Terence Newman expected to miss 1-3 weeks with knee injury

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The Bengals took another step closer to a division title with Sunday’s victory over the Colts, but they may be shorthanded for some or all of their remaining regular season games.

Coach Marvin Lewis said on Monday, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, that Newman was “a little sore” after injuring his knee in the win. Reedy thought that might have been an understatement since Newman was in a brace and “not moving it at all.”

A report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN suggests the same. Mortensen reports that Newman is expected to miss up to three weeks because of a sprained MCL, which would take the Bengals right through the end of the regular season.

While they haven’t officially booked their passage, it would take a monumental collapse and a lot of bad luck for the Bengals to miss the playoffs at this point. Winning the division will still take a little work, though, and losing Newman will hurt at a position that’s already missing Leon Hall. It would hurt more to be thin for a playoff game, though, so caution will likely be the route chosen in Cincinnati.

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  1. Good thing is their defense is so deep even after losing Leon Hall and Geno that they’ve barely missed a beat. And now that they’re running the ball behind a new look offensive line is encouraging as well.

  2. The Bengals have been susceptible to straight line speed receivers… and… this will only make it worse.

    The bright side…. the Bengals are 9-4 without their two best defensive players while being susceptible to straight line speed receivers.

  3. Terrance Newman hater here. Injury can potentially be a blessing in disguise…although I do wish him a speedy recovery.

    Can’t wait to see Dre a full game at CB.

  4. Team needs ya Terence. Get better and come back strong! Now is definitely the time for Dre Kirkpatrick to step up or step out. He had a nice play last week against the Chargers. But that’s about it. Need him to show his worth now!

  5. Glad it doesn’t sound serious, but this works out well for the Bengals and Newman. The Bengals don’t need to decide who to deactivate to make room for Triplett, and Newman doesn’t have to face the thrashing this weekend. It’s a win-win.

  6. Hey coach, that “joke” is leading you by two games and about to lock up the division. And has a QB with better numbers than yours.

  7. @clownofthehelmet
    While the Bengals have the salary cap room to sign Triplett (unlike the Steelers, who couldn’t sign a flea… let alone a WR who can stay in bounds), they don’t need him. They have enough talent to embarrass your team in front of the entire country. Make it twice after Sunday.

  8. Didn’t the Steelers just lose at home to the Fins? And didn’t the Ravens nearly lose at home to the freaking VIKINGS(would’ve lost if not for a phantom PI).

    I don’t think Steeler and Raven fans should be talking trash right now.

  9. Big Ben is torn about this news. While he was looking forward to roasting the inferior d-back, he realizes the replacement must be worse, if that’s even possible.

  10. The steady, blind walk back from division foes means Cincinnati is doing something right.

    First it was the Ravens and Steelers winning the division.

    Then it was running the table to win the division.

    Then it was “we don’t even care if you take the division.”

    LOL. Yeah, they do. They hate it. But keep imagining, that should help you tolerate falling apart.

  11. crownofthehelmet says:
    Dec 9, 2013 3:55 PM
    Big Ben is torn about this news. While he was looking forward to roasting the inferior d-back, he realizes the replacement must be worse, if that’s even possible.

    Worse is definitely possible. It is commonly referred to as the Steelers secondary.

  12. Hey coach, do you even realize that if you beat the Patriots in two weeks, you will propel the Bengals into the #2 seed (so you won’t play them), and if you lose to them, you’ll screw yourself out of the playoffs? Coaches really need to be smarter than that. No wonder you’ve spent most of the season below .500.

    It was a nice try at smack talk, though. Thanks for giving it a whirl.

  13. bengals fans think theyre relevant now that they have a 9-4 record. HAHA!!!

    you wana know whats relevant?

    the franchise ive built. 70 total wins in less than 6 full seasons. playoffs every year. playoff VICTORIES every year. a world championship ring on my finger.

    bengals “fans”, just because you have a 1.5 game lead on the division in week 15 of the 2013 regular season doesnt make u relevant.

    when youve done what i have, come speak to me.

  14. Looks to me like that record had more to do with Ray Lewis than you, considering you could barely beat a team that has amassed all of 3 wins yesterday. But I understand that it is hard to be the little brother in the division again.

    1.5 game lead? What, are you still waiting for your bye week or something? Or do they not teach math in Baltimore? Try 2 games, Euclid.

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