Report: Texans not interested in Shanahan if he’s fired

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At the moment — and it’s early yet — Mike Shanahan is still the coach of the Redskins.

But even if — or when — he’s not, he’s apparently not on the Texans’ wish list.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans won’t pursue Shanahan even if he’s fired by the Redskins.

McClain also mentions that ESPN Jon Gruden is not on the list compiled by Texans owner Bob McNair.

Former Bears coach Lovie Smith, Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and Stanford’s David Shaw are mentioned in his report, though McNair listed NFL experience as a factor for his next coach.

37 responses to “Report: Texans not interested in Shanahan if he’s fired

  1. Looks like Shanny is headed to TV along with the rest of the “they won a Super Bowl, they must be good” coaches. He and Brian Billick will make a good pair. Kyle can be the “laughs at all the jokes” sidekick.

  2. How do the Texans expect to get any high profile well regarded prospective head coach to work for/with a GM who thru the previous coaching staff under the bus?

  3. Serves him right. I’m no fan of Snyder, but how convenient that a story leaks of Snyder’s interference.

    I only wish both and Shanatan AND Snyder would bugger off.

  4. The only list Gruden is on is ESPNs as they constantly hype him for every opening and then follow it up with a “Gruden loves ESPN so much he’s going to stay in broadcasting”. Noone in recent years has even contacted the guy for an interview but that doesn’t stop ESPN.

  5. this guy is horrible and the game passed him by just like gibbs so nobody wants him or his son. They are so awful and soon to be the worst org in football. That stadium had maybe 10,000 fans yesterday which is really embarrassing. Love it though…LOL.

    FTTR and that weasel owner.

  6. This is textbook. Rick Smith has eliminated anyone that would threaten his territory as GM.

    Of the three gentlemen mentioned here, Wisenhunt is the smartest choice. Lovie is a DC, and David Shaw’s reputation had benefitted immensely from Jim Harbaugh’s success, but a Harbaugh he is not.

  7. Whisenhunt and Smith? So two former head coaches who aren’t good at all to go with Wade who is also a mediocre coach in every way.

    Good ownership/front office going there…

  8. David Shaw has NFL experience as an Oakland assistant when he was there around the same time Harbaugh was with the Raiders. Not to mention, his dad was an underrated defensive coordinator for years in the league, so I think he’d know the ropes of NFL life from him.

  9. I don’t see why they would want Shanahan. They’ve already installed a very successful zone blocking/running scheme, which is really Shanahan’s strong point.

  10. As it appears that the Shanahan Boys will remain attached at the hip, I don’t believe there will be a long line awaiting them somewhere. Lil Shanahan is simply not OC material!

  11. Smart move by McNair. Shanny’s days of success in the NFL were over decades ago.

    I’m not a big fan of Lovie either, though. The Texans are in trouble, to be honest.

  12. Why would any owner be interested in a coach that undermines the owner? Not to mention the additional baggage that he would bring, namely, Kyle.

  13. 8 head coaches in the Dan Snyder era… yikes. That kind of turnover at HC represents a level of instability that just isn’t healthy for a franchise.

  14. “Texans not interested in Shanahan if he’s fired”
    Well at least the Texans were smart enough not to go that route.

  15. As a Redskin fan I was hoping that Shanahan would be back next year.

    I thought RGIII with another off season to heal and with the Skins’ cap penalties ending they’d be able to upgrade the talent/depth on defense and get back to some semblance of the team that won 7 in a row last year and was beating Seattle 14-0 in a playoff game.

    But I think the reality of the situation is this team has quit on him and I’m not sure he can regain the locker room, which means it’s probably time for a change unfortunately.

  16. Please Texans – PLEASE hire Shanahan. Oh man that would be a trainwreck of epic proportion. (pops more popcorn)

  17. xli2006 says: Dec 9, 2013 8:54 AM

    8 head coaches in the Dan Snyder era… yikes. That kind of turnover at HC represents a level of instability that just isn’t healthy for a franchise.


    And not a single one of them left with a winning record. Wonder why?

  18. I’m not going to bash Shanahan or his son, who actually didn’t do a bad job for the Texans. I’m only hoping we get a good coach who is willing to have discipline on a team that’s in disarray and has been sloppy for a while now. Poor play calling, lousy tackling, too predictable and not much originality. My choice would be Bill Cowher, and get rid of Rick Smith if he wants too much control.

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