shanahan said all he’s focusing on is Sunday’s game against the Falcons.

“I’m not going to speculate through all those different things,” Shanahan said. “If you’d like to talk about Atlanta I’ll be more than happy to talk about Atlanta.”

Shanahan did confirm that he talked to Snyder today and said their relationship is good, but he declined to go into specifics.

“I’ve talked to Dan,” Shanahan said. “Our conversation will stay between us.”

Shanahan did not directly address whether he considered quitting at the end of last season, or whether he wants to return next season.

43 responses to “Mike Shanahan declines to discuss his job status

  1. I think this was a warning shot to Dan Snyder. “You’ll fire me, and you’ll pay me, or I’ll make it impossible for you to land another coach with a resume anywhere near mine”…

  2. And he still hasnt denied the report.

    It’s get curiouser and curiouser…………

  3. Quitter.

    If it wasn’t for all the juicers in Denver… he wouldn’t have had any Super Bowl victories.

  4. I’m quite unsure (as is Mr Sandcastle) as to why the news of Shanahan supposedly packing up the contents of his office last December has finally rose to the surface yesterday? Something is clearly but quietly up in the city of government.

  5. Washington will never have a good team because of the ownership. Shanahan has proven he can win and has 2 rings to prove it.

    Something is wrong there. It is very similar to the situation in Dallas.

  6. Snyder should take a page from Game of Thrones and call both Mike and Kyle Shanahan into his throne room. “Nobody is leaving here until one of you has fired the other one. One of you will know the agony of personal and professional failure for years to come, and the other will have to look for a new job.”

  7. Maybe Dan simply hopes he will quit. Then he won’t have to fight over the $7M. May as well wait on that then fire him now and have to litigate.

  8. Mike Shanahan is going to be remembered as the savior of the franchise……for the Rams.

    Maybe his plan all along was getting hired by St. Louis after running the Skins into the ground, genius coach!

  9. logicalvoicesays:

    This is just another GENIUS move by the best owner in Professional Football. Mike Shanahan will be the coach for the next 100 years and will add 101 SuperBowl trophies. The Redskins are God’s Football Team. Roger Goodell will realize that all the other teams have been cheating and will grant them entry into the playoffs this year. They’ll destroy every other team by 300 points per game. You will all watch in AWE as RGIII, who is God’s Quaterback and the Best Quarterback in the history of the NFL, grows angel’s wings and ascends to sit at the Right Hand of the Father (Daniel Snyder). The Washington REDSKINS will then lead a Global Peace Force and cure Poverty, Disease, Hunger and end all War. They, led by RGIII and Mike “Jesus” Shanahan, will lead humanity into an era of peace and prosperity.


  10. Got to give him credit, he may not answer the questions regarding his future, but he does stand in there and doesn’t hide.

  11. A joke of a once great franchise. Since 1991 when they last win a Super Bowl: seven head coaches, four playoff appearances. Disgraceful in how they fired Turner (Snyder) pathetic why he fire Schottenheimer (Snyder), Spurrier resigned while golfing. Joe Gibbs said good riddence; Zorn (no one wanted the job). Shanny was screwed. Though he said the day he was hired, “I won’t let you down”

  12. I think this was a warning shot to Dan Snyder. “You’ll fire me, and you’ll pay me, or I’ll make it impossible for you to land another coach with a resume anywhere near mine”…


    Yeah.. a stunning resume that is under .500 and has only 1 playoff win since Elway retired… gee.. hard to find sub .500 guys to coach these days….

  13. As the leader of Ravens Nation, let me inform the R-Words all of Baltimore is laughing at your franchise. You are envious of our superior product we put on the field ever Sunday.


  14. He is going to scuttle the ship on the way out.

    The fuse is starting Cousins over Griffin with a game plan that allows Cousins to excel in the coming weeks leaving Snyder holding the bag.

    These years could do more harm in the organization than Cerrato and Zorn due to the picks traded and the stakes being so high.

  15. Wow this has turned into a hot mess fast. I feel bad for everyone involved in this. Including the fans and media who have to put up with this unprofessional B.S.

  16. Maybe someone will give the Skins a second round pick or something for Griffin, to end the soap opera. Maybe St. Louis, Sam Bradford is out and they have extra picks, I believe.

  17. I can’t believe that anyone, including illogical Redskin homers, would defend Napoleon Dannymite over anyone including Mike Shanahan.


  18. Media response: “Yes, let’s talk about Atlanta. Will you and Kyle be applying for coaching jobs there, if Smith gets canned?”

  19. This is why an NFL owner should not hire a coach with Super Bowl rings or college championship rings. There is a sense of entitlement, which means they do not have to win another Super Bowl or championship. Just coach their way and lose.

    Snyder seems to have the ability to hire famous coaches who can not win. Joe Gibbs, Steve Spurrier, Mike Shanahan

  20. This is a perfect example of what goes around comes around.
    Shanahan is such a dirt bag, that he would sell his mother to win a game, and everybody he knows to win a championship.
    But now it payback time, and he’s crying. “Yo bud, now it’s your turn to get screwed!!!!

  21. Snyder probably will get rid of him b/c he can’t afford the dental plan Shannahan requires. Ever see the choppers on him?

  22. Somewhere, Marty and Zorn are laughing…Spurrier’s giggling but doesn’t want anyone to see….And Coach Gibbs is just disappointed in the whole mess.

    Vinny Cerrato is counting his money, A.J. Smith is out to dinner with Dan & Bruce Allen & Bobby Griffin.

    Shanahan and his son are in negotiations with Mr. McNair in Houston, as well as Cousins’ agent.

    And Redskins fans? We’re all wondering why the Hell we root for this team

  23. If they fire the guy, they ought to not allow him to use facilities for a press conference. Make him pay for a hotel.

    Still say they should can the younger first.

  24. its sad to see a team in such disarray and there comes a time to end the shenanigans if they dont fire shanahan they will see a exodus of bandwagon fan commence glad I’m not a redskins fan

  25. Dion Sanders said Dan Snyder is a great guy and a great owner! His opinion is influenced by a huge payday from the great guy!

  26. Most overrated coach in the history of the league. Won two SB’s with one of the all-time great QB’s and a totally stacked roster (which was a result of salary cap violations – $950,000 fine and a 3rd round pick). Jim Zorn could have won with those teams. Only thing he’s ever contributed to the game is teaching O-Line to take guys out low on running plays. Total schemer, will never admit fault for anything. Read his bio on Skins page: makes him sound like Ghandi, Jesus, and Einstein rolled into one. Dude’s biggest skill is throwing everyone else under the bus.

    No idea why anyone thinks he’s HOF material.

  27. ” You are envious of our superior product we put on the field ever Sunday.”

    Always amusing when fans include themselves with “ownership” or “on the roster” by using we, us, our, etc.

    Get your own life, if you can.

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